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A biography is a detailed account or description of someone’s life. It is more than a list of impersonal facts; it portrays the subject’s experience of those events and presents the subject’s story as well as emphasizes several aspects of life.
Assuming you mean the scientist: October 25, 1925. He is old!
No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things...
Hello, which of Tolstoy's works are you referring to please?
He writes about it in A Child Called It
I always try to teach and encourage my students as they study vocabulary words to get a 'fix' on the prefix of words. You can find that once you learn the basic predixes, you can readily learn the meaning of the whole word. For example, 'auto' means "self" - therefore an "autobiography" is the 'life...
Shakepeare brought very important and useful things to high school English classes and made people think of deeper meaning. He also made an impact in modern day plays. The Twilight Series and Westside Story are popular spin offs from Romeo and Juliet. There are many others but I am not going to list...
  It may mean nationalism and xenophobia of the 'anglo-saxons' or white anglo-saxon Americans.   Chauvinism means nationalism and xenophobia, although its meaning has changed recently, in this case I'm sure it means xenophobia or even racism.   The term suggests the nationalism and racism...
== Answer ==   It's a book that was written by Arthur Golden. There was also a movie made from the book as well.   However I would not use the book as a reference to Geisha's and their lifestyle since there are so many inaccuracies in the book. It is a Very good book though.
the author the scent of earth
Tree by F. Sionil Jose only has a handful of reviews, however,  those reviews are positive. The novel was published in 1978.
  Why not? The reason for continueing reading a book involves understanding the characters, the situations and so on. Exactly when a book was written may not matter.
An epic catalogue.
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ummm she's not dead
she died in 1993.
Postcolonial literature often deals with themes of cultural identity
because she makes great books
Yes!!!!! Definitely with Geoff they are so cute together.....I'm sure of it. Anyone agree????
The word acquire is a verb that means receive or obtain. A list of  synonyms would include amass, collect, attain, earn, gain, and  procure.
Edgar Allan Poe--was talented, but he was also eccentric and prone to alcoholism--having experienced more than his share of tragedies. But, what stands out even more prominently than the tragedy of Edgar Allan Poe's life is his philosophy of death. Arising from such a stark background, Poe has...
tom sawyer took place in 1834 in hannible Missouri =o)tom sawyer took place in 1834 in hannible Missouri =o)
Click link for a very brief biographical sketch. Ask your nearest library if there are books about him.
  you should be brave of everything
the colorado river was blocking their way to freedom and cause your mom blocked the way...
The poem "The Sea" written by James Reeves makes me feel excited and jumpy. But then it makes me feel calm and peaceful. I believe the reason why I feel this way is because I spend a lot of time in the ocean almost as if I was a part of it. Therefore, when the waves pick up and start smashing...
Being a general for Mexico.
4,500, but she's given over 200 away to an orphanage.
Martin Cooper Martin Cooper, the reason each one of us has our own private personal phone number. Martin Cooper freed us from copper wires and gave us unbound freedom of communication. Martin Cooper was the first born of Mary Cooper and Arthur Cooper, born on the 26th of December, 1928, during the...
People choose to live in Rome because they are poor and they have no where else to go.
In a Biography:- Written by someone other than the subject.- About the subjects life.- Birth gate/ place.- Date of birth (location too)- Country or city the subject is from.- Significant contributions- Problems or obstacles the subject had to overcome.- Important events from subjects history.-...
the anwers can only be the following;basic search,subject guide search,publication search,or advanced search  the anwers can only be the following;basic search,subject guide search,publication search,or advanced search  Looking for one answer- the main type of search
born in 1450died on May 29, 1500
Here's a longish summary of Rick I did as a assignment. Rick Riordan is a writer born in San Antonio, Texas on June 5,1964. At school, he never liked reading. He thought they were boring and made no sense. He never reads much until he was eleven or twelve, in middle school. Riordan was also a quiet...
In the phrase "performance record," the word "record" means log, listing, history, or catalog.   Therefore, a performance record is the performance history a person, team, company, or organization has.   For instance, Frank Sinatra's performance record would include a list of all of the places...
It's the rough copy/ ideas for the essay.
Adam Richman lives in Amarillo, Texas. Adam Richman of the travel channel's man vs food lives in Brooklyn, New York.
The pleasure dome of Kubla Khan most likely did not exist in reality. It is mentioned in Samuel Coleridge's poems, but, in actuality, it is likely that the pleasure dome is merely a figment of Coleridge's imagination.
She hasn't died yet
    No character in the book doubts Hitler's existence.
He wrote a lot of books.
The Theory of Performance that is abbreviated as (ToP) best  explains the academic performance. The Theory of Performance  relates six foundational concepts that form a framework that can be  used to explain performance as well as the performance  improvements.
Some do. Even though you wouldn't think of it, games Duckhunt improve reflexes.
The Beautiful Horse is a book written by Paulo Dizon. It is about  being true and loyal to our partners and it will lead to a  successful relationships.
i think it was Chicago
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There's no reference available on a marriage or a death for  Samantha Abeel.
married Sarah Watson.
  Mother: Daisy Kennedy Ellington,Father: James Edward Ellington. His afamily was involved in music espically piano.
who ever built the mausoleum of halicarnassus is indeed very smart but i have checked every where for the answer and i could not find it no one can
Francis 'Frank' McCourt is the archetypal hero in the memoir  AngelaÕs Ashes as well as the main character. The memoir details  his young life from birth in New York City to growing up in harsh  community of Limerick, Ireland before returning to the Big Apple as  a teenager.
Roald Dahl joined the British army in 1939. He was about 23 years old .
his mother's name was Mary ... can't find any info on his father tho
Spunky. Indepentant. Sweet. Clever. Kind. Caring. Rowdy at times.
The Boy Who Dared is told in flashbacks that take place in Hamburg, Germany during World War Two. The actuality is that Helmuth Hubener is waiting for his execution in a jail cell in Plotzensee Prison Berlin, Germany. While he waits, he remembers his life starting from his childhood (what's really...
First of they had to be loud enof and they did not have many props
yes there is a book calle dthe truth and lies of amon goeth which you will find anywhere
Any scholarly work, including a biography, should have a bibliography.
I think he accomplishment doing a book
Bartholomeu Dias is a dude
i think wat tyler was killed by palace people....perhps this may help you on your h.w thank u
Guy was diagnosed with autism at an early age. Very little was known about this condition then. The many doctors consulted by the Mansfields gave them little hope that Guy would ever be normal. He was placed in a nearby institution. His parents told their friends that Guy had been sent to a special...
Maycombs history and culture.
hidi ko alam yung pinagsasabi nyo
Future President John F. Kennedy won the Pulitzer Prize in Biography in 1957 for his best-selling book, Profiles in Courage, vignettes of eight Senators Kennedy considered politically courageous.
  Though I wouldn't consider Mr. Fry a mystery writer, the man of many talents was born on August 24, 1957.
Stephen pelzer was born in 1987
Ismael Mallari was a Filipino writer in English. He was also a top  literary and art critic in the Philippines but overall he was known  as an essayist.
No, he is not. He is american, and is of Hungarian ancestry.
There are several photos of Maximo D Ramos. You can find them in  books at your local library or local school.
Vicente Rivera Jr. first starting writing in the 1930's. After  writing for several years Vicente Rivera Jr. died in 1999 in  Houston, Texas.
wasd ane frank famiky nice
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You can only buy it on her website, or if it's sold out you can buy it from someone on ebay.
  She remarried very quickly after divorcing Dave. According to public records her surname could be Pelzer, Duffey or Smrekar (sp?)
Edilberto K. Tiempo was a Filipino writer and a professor who was  born in 1913 and passed away in 1996. He wrote some novels and some  short stories.
Yes she was abused as a child. being abused+drinking+her mental health= not good