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Vatican City

Vatican City is a sovereign city state within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an estimated land area of 44 hectares. It was established by the Lateran Treaty in 1929.


The top exports of the Holy See  (Vatican City) are Revenue Stamps ($645k), Other Measuring  Instruments ($533k), Collector's Items ($203k), Vehicle Parts  ($156k) and Orthopedic Appliances ($155k), using the 1992 revision  of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are ...
Since Antiquity the human body has been seen as the epitome of beauty. In some modern societies, however, the nude body has been declared indecent.
Since the foundation of Rome, the neighborhood of the Vatican hasalways been the Vatican. It gets its name from the hill upon whichit is built - the Mons Vaticanus. Later in history itbecame the headquarters of the Catholic Church and, in 1929, itbecame an independent country.
There are a number of popes and saints buried under St. Peter'sBasilica. However, the only saint buried under the altar is St. Peterthe Apostle and first pope.
I believe you mean the ceiling, which is concrete.
Because it was painted by the best man in history Michelangelo.
Leonardo Da Vinci painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel
The Vatican is located in Rome, Italy and is the smallest city state in world. It is the home of the Pope and the Catholic Church. Located in the Vatican is St. Peter's that was designed by Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel that was painted by him. Buried within St. Peter's is the tomb of Peter...
There are seven different churches in the Vatican but Saint Peter'sBasilica is the best known and most visible.
Vatican City is a sovereign nation (not part of Italy) and does  hold observer status at the UN.    Clarification:   Vatican City does not hold observer status at the United Nations.  However, the Holy See does.
Primarily the 16th century, though finished in the 17th. (Constructed 1506-1626)
Swiss Guards   The Swiss Guard consists of 6 officers and 110 men. All members of  the guard must be Swiss.    Clarification:   The Swiss Guards are the body guards of the Pope and the only  remaining military unit in the Vatican. They do not guard the  Vatican, however. The Vatican...
Two famous buildings in Vatican City are:    St. Peter's Basilica  The Sistine Chapel (located in the Apostolic Palace)  
Vatican City is the home of the Catholic Church and residence of  The Pope.
LIFE, LIBERTY, RELIGION, & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS-Religious FreedomDECLARATION ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM POPE PAUL VI, DEC 7, 1965Note that Roman Catholicism is recognized as the official religion-The Right to LifeSUFFRAGE-Women's Voting RightsWomen may not vote-ElectionOnly cardinals below 80 may...
The Vatican became an independent country in 1929 with the signingof the Lateran Treaty by Pope Pius XI and Benito Mussolini,
The Vatican became an independent country in 1929 with the signingof the Lateran Treaty. Before that is was considered as part ofItaly or of the Papal States.
No Italy could not take that action without repercussions. Vatican City (as the Holy See) does hold observer status at the UN. Also, Vatican City as it exists today is the result of the Lateran Treaty of 1929 between the Catholic Church and Italy.
He finished painting the ceiling in 1512 and the altar wall in 1541.
by michelangelo painting it with paint
Yes! it is built for the memory of the first pope.His tomb lies in the center of the basilica.  
The image of the bee can be seen in many places in Vatican City. Three bees made of the coat of arms of the Barberini family. Maffeo Barberini ruled as Pope Urban VIII from 1623-1644.
The HDI of Vatican City has never been measured.
It is an independent country within the city of Rome.
7 hills are sorrounding the Vatican City.
Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican was built over the tomb ofSaint Peter and close to the site where he was crucified.
Vatican City has only been an independent country ruled by the popesince the Lateran Treaty was signed in 1929.
St. Peter's Basilica was constructed 1506-1626.
the Sistine Chapel gets it's name from the Pope who commissioned it . Pope Sixtus IV
The Vatican consist of many, many buildings and each had itsdesigner or architect.
Every room needs a ceiling. So does the Sistine Chapel.
The ceiling was not carved, it was painted by Michelangelo.
It took him a bit over four years, from July of 1508 to October of 1512. So 1508 is the answer you are looking for.
St. Peter was appointed as Christ's Vicar and to head His Church in Matthew 16:17-19. St. Peter went to Rome, at that time of the center of the western world, and died there, was buried on Vatican Hill, and the current High Altar in St. Peter's is directly over his tomb. Thus, all of his successors,...
The Sistine Chapel is inside of the Vatican Museum, you have to pay admission for the museum to go to the Sistine Chapel. Look up the Vatican Museum online and you'll find your answer.
The Vatican is a landscape located on the west of the Tiber river that was given to the pope in 325 by Emperor Constantin where the original St. Peter's basilica was built. But it wasn't used as the papal or Roman bishopric until the Middle Ages upon the papacy's return from Avignon, France which...
There is no society in the Vatican.  
The Sistine Chapel is a barn-like simple rectangle, 40.93 meters long by 13.41 meters wide - the exact dimensions of the Temple of Solomon as given in the Old Testament. The chapel is 20.70 meters high and roofed with a flattened barrel vault.
I so far only know two but here are the two plus a guess. - Creation of Adam - Last Judgement * The Flood Another answer:There are nine scenes from the Bible.
The population of Vatican City 2010 is 829.
According to his dying wish, his heart was buried in Rome (atSant'Agata dei Goti, then the chapel of the Irish College), not inthe Vatican.
The sistene chapel is so well known for the ceiling which was painted by michelangelo between 1508 and 1512
The Vatican is an independent country and has the right tonegotiate treaties and agreements with any other nation.
  It was inaugurated in 1484.
The Vatican is surrounded by Rome, Italy, and is the smallest city  state in world. It is the home of the Pope and the Catholic Church.  Located in the Vatican is St. Peter's that was designed by  Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel that was painted by him. Buried  within St. Peter's is the tomb...
its one of the holy place for the christians.
the reason that they wanted him to paint the celling is because they had heard of his amazing art work and sculpture.
Vatican palace is in Vatican city, not the other way around. Vatican City is itself contained in Rome, Italy.
The Vatican did not 'found' AIDS.
The scenes depicted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling are scenes from the Old Testament
Ramiro L. Colon, first administrator of Cooperativa de Cafeteros de Puerto Rico, Café Rico, Yaucono Selecto(official coffee of the Vatican)
Vatican City became a world heritage site in 1984.
Impossible to say, but at present there are 4 million visitors a year!
That wasn't a rule. However, with the unification of Italy (1860) and the annexation of Rome (1870), the popes essentially declared themselves prisoners of the Vatican. This was in response to territory that had been under control of the popes in the form of the Papal States being taken as part of...
Vatican City is a sovereign city-state, similar to Monaco and Singapore. It is independent.
Very tough question. I really think that they are both equally popular.
No, but it is the smallest country. Vatican City is a country, and Vatican City is its capital. Many rural cities are smaller.
There are no sculptures in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo painted the ceiling and the altar of the Sistine Chapel.
The theme as exemplified in art is God's relationship to man. This begins with the biblical version of the creation where Adam barely reaches out to God who is striving to connect with him. This represents the proud and sinful nature of man. The paintings also show the story of the life of Jesus...
Stonehenge is important because it is one of the last unexplainedstructures on the planet.
No, the Vatican is a city and independent country but not a  monastery.
Mail to the Vatican uses the Italian postal code 00120 for alladdresses.
Stonehenge is a monument in England, the origin of which dates back  to prehistoric times. Archaeologists believe the stone structure  was erected around 3000 B.C.
It was not customary for artists to sign their work back then. At least not on murals.
No. The Vatican has NOT signed the UDHR. Neither has Taiwan, and former Kosovo.
because there only men live
Maintenance workers, police, clerks, custodians, secretaries, firedepartment, archivists, food service workers, members of theclergy, Swiss Guards, etc.
Monaco is larger than vatican city........
St. Peter's Basilica was constructed from 1506-1626.
Yes, Vatican City has an area of 0.44 km squared. It is entirely surrounded by the city of Rome in Italy.
There are normally 800 to 850 full-time residents of the Vatican.
It is very difficult to paint a ceiling.
Don't believe there is one, unfortunately.
Yes, Vatican City is a city. The Vatican is a small area set aside  in the city of Rome and it the seat of the Catholic church. It is  where the Pope resides and does his business for the people of his  church. It is mainly made up of St. Peter's Church, the gardens of  the pope, the Vatican...
This is because Vatican City is sovereign nation, established through the Lateran Treaty of 1929.
Painting a ceiling means either lying down or leaning over backwards.
The vatican has no true natural resources from which it couldprofit.
The Pope usually lives in the Papal Apartments in the ApostolicPalace in the Vatican, and has a summer residence atCastelgandolfo. However, Pope Francis has chosen to live in a smallapartment in Casa Santa Marta, a 'hotel' constructed for housing official visitorsto the Vatican and for housing the...