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The Republic of Angola is a south-central African neighbor of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia, and Zambia. The country is most famous for its diamonds and petroleum. Typical contributors seek answers to the country's economic challenges from migrant workers, refugees, and unbalanced growth; Mbundu and Ovumbundu ethnic majorities; Portuguese colonial past; and separatist threats by its Cabinda exclave.
  No, if you have your green card:   "persons lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence who are in possession of their alien registration card (Green card) or can provide other evidence of permanent residence;" (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp)
Luanda is a city of almost 5 million residents and is the Capital of Angola.
Much of the Nation was depopulated during the 27 year Civil War which claimed about 500,000 lives. It was once a major exporter of foods to the world and a great deal of the agricultural plains were planted into minefields by the belligerents which requires decades to clear and to be returned to...
Think of it as twice the size of Texas (and that makes it really big.) It has 1,600 kilometer coastline for example.
The demographics of the various tribal elements is rarely as simple as Bantu and Non-Bantu with each of the 9 Bantu Tribal Units claiming an individual legacy. In addition the 500,000 former Portugese citizen have largely abandoned Angola which some had considered their home for almost 500 years....
It is a Communist State closely aligned with China economically since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
It would be correct to say that it was a Portugese Colony for close to 500 years.
Angola's official language has a long history. It began out whenRomans settled And started growing. They spread the language ofLatin Now it is a dead language but some people can still sing itand speak it limitedly. Portuguese is the closest language to Latin than any other of theRomance languages....
Yes, the Okovango is an African River.No, the Okaovngo does not exist in Alaska.
Yes it is. It has territories that are not connected to it.
there destroying mosques
Angola is in Africa below Congo and right next to Zambia.
Angola's currency is the Kwanza.
The South Atlantic Ocean.
In Angola people have different type of housing,from high valued mansions to poor ghetto huts.They are also very modern building with elevators,secutity,inner pools and lots of luxury.Some house are old built in the colonial era but new cities centres are been built and shorlty all Angolans will...
It joined OPEC in December of 2006.
Nambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.
civil wars in which South Africa and other countries became involved
1653 miles or 2661 kilometers
It is 481,354 square miles.
No, it is a part of the continent of Africa.
During the Angolan Civil War, Vietnam sent some 3000 troops to Angola to fight alongside the MPLA and the Cuban forces . Sources: Book: NEW PATTERNS OF STRATEGIC. CONFLICT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. By JUSTUS M. VAN DER KROEF Page:60
Primarily Catholic.
Crude oil, iron ore, hardwoods,
It depends on which language you are talking about. Angola is hometo 40 languages. The official language of The Republic of Angola is Portuguese, sothe word "hello" would be "Olá". The other languages spoken in Angola are. 1. Bolo 2. Cokwe 3. Dhimba 4. Diriku 5. Holu 6. Khwe 7. Kikongo 8. Kilari...
Angola is about 1,246,700 square kilometers (according to the CIA World Factbook).
paulo dias de novaes was to establish christian missionary work in angola
Yes, Angola is a republic where the president (as of 2012) is the leader of the party with the most representatives. Previously, Angolans directly elected their president.
There is no legal drinking age
Portugal created a colony to exploit the wealth of Africa.
 Angola's population density is 2,070 per square kilometer. 
In Angola you get all sorts of coloured people these days, the reason being is because Angola is improving so much other go to invest on businesses and some begin to find love in Angola...Plus Angolans are very attractive people lol...The common mix found in Angola are Portuguese,Cuban, cape verde...
José Eduardo dos Santos was the President of Angola in 2001.He first took this position on 1979 September 10 after the death ofthe first president Agostinho Neto. Dos Santos was officiallyelected by the people on 1992 September 30 after an attemptedreconciliation in the Angolan civil war....
Democratic Republic of congo. Zambia and Namibia
Angola exports Salt, fish, diamonds and other stuff. I am doing a report on Angola so that was what i got so far. - Maddie
YES! I went there today and he does. He guard said he wouldn't make it out there alive.
#1. Bad education system. Angola has 752,989 kids not enrolled in primary or secondary school, according to CIA world factbook. #2. Tons of muggings, break-ins, murders, rapes, assaults, etc.#3. Known for Sex and drug trafficking. #4. Costs there are very high. Example: a pizza there costs $40.00 US...
All 3 are countries in the continent of Africa. South Africa formsthe southern end of the continent. Namibia is on the southwest ofAfrica and shares a border with South Africa. Angola bordersNamibia, being to the north of it.
Angola is one of the largest countries in Africa, and is poverty stricken. However, they have rich veins of both oil and diamonds in their territory which is the main source of income. This has both positive and negative effects on the people there.
Christmas, the catholic christmas, the jewish christams.
NOTE: **The standard of LIVING, couldn't be found exactly** The cost of living in Angola is expensive for the Natives as well as tourists.
308,066,277 acres of land or 481,400 square miles.
The Republic of Angola is in southwestern Africa. Its borders are the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire) to the north and east, and to the south is Namibia. A small, isolated region belonging to Angola called the territory of Cabinda is north of...
Portuguese colonists founded Angola.
Is a woman. Isabel dos Santos, the oldest daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.
In Angola, the locals usually ride their penis to place to place.
You have to specify what you are asking about.
Angola's area is 1,246,700 square kilometers.
rainy dry clod and wet seasons
There are many guns in Angola, though most private citizens do not have one.
Zaire which is now known as Democratic Republic Of The Congo.
Most of the original foreign settlers of Angola were Portuguese.
No. The only European language there is Portuguese. Here are the 39 languages of Angola: 1. Bolo 2. Cokwe 3. Dhimba 4. Diriku 5. Holu 6. Khwe 7. Kikongo 8. Kilari 9. Kimbundu 10. Kung-Ekoka 11. Kwadi 12. Kwangali 13. Lucazi 14. Luimbi 15. Lunda 16. Luvale 17....
In Southwestern Africa.OR,It may be a referencee to the Louisiana State Penitentiary.
I am not all too sure but I think they would eat veg as well. Try wikipedia.Agony Aunt's Answers
The machete stands for peasants, agriculture, and the armed struggle.
The population of Angola on April 20th 2011 is approximately 12,297,978. (Extrapolated from a population of 12,000,000 in 2006 and a population of 12,263,596 on October 7th 2010.)
they live in shacks made of birchbark wood and they put animals on there flat roofs so they can drink up the water so there are no ice dams or anything. The windows are made up of pepperment candy. And they smack there poop on the walls for a thick structure.
This would be a subspecies of lion (Panthera leo), found in/near Angola.
Luanda is the capital of Angola. Luanda is the capital and largestcity in Angola.