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The size of a cat or smaller with long fur and bushy tails, skunks are easily identified by their distinctive black and white coloration. These near-sighted omnivores have a hearty appetite for grubs and insect pests, and have also been known to consume mice and small rats. They are members of the Mustelid family, which also includes weasels, martens, and badgers. Skunks are found throughout North America, with only one species found in Asia.
Yes, but they are very rare and usually only seen when one is hit by a car. They were almost entirely wiped out by pesticides. They are most likely to be found where there is a heavily wooded area and no farms (due to the fact that their systems cannot handle pesticides.
female skunks R called does ( and in case U wanted 2 know, male  skunks are called bucks ) : )
Groundhogs and skunks are in different families. Groundhogs are in  the Marmota genus, the Sciuridae family, and the Rodentia order.  Skunks are in the family Mephitidae, the superfamily Musteloidea,  the suborder Caniformia, and the order Carnivora. Although  groundhogs and skunks are both...
They all have black and white fur.
Skunks spray up and over their head like a scorpion! Everyone knows that!!!!   Skunks spray up and over their head like a scorpion! Everyone knows that!!!!   they do not. they either bend in a u shape or turn around and do a handstand.
  The skunk will face away from u so it is able to spray u not the area behind it
In North America and partly in Canada
they only stink if the feel threatened or scared
They have a small brain. I doubt they the think at all but livewith instinct only.
sometimes!or.. no lfmao
no it is not. it just stinks.. it might be if you eat it... some kind of fetish? nice
Only when they stink,so the answer would be often.
Scientific Name: Spilogale putorius
The skunk can be found in most of the United States, Canada, Central America, and sometimes as far down as northern South America.
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skunks get there food bye finding it when it falls on the ground they are not that aggressive other than when they feel threatened they will spray you so don't go near them    
  Skunks are hunted by all kinds of carnivores that are bigger than they are.
  probably not. skunks have claws for digging, but they mostly dig for food. they also mostly use holes that were already dug as their den. making small holes like those aren't skunks' habbit
Jackrabbits, squirrels, kangaroo rats, opossums, roadrunners, Cactus Wrens, various types of hawks, owls, sidewinder vipers, desert tortoises and horned toads are common in the lower Sonoran zone. The upper Sonoran zone includes antelopes, California Condors, California Thrashers, bushtits, brown...
a skunk is an animal that farts and make a huge amount of bad smell.
i dont no you Are supose to answer
The musky smell is a defense mechanism, which is an effective repellent against many predators.
Skunks protect themselves by letting out an odorous gas and scaring aways predators.
pet store or a store that handle hunting stuff
  == sprinkle baking soda on them or try a water and baking soda solution ==    
This procedure can only be done by a veterinarian.
It's doubtful. Most homeowner policices won't cover certain animals. Vermin, rodents, insects, etc. Even if they don't consider the skunk a excluded animal its "stink" is considered a pollutant which is specifically excluded from most policies. So if your home is sprayed by a skunk your insurance...
  Yes a skunk will take eggs and kill chickens. Late at night when the chickens roost they are very docile and will allow a predator to come right up to them without much fear.
Skunks drink water, much like any other animal. Although there is a popular phrase "drunk as a skunk" it's not because skunks drink alcohol, it's just because the rhyme is amusing.
yes it can so if i were you i wouldn't be picking up skunks!
  No, it will simply annoy the heck out of them.
Civets are actually not related to cats and are definitely not skunks, a whole other family of animals.
They leave their homes when they are old enough to survive on their own.
No, they are mammals from the Mephitidae family   in other words skunks are not rodents they are in fact weasels
Lifecycle   * In February, breeding season begins, and lasts until the end of March. Males may stay with the female, but usually leave by April. In late April or early May, 61-69 days after mating, females deliver up to ten mouse-sized kits, but litters are usually five or six. Infants are born...
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The only thing that is going to take the smell of is to take a milk bath
skunk smell... haha something like that.
I don't really think it goes anywhere. But when you smell it it wants to make u cry
Bath yourself in as much tomato sauce you can!
A term used as a substitute for b****. Usually referring to someone who has wronged or angered you. Common in shows like iCarly and Drake and Josh That woman stole my husband. She is such a skunk bag!!
According to the Urban Dictionary, it's a Person Who Steals People.
They make sounds like cats. They hiss or screach like other animals too.
skunks come out at night because they are nocturnal. therefore, they sleep during the day and are awake at night.
How many bones do skunks have?
Pepe often confused Penelope Pussycat as a skunk .
Insects is...
'Skunk' translates to 'Stinkdier' in Dutch.
a baby is a kitmale is a borefemale is a sow
you are going to have to draw them to the trap . i have got rid of several just in the last coupleof days. catfod is the best bait i have found. they love it. use a spring load trap and once you trap one the fun begins!! chris
Skunks can emit a very bad smelling spray as a means of self defense, and there is generally some degree of lingering odor even when they are not actively spraying. And as Loudon Wainright III once famously observed, dead skunks stink to high heaven.
Skunks are omnivores. they eat both plant life and animal life.diet tends to include: insects, grubs, lizards, salamander's, berries, roots etc
A skunk lives in forest borders,brushy areas,and grassy fields.
Skunks are omnivorous, eating both plant and animal material and changing their diet as the seasons change. They eat insects and larvae, earthworms, small rodents, lizards, salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds, moles, and eggs. They also commonly eat berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, and nuts. In...
it is a little rodent type thing with a bushy tail that is black and white.
what kind of enviorment does a skunk live at
yes the striped and spotted skunks
There are de-smelled tame SkunksApparently they make good pets.Do not go out and catch one to be a pet, this is very dangerous!
  This is done by surgery, the vet removes the scent gland.
of course, but the skunk might fend it off with his spray. All its really going to bite into is hairy creature full of stank juice. :D
Skunks belong to the family Mephitidae and to the order carnivora; They are also mammals.
Skunks spray such a powerful spray of horrible odors, that a Lynx would not hunt a skunk. If it did try to, they skunk would spray it. The lynx's attack would be foiled and it would never repeat that mistake.
because the government of mexico is letting turists in and take away their habitats
yes, they love your kids... only boys... all of them
2 - 13 pounds and normally are 18 to 37 inches long.
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Yes they do hiss. They also click their teeth, jump up and down on their front paws and then they spray so if you are dumb enough not to move... your gonna need some tomato juice.
to warn of their enemies and other animals.
if u read this u smelll hahaha
Probaby anywhere they can find water (streams, rivers, lakes, etc.)
A baby skunk is called a Kit (just like a fox baby).
U-Reek-Ah hahaha get it?
they eat rats ,lizards, insects ,mice and other small things like that