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Japan is an island nation in East Asia. The archipelago has 6,852 islands, the four biggest of which are Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Honshu. It has a total area of 145,925 sq mi and an estimated population of 127.4 million as of 2010.
Hi my mom speaks Spanish and I kinda know how to do too. She texted" Cuando seas femoral es la house ke bamos a comprar". I don't knowwhat she said so I looked on Google translate but it didn't knowwhat the word femoral was. I think it was a typo but I'm afraid toask her cuz she's disappointed that...
7 December 1941 December 7 1941
Science cannot predict when earthquakes will occur, nor in any  particular place. What they can do is look at the record of what  earthquakes have occured and where and produce statistics that say  if this pattern continues then it is likely there will be an  eathquake of this kind of magnitude...
there are 7,452 miles between Miami and Tokyo.
About 7 Hours And 5 MinutesRidiculous. United, Delta, Japan, China and All Nippon airways all offer direct flights from Honolulu to Tokyo and the flying time is between 8 hours 30 minutes and 8 hours 45 minutes.
It will cost 2,900 - 7,600 yens
All Japanese words are based off of phonetic systems called 'hirigana' and 'katakana'. The other characters are called 'kanji' which each have multiple pronunciations and can also be written in the kana systems. an example: word with kanji-食べるword in hirigana only-たべるpronunciation...
Industrialization of the economy, increased agricultural commercialization and importance of industry and trade over agriculture.
The red dot on the flay represents the sun-god of japan!
Two rivers run through it, the Sumida and the Tama river.
I guess it will take you about 9 to 10 hours at least by drive. It is very hard to say because it is depending on the traffic.
I think because the Japanese ones were starting to get too serious and violent.
Japan exports seafood, cars, oil, electronics, and other miscellanious exports. Japan also has a large US Navy base on the Honshu island. In other words, Japan is just a trading post.
Japanese people say "Ittadakimasu" - pronounced "ee-ta-da-ki-mas". As always, the final 'u' is silent. Hope this helps! More help on how to pronounce it... i (like eat) ta-da-key-ma (like, ma/pa)- s (kind of like the sound a snake makes). ~~ There is no "marss" sound in Itadakimasu. It's...
After a meal they say "Gochisou-sama" _________________________ It's 'gochisou samadeshita' Improved by gamer1489 also, "itedakimasu" before you eat. And never eat after you say "gochisou samadeshita," it's considered very bad manners.
It's about 4 to 4.5 hours.
yes becouse its so high its always cold up the top
GDP of Tokyo is raked as highest in the world. The second is NYC. Although NYC has the largest stock exchange market, Tokyo has the 3rd largest. In the end of 80s, Tokyo's land prices were equivilant to the whole USA. In Ginza district, approximately $120,000 USD per square foot. Yucho bank, the...
The flight distance from Tokyo, Japan to Atlanta, Georgia is:6,871 miles / 11,058 km
The national flag of Japan, commonly called the Hinomaru, consists of a white sheet with a red disk in the center.
  Traditionally geishas would paint their entire face perfectly white, even their eyebrows and lips. They would extend the paint down their neck, to where the clothing started, and created a double point pattern down the upper back. then they would use a very dark color to paint over the...
Most of the people of Japan pray and worship ancestors and gods atShinto shrines or private altars, while not identifying as "Shinto"or "Shintoist" in surveys. The Japanese have little meaning forthese terms, or they define members in Shinto organizations orsects. In Japanese culture, they recognize...
 Australia's environment minister has ordered an investigation into  the collision
Japan had very limited arable land and resources. In the meantime,  across the sea of Japan, a huge Chinese empire was falling apart.  There were large oil, coal and iron ore deposit in Manchuria,  located in north east China bordering Korea.
== Answer ==   They picked a rising sun for the flag because Japan is the easternmost country in the world, and the sun rises in the east.   The exact origin of the flag "Hinomaru" is unknown. However, historically, the sun has had a religious connotation in Japan, and the rising sun has had...
Masaya is the blue night.
mt fuji can be one. the Imperial Palace. Osaka Castle. the zen garden of Ryoan-ji,. Kiyomizudera,. Senso-ji Temple. Mori Tower. Tokyo Tower. Gion District. Himeji Castle. International Forum. Great Buddha. Miyajima Island
Japan is famous for anime and calligraphy. There are also: Ukiyo-e- woodbolck prints; Ikebana - flower arranging; Chado - teaceremony; Origami - paper folding; Kendo - wooden sword martialart; Karate; Kyudo - Japanese archery; Koto and Shamisen playing -old musical instruments...
The amount of sushi in japan put pressure on the tectonic plates, causing a massive earthquake. Ninjas were also involved. Or were they?
  The Tea service and the Way of the Samurai.
沖縄県 (okinawa-ken), which is "Okinawa Prefecture", omitting the last Kanji 県 (ken) makes it 沖縄 (okinawa).
    Tokyo gets most of its water from the Arakawa and Tonegawa river watersheds.   http://www.toshiseibi.metro.tokyo.jp/plan/pdf/pdf-112.pdf#zoom=100
Tokyo, Japan is 9 hours ahead of London, UK
127million. <-- This person before me was incorrect. The  population TODAY is near 127 Million, back then, from the sites I  have looked at say 800,000-1 Milion
Remember, Japan (and Germany) lost WWII. As a consequence of WWII, Japan (and Germany to a certain extent) have not been allowed to possess an Army, Navy, nor Air Force & Japan is not allowed to fight wars anymore. The US imposed this law on Japan during the US occupation immediately following...
watashi ga ichiban desu (I am number one)
Japan - 145,882.85 square miles.
 Most Japanese people, especially those in major cities, can't  drive. The public transportation system is set up so well that only  those in the most rural of areas ever need to find their own  transportation.  Restaurants in Japan (including many fast-food places) give you  moist towels or...
  It's about 20 minutes on the train.
The city of Fukuoka, on the big island of Kyushu, is about 180 kilometers from the coast of South Korea. A tiny island named Tsushima, that is part of Japan, is only about 50 km away.
Ichigo has 3 attacks:Ribbon Strawberry Check Strawberry Bell,Ribbon Strawberry Surprise Strawberry Bell (with wings),and Mew Aqua Rod.Mint has the Ribbon Mint Echo bow and arrow.Lettuce has Ribbon Lettuce Rush castenets.Pudding has Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno Pudding Ring.Zakuro has Ribbon Zakuro...
Kyoto (the historical capital) and Tokyo (the contemporary capital) are both located on Honshu, Japan's largest island.
Distance from Osaka to Dubai is 7615 kilometers, 4732 miles, 4112 nautical miles.
Kimono, and tea ceremonies. It's very important you are super polite at tea ceremonies. For example, you have to sit a certain way, sip out of the tea cut 3 times and turn it twice each time inbetween.
Well, Japan get their water supplies from their streams, rivers , oceans Etc. But 60% of the population said that they would not under any circumstances drink straight from the tap as after the quake it might be poisoned actually i made that last part up...lol
on a direct flght this would be 18 hours, check http://www.howmanyhours.com/fr/index.php
From Canada (Which I am also) costs roughly $3000 ONE way. So you're looking at $6000 there and back.    How do I know? I asked my exchange student friend how much it costs to fly here. He's from Tokyo.    Hope this helped xD
There isn't too much religion in either country. Japan has Shinto and Zen Buddhism and Scotland has Presbyterianism, the Episcopalian Church and Catholicism.
Seafood is a prominent part of Japanese cuisine. Sushi relies on  fresh fish that is uncooked to create its unique flavors. Noodles  are also includes in many selections such as soups.
Because of its bad pollution, and it can also be VERY dirty. I have been there before, and it is not a very pleasant place to go, i promise you!! :)
The flight distance from Alaska (AK) to Japan is 3,424 miles.
"Seto" means "Inland Sea"
There are a variety of physical features of Japan. Some of these  include rivers, mountains, volcanoes, coastline, as well as forest.
Japan exports electronics, motorcycles, cars, sound equipment, andfood. Japan imports food, lumber, cars, oil, machinery, buildingmaterials.
There are four major islands of Japan. These include Hokkaido,  Honshu, Shikoku, as well as Kyushu. Honshu is the largest island.
There are a variety of famous landmarks of Japan. These include  Mount Fuji, Senso-ji, Todai-ji, as well as Tokyo Imperial Palace.
They bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The dirty rats.
Japan. Didn't you know that?
Japan invented a lot of technology and THINGS.
Sumo wrestling is the sport that is uniquely Japanese.
99556 Althlets Are In The Olympics This Year Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_Olympic_athletes_are_there_total#ixzz1z2RXcwHMDa u dumb or someting
It has to do with the copyright laws and protection. Some games have to be changed to fit the American game models since in many cases the ones in Japan are more advanced than American models. So, that requires changes in the games or an updated game and this takes time.
Mount Fuji is a volcano located on the Japanese island Honshu, on the prefectural border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi.
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I used expedia.com for my last trip to Tokyo in october last year I found their prices the best ,hope this helps.
No cuisine is 100% "healthy". Without knowing which dish you are referring to specifically, I would speculate that Japanese food is healthier than other cuisines due to the portion sizes and types of food that they traditionally eat. Japanese food tends to use fresh ingredients and is heavy on the...
    === 4986 miles. ===  
The Toyotomi clan.
Shizuka Arakawa graduated with a Bachelor's degree in social sciences in 2004 at Waseda University, Japan.
Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Sapporo.
No. They are very different people. Calling a Korean Chinese is  like calling an Arab a German.
The feudal era started after the Heian period and until the Edo period in 1603. In the year 1400 specifically, the Ashikaga shogunate seized control and took over from 1336 - 1573.
Japan doesn't trade with you, you trade with Japan.
15 September 2006 on Cartoon Network .
The US came to Japan to demand trading rights.
Osaka, Tokyo, and Minomiuonuma