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The Republic of Azerbaijan is a Eurasian neighbor of Russia, Iran, Georgia, and Armenia. Azerbaijan is considered the world's first successful democratic, secular Islamic republic. Typical contributions include questions about the country's famous Karabakh horse; renowned Stone Age petroglyphs; scenic landscapes of Caspian Sea beaches, flatlands, and mountains; and world reputation as a chess superpower.
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The major exports of Azerbaijan include petroleum, gas, raw  sugar, ethylene polymers, machinery and cotton.   Its primary imports include energy, cars, gold, wheat,  rolled tobacco, pharmaceuticals,food and capital goods.
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The plant and animal life of Azerbaijan is rich and diverse. More  than 4,000 species of plants grow here, including many native  varieties, as well as more than 1,200 types of animals and birds:  bear, lynx, wolf, Caucasian goat, jeyran, deer, turaj, pheasants,  flamingo, pelicans and countless...
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Ayaz Niyazi oglu Mutallibov was the first President of Azerbaijan. He became the first President of Azerbaijan after independence from the Soviet Union, serving from 1991 August 30 to 1992 March 6 before being forced to resign by the Azerbaijan Popular Front. He was briefly reinstated on 1992 May...
Azerbaijan has been separated to different parts, 65% of it is located in Northwestern Iran with population of 30milion and 25% the country of Azerbaijan (population:9 million) and the rest inside Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia (5milion). Total population of Azerbaijanis is approximately...
Azerbaijan is known for its petrol, gas, good agricultural sector, strategical geographical position and very rich culture
Armenian, Azerbaijan and Georgia are the three neighbor countriessituated in the Transcaucasus region, and were three of the 15countries in the former Soviet Union. Nagorno-Karabagh is aHistorical Armenian land, populated 98% by Armenians. After theUSSR collapse The Nagorno Karbagh declared its...
  The area (approximate size) is that of Maine, USA
The distance from Vilnius, Lithuania, to Baku, Azerbaijan, is 1,503 miles. That equals 2,419 kilometers or 1,306 nautical miles.
Well, I'm not totally sure, but in my Geography book, it says its main source of wealth is Petroleum.
Because of the disputed Territory NGorno Karabach
The most promising part of Azerbaijan's economy is the oil and natural gas deposits under the Caspian sea. im sorry its late i searched this cuz it was on my ss hw so i figured id answer it for other people right from my ss book
capital of azerbaijan is baku
The largest ethnic group in Azerbaijan is Azeri Turks, who have been living in these territories over more that 5000 years. There have been more Azeri Turks who have come later in the 3rd and 11th centuries from East Asia, too. But they are also ethnically same as Azeri Turks who had been living in...
17.62 (births per 1000 persons)...
Azerbaijan's main city, Baku is in the European Continent. However, about half of it is in Asia. Many consider Azerbaijan European cause of the culture, secular lifestyle, and education system that is similar to Eastern European countries. For example Azerbijan plays in Europeans Soccer...
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  Baku is the capital.
== Answer ==   Baku is the Capital of Azerbaijan   Azerbaijan and Baku, Azerbaijan is my home. Culture, History, and government of Azerbaijan info can be found here:   http://www.geocities.com/master8885/index.html
this new name republic of azerbaijan at the time of persian  empire was known by the documented books and archiological evidence  as albania of cacausus or kafkaz, latter it became called aran and  from the year 1918 by the turk and then by bulshovi of russia was  named azerbaijan for the...
The trading partners of former Soviet republics were usually Russia and the other Soviet republics. Once the Soviet Union dissolved, these nations had to seek new trading partners outside the union. Azerbaijan has expanded trade with Turkey and Iran. Kazakhstan has increased trade with Germany and...
Ilham Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan in 2010, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his third 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.
Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan.
There is Abu Dhabi; which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. And there is Dubai; which is the trading city.
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40° 23′ 43″ N, 49° 52′ 56″ E40.395278, 49.882222
While under Soviet control the petroleum and chemical industries were not regulated. Now independent they are focusing on economic opportunity in the short term and are ignoring environmental warnings.
Haydar Aliev's family
The Caspian sea forms Azerbaijan's eastern border.
They have a current troop contribution of 90 men.
Latitude: N 40° 8' 35.178" / Longitude: E 47° 34' 36.9372"
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Politically yes they are part of Europe, but physically they are located in the Middle East
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The European Singing competition, Eurovision, will be in Azerbaijan next year. You can go and join the show, party, and fun.
Azerbaijan is called "The Land of Fire" or "The Land of Eternal Flames" due to the fact that the ancient Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, was "big" there. Zoroaster, the prophet of the religion, was born in Azerbaijan, or as they called it Azarapadegan. Some say the origin of the name "Land of...
Azerbaijan is where the Azeri's live. They speak a language close to Turkish, but at the same time they are kept at some distance by the Turks because they are in the majority Shi'ites. Unlike Iran, the basis of modern, secular Turkey is national - not religious - identity. Shi'ism in Azerbaijan has...
It is in Stage 3 of the DTM. The reason for this is that The Crude Birth Rate is slightly higher than the Crude Death Rate. The NIR is not quite 0. like in stage 4 and the population is growth is not high as in stage 2. There is no country in stage 1, and this makes Azerbaijan stage 3.
It is used all over southwest Asia!
Azerbaijan is currently finding allies in Turkey, the USA, and Israel primarily. It is also important to note that they are currently focusing on becoming more involved in global politics as they are on the security council and are recognized as one of the most progressive Muslim states.
Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev is 49 years old . He was born on 1961 December 24.
Azerbaijan is situated in both Europe and Asia. It is the richest country in the Caucasus and one of the richest in the Former Soviet Union
Answer . Baku is the Capital of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan and Baku, Azerbaijan is my home. Culture, History, and government of Azerbaijan info can be found here:. http://www.geocities.com/master8885/index.html.
No.  The Russia Novosibirsk Mission includes Kazakhstan but no other country outside of Russia.  It is most likely in the Armenia Yerevan Mission.
Azerbaijan is in Southwestern Asia. The previous answer is incorrect. Azerbajan belongs to both Asia and Europe, there is no definite and concrete answer.
Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan.
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The dispute led Azerbaijan to cut off needed supplies of fuel and other resources to Armenia. The economy of both countries has been seriously hurt by this conflict :D This Was On My Book lol :D
When it was first formed in 1918, it was the first democratic and secular country in the Muslim world. Also, in the early 1900s, it produced the majority of the world's oil, and is still a big oil producer.
Azerbaijan is a Eurasian country, meaning it straddles the two continents of Europe and Asia. However, the city of Baku is considered part of Europe.
No, it is in the Caucasus, a region north of Iran, east of Turkey and South of Russia. The Caucasus contains 3 states: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Ilham Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan in 2011, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his third 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.
Ordinary as well) The style depends on tastes and age. But Azerbaijanis like to look stylish. and many people follow fashion trends.
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Yes it does. The continents of Europe and Asia have many boundaries, one being the Caucus Mountains, which just happens to pass through Azerbaijan (North of the Caucus is Europe, south is Asia). Since the mountains cut through Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is considered a Eurasian country; it is in both...
impossible, too small of a country, hosting both western and russian military bases. azerbaijan doesnt even have a nuclear reactor, although there were talks of buying one recently. armenia on the other hand has an aging nuclear power plant, and in the past, the armenians have attempted to smuggle...
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