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A TV show is deemed an action and adventure show when it presents bold, exciting, and dangerous tasks of uncertain outcome, occurring in a series of episodes. It leaves the hero with an interesting story to tell if he survives.
It would really help but you can watch it without watching the first two seasons
Ahsoka was killed by Darth Vader on Malachor in Star Wars RebelsSeason Two
It is possible, because at the end of the 13th episode of season 7 ("Jet Lag") McGee asks, between Ziva and tony, who slept on the couch since they had to share a room. Tony answers. He says that he did. Once McGee leaves, Ziva asks him why he lied. He counters her question bu asking her why she...
32 but he has the brain of a 2 year old
Ahsoka utilizes a part of Form 5. Form 5 is called "Djem So." Anakin is a master of Djem So. There is a part of Form 5 called "Shien" in which you hold the lightsaber with a reversed grip. So Ahsoka utilizes Shien
Big Slow And Hard by Christen Hawk Black Mamba by Punk Rockers Hard to Do by Uncle Sam And her by Slow Tight In Time by Justin Polluck Your Man by Ryan Mahr Mouth can't Talk by Every First Word of the Songs
Which of the following is an example of a theme? . A .. A working college student misses out on fun activities, but hishard work helps him appreciate his degree.. B .. Sacrifices and hard work pay off in the end, despite thechallenges along the way.. C .. Gene has to work nights to pay for college...
1969 Dodge Charger. ** They named the car The General Lee.
He was originally voiced by Christine Cavanaugh for the two original seasons and Ego Trip , and later by Candi Milo when the series returned for 2 additional seasons, as well as in all recent media.
63 , not including variant covers and one-shots .
85 and 86 and 87 Added by mannaked : 83,84,85 is where hidan and kakuzu vs the newly formed team kakashi. Members : Kakashi, shikamaru, ino yamanaka, choji Wrong its 84 - 86 it was episode 137 when the fight started and ended at episode 138 but was explained in episodes 135 and 136 (in...
The "bible" is the sum of information about a series conceived at the outset. It can include information about the setting, relationships between characters, character histories, etc. Writers hired to write episodes of the series will need to know such things, and it can also be useful for actors...
Answer . Originally, 16 episodes were planned for season four. Eight episodes were written, filmed, and edited before the WGA strike. These eight episodes have already aired in the United States. After the strike ended, the producers of LOST announced that they would condense the storyline they...
Effy is returning for series 4 of skins, but in series 5 she and the rest of the series 3/4 cast will leave to make way for a new group of characters
Nevermore . Birthmark . The Prophecy . The End Part 1 . The End Part 2 . The End Part 3
It has came to me, that tony was injected with 4cc's of that needle, 2cc's, The pain is unbearable 4cc's Extremely Close to death, or slows the heart down alot, And there is also 7cc and 8cc's.. They kill you. That explains why Jacks brother Graham Bauer Died from what appeared to be the same thing...
May 23, 2010 is the show's finale episode.
in 1922. that's all i know, ill update if i find anything else! sorry!
He was at a store where he was sold, and he rembered, then he went to see his father.
The Dexter's family last name is never revealed. The closest indication of a last name was with the character ofDexter's Mom's brother, Uncle Fergle O'Reily which makes her maidenname [obviously] O'Reily but it is unknown what her married namee.g. Dexter's Dad's last name, therefore his last name is...
No. Xena was a Greek from Amphipolis.
Prison Break Season 3 ended with only 13 episodes do the the screenwriter's guild strike in the USA. Prison Break Season 4 will have a full 22 episodes.. PB season 4 premiered in the US on Sept 1, 2008 with a double episode and will end on May 15, 2009 with a double episode. (US)
Im not to sure, but it would be nice to have the number one anime in japan here in america. 4kids messed it up But funamation saved it so we would get a decent, Non-swearing, less blood version of it on T.V. That is because kids are watching of course, but at least it would be popular here and more...
There are a lot of ben10 aliens and here are there names, in ben10: wildmutt, fourarms, greymatter, xlr8, upgrade, diamond head, ripjaws, stinkfly, ghostfreak, cannonbolt, heatblast, wildvine, upchuck, benmummy, benwolf, benvicktor, ditto, eyeguy, waybig and don't forget ben, gwen, grandpa max and...
Ryan kelley is ben 10. (hez so hot)
He has no middle name; Asian names typically do not have middle names as it is a Western custom.
It was a REALITY show aired on FOX tv. (save some oodles for me)
The third season might appear on may 9, 2010,I may be wrong
well here are 7 seasons of awsomeness! its about this girl named Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller) and she ends up being the next generations slayer. she has a mom, Joyce Summers who later dies of a brain tumor, (Kristin Sutherland) and dad, Hank Summers, who are divorced, and a sister named...
According to, the sixth season will air on April 13, 2010. Many have speculated that the show had been cancelled after captain Phil Harris suffered a stroke. Discovery Channel assures its viewers the show will go on. See related links for more information.
Clay County Missouri
yes prison break is going to have 4th season IT'S THE BEST MOVIE EVER!
The car in the Dukes of Hazzard is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
touse are the only one that i have chormastone=aoko Humangousar=wres spidermonkey=uaio brainstorm=aeai echo echo=mthn
Hoss' name was Eric. I dont believe it was ever used on the show.
It's probably because too many new shows are coming. They are normally quite bad.
Your best best would be They post all episodes on their website the day after they air on TV. If you can't find it there, check Hulu.
The name of the song was Mary Ann. His inspriation was actress Dawn Wells, better known as Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island.
Yes. He will. LOL!!!
After the two-year timeskip, Sanji's hairstyle changes to cover the other side of his face, revealing the previously hidden side. The hidden side is pretty much identical to the other side, however the eyebrow is different, curling the other way.
Do you know who is Overflow?
no,they did date on Buffy the vampire slayerand they were great freinds but they did no date they would have made a great couple
18 episodes 1/2:LA X 3:what kate does 4: the Substitute 5:Lighthouse 6:sundown 7:DR linus 8:recon 9:Ab Aeterno 10: the package 11:haply ever after 12:everybody loves Hugo 13:the last Recruit 14:The Candidate 15:Across the sea 16:what they died for 17/18:the end lost season6 has 18 episodes...
With the technologies today, Zorro is outdated. There is nothing he can do for this world.
The world needs a lot of Zorros, a few hundred of who could cut the buttons off of banker's shirts and another few hundred to slice the suspenders off of congressmen who give them everything they demand. It's Zorro who gives us "hope", not President Obama.
at youtube channel manuel1993kr
stay tuned for updates.9 aliens are currently listed :humongousaur,echo-echo,swampfire,big chill,brainstorm,chromastone,jetray,spidermonkey and goop.
Yes- it was mentioned in the episode "The Avenging Angel".
No Actors have moved on :(
he doesnt admits it but kagome did
Just copy and paste in the links. (it's in five parts):
Yes, Phoebe Tonkin does have a boyfriend. As of June 2014, Phoebeis dating Paul Wesley. The couple have been dating since late 2013.
The NBC recently stated that they are strongly considering a renewal for a next Heroes season..this implies to me that there will be a fifth season, most likely somewhere in September 2010 . For an article on this matter and to watch all free Heroes episodes I can recommend the fanbased website ...
The Liberty Kids ' theme song is Through My Own Eyes , written by Aaron Carter.
15 September 2006 on Cartoon Network .
because he wears "horn rimmed glasses". The people he kidnapped didn't know his name so they called him horn rimmed glasses.
Unfortunately, NBC is worried that they wont get as much viewers as they would like. They are still debating though if they should bring it back or not. Rumor also has it that Creator Tim Kring is also putting in work to try and revive the series with a 4hr movie or comic book series! LONG LIVE THE...
there are going to be new English episodes of inuyasha this year in April or so, but I'm not too sure...
The first time is in season 2 and Willow (Buffy's Bestfriend) does a spell to give back Angel's soul but Angel had already opened up hell and the only way to close it was to kill him, so Buffy had to kill him. He comes back from the dead in season 3. At the end of season 3 he moves and the show...
Juliet supposedly died in the first episode of this season, so that leaves the door open for Kate. However, Sawyer is still hung up on Juliet, and Kate is still hung up on Jack, so it is anyone's guess.
you can watch Bel's boys on you tube but the only one you can watch is the one called hypnotised . hope this helps
We don't know who her real mother is, however her adoptive mother is named Bellemere
He said Tasha ate a cheeseburger and got fat and ate your mom and she ate chris and everybody in the world was eaten. Yes
When him and Vegeta were training in The artificial gravity chamber.
Discovery Channel: 'Deadliest Catch' captain dies (AP) - 11 hours ago ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Phil Harris, the fishing boat captain whose adventures off the Alaska coast were captured on the television show "Deadliest Catch", has died, the Discovery Channel said Tuesday night. He was 53. Harris suffered...