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Star Trek

Star Trek is a science fiction franchise that encompasses the original TV series and spinoffs, films, books, comics, toys, and games. It was created by Gene Roddenberry. Set mainly in the 23rd century, the series is famous for its character-driven story lines, as well as several futuristic technologies that became reality, such as GPS and 3D printers. The motto of Star Trek is "To boldly go where no man has gone before.
Sarah Jessica Parker of "Sex and the City".
Mick Fleetwood played an unnamed Antedian, a fish-like alien, in the next generation episode "Manhunt".
The Dreadnought class you get it by either of these two ways: choice 1:take every planet for the earth empireChoice 2: CHEAT! step1:push f8step2:type "getinthebooth" step3: click on the red button DO NOT press enter or this won't workstep4:travel to Qonos and confirm that the planets gov't is earth...
Leonard Nimoy was the first actor to ever play Spock, and is still featured in the role. However, Zachary Quinto plays a younger Spock in the new incarnation of Star Trek (released May 8th, 2009) and its sequels. Leonard Nimoy was 78 years old as of March 26th, 2009.
Because he wasnt just another borg drone, he was a counterpart with the queen borg. which is why he was called locutus
Yes, they were. But as all fans know, the crew of the Enterprise always plays it fast and loose with Star Fleet regulations, most particularly the "Prime Directive".
Yes. Lt. Commander Riker, in particular, was way out of line for not having changed the duty roster as asked and at once. And to not do so, say nothing, and wait for his new Captain to bring it up - only to then say that he (Riker) had decided that wouldn't work, was unbelievable. Any boy scout...
It would depend on Star Fleets policy regarding such matters. Under current U.S. law, such a thing could be considered harassing in the sense of creating an uncomfortable workplace environment. However, it should be noted that Deana outranked Barclay.
That's just a standard sci-fi pulp plot device to create tension and potential drama. In reality, there's no more likelihood of an alien race being attracted to human females than a human male being attracted to a baboon female.
His name was George Samuel Kirk Sr.
The episode in question is "Rightful Heir" (season 6, episode 23). Worf is late for his duty shift. When encountered in his quarters he is performing some kind of klingon ritual. I don't think he was rude. Giving him the chance to explore his own culture was quite nice of Picard concidering that...
First of all, that wasn't T'Pol. That was T'Pol's grandmother, T'Mir. Secondly, assuming T'Pol's telling of the story was accurate, T'Mir didn't steal the idea for Velcro from de Mestral. The Velcro she sold was Vulcan technology. The episode implies that Velcro not only wasn't invented by a "George...
James Doohan, who played Scotty, did indeed invent the first few words of the Klingon language, but the vast bulk of the language was created by linguist Marc Okrand.
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc PicardJonathan Frakes as William Thomas RikerBrent Spiner as DataLeVar Burton as Geordi La ForgeMarina Sirtis as Deanna TroiMichael Dorn as WorfGates McFadden as Beverly CrusherWil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher
Yes. According to Wikipedia all major cast members have signed on for two sequels. It will be released on June 29, 2012.
Yes. The monthly fee for Star Trek Online (STO) is $14.99 in the US or 12.99 EUR in Europe.
There is no Mr. Pine in the Star Trek canon.     Chris Pine is the actor who played Capt. James T. Kirk in Star Trek XI (2009). In the same movie Capt./Admiral Christopher Pike is a character played by Bruce Greenwood.
The poker game was just a way for the characters of The Next Generation to relax and have fun! So, the chips were just a part of the game! They didn't represent anything!
It is only unethical if she actually uses her abilities during the game, and she would never do that. So no, it is not unethical for her to play poker.
No. Is it hard for your Computer Monitor screen to sit perfectly still or do slow motion video?No!
You can purchase a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. 1 month: $14.99 3 month: $41.97 6 month: $77.94
they don't sell it anymore but try amazon
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was released on June 4, 1982.
In the Star Trek universe the following stars start with the letter Q:Planet QQo'noSQomar homeworldQu'VatQuadra Sigma IIIQualor IIQuarraQuatal PrimeQuazulu VIIIQuinor VII
well i don't know i vote for Star wars but i have never seen Star treck before
His name is Sarek, and he is a Vulcan Ambassador.
Robert Duncan McNeill is 53 years old (birthdate: November 9, 1964).
Kobyashi Maru, designed to be unbeatable so it could make future captains experience fear. The name is Japanese, as the "Maru" part is included in the names of most Japanese ships. I believe it means "ship".
As of June 2012, the USS Enterprise was finishing it's last deployment. It is scheduled to come back to its home port in October 2012 and the ship will probably be de-comissioned in December. They need to get the nuclear reactors out and that probably will happen in March 2013.
A. It's one of Picard's favorite Earth dittiesandB. It's something that the audiance can recognize
according to my knowledge dru star appears in north direction
As Klingon Honor Guard is such an old game (1998) dating from before Mac OS X was first available it is unlikely that it will work; although someone may have written a patch to allow it to run on MAc OS X.
FalseActually there is no "permanent" commander on the Defiant.It all depends on who is the senior (command) officer on board.So far it has been commanded by Capt Sisko, Lt, Commander Worf and even Major Kyra Nerys. Probably even by a few others too !!!Even Nog gets to command it in the future !!
Star Trek had stared in 1987. It is shuch a good tv show and every one should wach it.
Your experience bar is located at the top of the screen, to the left of that is your current level, just bellow that is your rank, and a bar indicateing how close you are to the next rank.
As far as I am aware (I've watched all episodes of all series several times) the following link is the only time that they actually *show* a toilet: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/File:Brig_toilet.jpg
Enterprise was canceled in 2005 before the fifth season. The fifth season was planned, but it was cancelled because of lack of veiwers
Answer 1:You can't count enterprise because they don't have it... A few Voyager Episodes violate it....Answer 2:100% violate it, with the exception of any purely ship-based plots. By that I mean that the very act of visiting a planet is itself an "interference" in their culture and development.
Yes He is a communist. They put him in the cast as the Russians felt offended
Quite possibly means Naval Construction Contract... not sure though just a guess
Flash Trek 2,Go to Earth and type in "getinthebooth" then the Earth Empire owns everything and you get an awesome ship!
William Shatner $5000 per episodeLeonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley $1250 per episode in the first season. $2500 in the second season.
  You may only e-mail them through they're respective agents, or through they're official sites.
Jeffrey Hunter thought it was more career enhancing to film to be in the running for the part of Jesus Christ in movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told" (he lost out) than to continue in a television show.
In the third season episode #59, "The Enterprise Incident", Kirk goes undercover to steal a Romulan Cloaking Device which is later installed aboard the Enterprise and allows them to escape.
Captain Kirk was originally played by William Shatner.
The same way as you translate into any other language: by learning the language. I can't speak to Vulcan, but for Klingon, step one is to get "The Klingon Dictionary", by Marc Okrand. It will give you grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.
Hello in Klingon would be "nuqneH."
Hi Name was Mr. Mott.... not sure on the spelling
It depends. Are you talking about the aircraft carriers, the Enterprise in Star Trek, or the space shuttle?
Why not? Ships are typically able to dock on either side depending on the port facilities available. Some cruise ships may be better designed to handle their passengers and cargo from one side or the other, but that is dependent on the design.
Each of the series in the Star Trek franchise has a medical doctor character: Star Trek (the Original Series) has Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley. In the original pilot, however, it was John Hoyt who played Dr Philip Boyce. The Next Generation in seasons one and three thru...
There is no clearly defined vision of heaven. Since God created everything good, and he is the most creative entity ever; I imagine he would laugh at our low expectations of heaven and create something more grand than we could ever envision.
Star Trek TOS ("The Original series") actually had two pilots. The first one, "The Cage", the critics felt were a little two cranial for the crowd at the time. The original "The Cage" only had Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) and Majel Barrett (as the first officer), and none of the other "regular" cast. ...
ensign is a junior officer 'naval standard.
Air date : 10.21.98 Episode: Take Me Out to the Holosuite Production Number: 554 Season 7 Episode 4
Leonard Nimoy is 6 ft tall and so is Spock. He looks taller on TV because William Shatner is 5Ft 9in and of course they both are wearing two inch heals on their boots.
]It would also depend on which jedi, that makes a huge difference. They would probably shake hands and chat weather. ========== Probably Q since the Q can manipulate everything whereas a Jedi can only manmanipulate the Force - and only that to a limited degree.
In the past (2/16/07) I saw one on Ebay selling for $350. It was only the start of the bidding, however. Since prices always change I cannot give you an exact estimate, sorry. OMG if you have one you are one lucky sod you can sell that or buy that for over ten grand on certain sites
well shes Spanish and shes on nick jr
The late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry is the only actor to perform in all 5 shows, with most of her contribution being the Starfleet computer voice.
Jolene Blalok - t'PolTim Russ - TuvokZachary Quinto - New SpockLeonard Nimoy - Old Spock
a vulcan minigun is a big weapon with small holes in the front and it does alot of damageand can pump out a lot of lead real fast
in the original series it was Jeffery Hunter. In the new Star Trek movie in 2009 it was Bruce Greenwood
kuz he came in contact with radioactive crud. and because khan wanted him to die. and spock has a k.
I don't think you can download it but you can watch it at solarmovie.so
I would have to say Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation! whilst i would say captain Jonathan Archer from my favourite series Enterprise!I like Archer too but my favorite is captain Decker. Jean luc is a pussy.
Walter Koenig
The Captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation is Jean-Luc Picard!
He has two children. Ian, born in 1980, and Michaela, born in 1994.
The Klingon vessel IKS Amar, along with two other (unnamed) Klingon vessels, was the first to see the V'Ger cloud.
Question: Where would you find a Klingon?Answer: They do not exsit.