Japan is an island nation in East Asia. The archipelago has 6,852 islands, the four biggest of which are Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Honshu. It has a total area of 145,925 sq mi and an estimated population of 127.4 million as of 2010.
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Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.
It depends on the area of Japan you are asking about. Tokyo (mainland) Japan is very flashy, over the top and colorful. Think like cartoon bikers. In lower Japan, they are more conservative with mostly greys, greens, and whites with accesories in bright colors. Layers are very popular. The men...
Science cannot predict when earthquakes will occur, nor in anyparticular place. What they can do is look at the record of whatearthquakes have occured and where and produce statistics that sayif this pattern continues then it is likely there will be aneathquake of this kind of magnitude in this area...
there are 7,452 miles between Miami and Tokyo.
Japan has virtually no natural resources and has to import nearly all raw materials. Britain used to have an abundant supply of coal and iron but this is all but gone now. North Sea oil and gas has helped in the last thirty years or so, but apart from that, most goods are now imported.
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About 7 Hours And 5 Minutes Ridiculous. United, Delta, Japan, China and All Nippon airways all offer direct flights from Honolulu to Tokyo and the flying time is between 8 hours 30 minutes and 8 hours 45 minutes.
It has been going on for a number of years but there is no information on who does it
It's an island so, all around.
It will cost 2,900 - 7,600 yens
All Japanese words are based off of phonetic systems called 'hirigana' and 'katakana'. The other characters are called 'kanji' which each have multiple pronunciations and can also be written in the kana systems. an example: word with kanji-食べる word in hirigana only-たべる...
Industrialization of the economy, increased agricultural commercialization and importance of industry and trade over agriculture.
I'm not sure about in Japan, but you can definitely find suits onAmazon and other sites. You could probably find one on a Japanesewebsite.
The red dot on the flay represents the sun-god of japan!
Japan, check out the following schools PUBLIC -Tokyo University of the Arts -The University of Tokyo -Kyushu University PRIVATE -Tohoku Geijutsu Koka University -Graduate School of Film Producing (post graduate only) -Takarazuka University of Art & Design (post graduate only) ...
The Mongol defeat in Japan is significant for two reasons. Thefirst is that it set a limit on the expansion on the Mongol Empire.The second is that it served as a defining moment for the Japanese.
Answer this question…About 12 hours
Spending on things in Japan
About 337 people per square kilometer.
Two rivers run through it, the Sumida and the Tama river.
There are approximately 5,749 miles from Tacoma, WA to Okinawa,Japan. The flight time is an estimated 22 hours and 45 minutes.
Shortest is air travel and it is 10,794 miles.
I guess it will take you about 9 to 10 hours at least by drive. It is very hard to say because it is depending on the traffic.
If you Go west you will go through the Artic and the Pacific. If You go east you will go through the Atlantic and the Artic/ Atlantic and the Indian.
The flight time from Hawaii to Japan is 8 and half hours. This mayvary slightly depending on the arrival and departure cities.
I think because the Japanese ones were starting to get too serious and violent.
Yes it is true. Recently in my social studies class we watched a movie about the nukes and after it was bombed(japan) Americans went and obesrved the damage and wrekage of the destroyed cites. ONe of the parts show the American laying on the shadow and see what it was. they found out it was shadows...
The bomb killed thosands of people in Hiroshima and Nagisoki.
The cost to completely develop the nuclear weapon from the beginning of the war until 1945 cost America $20 billion. This includes the money they needed for research, materials, plants, and people. The bombs themselves cost $5 billion each, essentially making them the most expensive bombs to ever be...
Japan exports seafood, cars, oil, electronics, and other miscellanious exports. Japan also has a large US Navy base on the Honshu island. In other words, Japan is just a trading post.
Japanese people say "Ittadakimasu" - pronounced "ee-ta-da-ki-mas". As always, the final 'u' is silent. Hope this helps! More help on how to pronounce it... i (like eat) ta-da-key-ma (like, ma/pa)- s (kind of like the sound a snake makes). ~~ There is no "marss" sound in Itadakimasu. It's...
After a meal they say "Gochisou-sama" _________________________ It's 'gochisou samadeshita' Improved by gamer1489 also, "itedakimasu" before you eat. And never eat after you say "gochisou samadeshita," it's considered very bad manners.
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No. It's in the northern hemisphere.
It's about 4 to 4.5 hours.
japans emperors had that as their symbol much like the flur de le in France
Ending thw war sooner and saving tens of thousands of Allied and Japanese lives......
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In Japan to enter 1st grade you have to be 5 years old
Before Japan did it, it was not a mistake. It was deliberate, well-planned, specifically targeted and expertly executed. However, in view of the consequences, and with the benefit of hindsight, some in Japan may have concluded that the attack, even if not a 'mistake', was perhaps rather short...
GDP of Tokyo is raked as highest in the world. The second is NYC. Although NYC has the largest stock exchange market, Tokyo has the 3rd largest. In the end of 80s, Tokyo's land prices were equivilant to the whole USA. In Ginza district, approximately $120,000 USD per square foot. Yucho bank, the...
The flight distance from Tokyo, Japan to Atlanta, Georgia is: 6,871 miles / 11,058 km
For a visit of 90 days or less, only a valid passport and return ticket are required.
They never left we still have US troops in Japan right now
The national flag of Japan, commonly called the Hinomaru, consists of a white sheet with a red disk in the center.
I would assume the most famous symbol of Japan would be the mountain - Fuji. It features prominently in many a ways in our culture (for example, the Atari logo). As for technologies, the most widely known might be Tokyo Tower, it's television broadcasting tower. Also, the game of Go is rather...
Both China and Japan make a great vacation destination, dependingon what an individual plans to do or see during there visit. Chinais very affordable in price, while Japan is expensive. China doeshave more to offer when visiting parks, experiencing food, and thenative culture than Japan.
Traditionally geishas would paint their entire face perfectly white, even their eyebrows and lips. They would extend the paint down their neck, to where the clothing started, and created a double point pattern down the upper back. then they would use a very dark color to paint over the eyebrows to...
Most of the people of Japan pray and worship ancestors and gods atShinto shrines or private altars, while not identifying as "Shinto"or "Shintoist" in surveys. The Japanese have little meaning forthese terms, or they define members in Shinto organizations orsects. In Japanese culture, they recognize...
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You're probably talking about Shintoism. Shintoism is a religion that takes aspects of animism and blends it with Japanese culture. They believe in the worshiping of "kami" or spirits that live in nature. If you've ever seen one of those red, almost gateway looking things, those are shrines for...
Japan had very limited arable land and resources. In the meantime,across the sea of Japan, a huge Chinese empire was falling apart.There were large oil, coal and iron ore deposit in Manchuria,located in north east China bordering Korea.
japan is 7 hours ahead of israel
In an effort to cut off military supplies to China, Japan invadedFrench Indochina in 1940. After days of combat, the French Vichygovernment reached an agreement with Japan that allowed them tooccupy Tonkin Bay. The Japanese military had a continued presencein Indochina throughout the war.
Samurai practise, Bushido culture have very deep roots in Japanesehistory. 1876 A.D. Emperor Meiji declared a new law that ended the wearingof swords. The Samurai had lost their profession and their right towear swords. Their position as a special class ended after almost1,000 years. But the...
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Answer . They picked a rising sun for the flag because Japan is the easternmost country in the world, and the sun rises in the east.. The exact origin of the flag "Hinomaru" is unknown. However, historically, the sun has had a religious connotation in Japan, and the rising sun has had an important...
China and Japan have fought many wars in their shared history, beginning in Ancient times.
Masaya is the blue night.
General Douglas Mac Arthur became in charge of Japan after World War 2. He wrote the Constitution of Japan. He created a constitution combining features of American, British, and the former Japanese government.
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mt fuji can be one. the Imperial Palace. Osaka Castle. the zen garden of Ryoan-ji,. Kiyomizudera,. Senso-ji Temple. Mori Tower. Tokyo Tower. Gion District. Himeji Castle. International Forum. Great Buddha. Miyajima Island
Japan is famous for anime and calligraphy. There are also: Ukiyo-e- woodbolck prints; Ikebana - flower arranging; Chado - teaceremony; Origami - paper folding; Kendo - wooden sword martialart; Karate; Kyudo - Japanese archery; Koto and Shamisen playing -old musical instruments...
The amount of sushi in japan put pressure on the tectonic plates, causing a massive earthquake. Ninjas were also involved. Or were they?
Japan tried to harm Australia and takeover other Pacific Island nations around Australia. The Aussies, Brits and Americans were able to keep the Japanese from taking over Australia and booted them out of the islands.
The Tea service and the Way of the Samurai.
Pandesol, a small, soft Spanish bread, like a dinner roll (US). Puto, a rice flour 'muffin'. Taho, a very soft tofu, with a brown sugar syrup and 3/8" balls ofsome gelatinous substance, served warm form vendors walking throughthe streets in a 6oz plastic glass and a straw. Rice congi, a gruel of...
沖縄県 (okinawa-ken), which is "Okinawa Prefecture", omitting the last Kanji 県 (ken) makes it 沖縄 (okinawa).
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Humid and Seasonal Japan experiences 4 Season unlike some places. It has a distinct Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall. People have different clothes for the seasons, eat different foods and the look and feel of the environment is completly different. All 4 Seasons have some humidity to them. It...
\nTokyo gets most of its water from the Arakawa and Tonegawa river watersheds.\nhttp://www.toshiseibi.metro.tokyo.jp/plan/pdf/pdf-112.pdf#zoom=100
Hitler started world war 2 then japan got involved
Japan is a group of islands. You cannot walk to Japan from anywhere else.
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