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Also called Turkmenia, Turkmenistan is a Turkic state in Central Asia with an area of 188,456 sq mi, making it the world’s 52nd biggest country. It has the fourth biggest reserves of natural gas resources in the world.
It is the capital of Turkmenistan. (transliterated from Russian, the spelling is Ashkhabad).
they speak turkmen language
Ashhabad (Ashgabat, Ashkhabad) known as Poltoratsk between 1919 and1927, is the capital and the largest city of Turkmenistan inCentral Asia, situated between the Karakum Desert and the Copet Dagmountain range.
Historically, most of Turkestan was controlled by the Russian  Empire and its successor, the Soviet Union. With the fall of the  Soviet Union, the various Turkic republics became independent. Now  the largest foreign occupier of Turkestan is the People's Republic  of China, which still controls...
Afganistan, Hindustan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgystan, Pakistan, Turkmeinistan,Uzbekistan, Tajakistan
  Check out this site. There is a list of all the border countries.   http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/geo_lan_bou_bor_cou-geography-land-boundaries-border-countries   To answer the question, Azerbaijan 284 km, Belarus 959 km, China (southeast) 3,605 km, China (south) 40 km, Estonia 294...
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Desert in Turkmenistan
21.8 (births per 1000 persons)...
Uzbekistan is the country that is located between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. Specifically, Uzbekistan shares its southern border with Turkmenistan. It shares its northern and western borders with Kazakhstan. But despite its location, it does not prevent Turkmenistan from sharing its north...
Turkmenistan is Turkish and Persian in origin meaning "land of the  Turkmens".
Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow
 Turkmenistan has 188,456 square miles of total area. 
The first merchants to market turkey birds came from Algeria, which was then part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. As they seem to come from "Turkey", they were given that name.
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the answer is: Turkic languages, basic divide into western and eastern Turkic languages, almost 50 types of "dialects", they are all part of Altai language family, same as for example Mongolian or Korean language
Ashgabat (previously called/spelled Ashkhabad) is  the capital of Turkmenistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic.
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Turkey is in between the middle east and Europe it is next to 7 country's which are Greece Syria Iraq Iran Azerbaijan Armenia and Georgia also it is next to the black sea Egean sea which goes through the Greek islands and Turkey is next to the Mediterranean sea.
No, Turkmenistan is not a member of the European Union.
Mainly Germany, but also UK and Iran are common
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Ashgabat (Aşgabat) is the  capital city of the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan.    Specifically, Ashgabat is located in Ahal Province. It shares its  importance in that province with Anau (Änew), which is the  province's capital city. It started out as a village founded by ...
STAN means "Stalker Fan"
37° 56′ 0″ N, 58° 22′ 0″ E37.933333, 58.366667
No there are no surrounding bodies of water around Turkmenistan. Therefore there is no peninsula.
There are many common surnames in Turkmenistan. One example is Niyazov. Other examples would include Kusmirowicz as well as Pilapo, Puntjar, and Petelei.
Ashgabat is the capital city ofTurkmenistan.
Turkestan is an ancient name for the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan. Specifically, the term traces its origins to the geographers of ancient Persia. But the term never was limited to either the ancient frontier or the modern borders of Turkmenistan. The term actually referred to the...
Baklava is sold in ashgabat, turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan is country code +993.
Telephone country codes never begin with zero. Country code +993, dialed as 00 993 from many places, isTurkmenistan. Country code +93, dialed as 009 93 from many places, isAfghanistan. To avoid confusion, it is best to write an international telephonenumber in correct international format,...
Country code +993 (dialed as 00993 from many places) is Turkmenistan in central Asia. The capital, Ashgabat, is in area code +993 1, and most numbers inAshgabat begin with +993 1 2. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter...
  == Answer ==   Turkmenistan is located in central Asia. Iran and Afghanistan are located to the south, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are to the north, and the Caspian Sea is to the west.
Turkmenistan's capital is Ashgabat, which is in the southwest of  the country.
  The traditional sports are Horse Riding and falconry. Soccer is a popular team game.
Turkmenistan is declared permenantly neutral.The country has  proposed projects of gas exports to China , Pakistan , India. The  country is supported by US. The country still depends on Russia for  its gas exports but wants to venture in to other trade routes like  the TAPI pipeline. There were...
Yes, Turkestan is the name by which the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan was called. Specifically, Turkmenistan is one of the modern and ancient areas in which Turkish-speaking peoples lived. The modern-day Asian/European country of Turkey and such modern Central Asian Turkic states as...
Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov is the second and current president of  Turkmenistan.
It is unclear what the question is asking. If it is asking what  countries/regions would be part of Turkistan, they would be Turkey,  Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and  Xinjiang (part of China).
You must file for a visa, registration fee, and travel permits  which may include a letter of invitation in order to be approved  for your trip. It's very difficult for Americans to get into  Turkmenistan just like it is for travel to North Korea, also keep  in mind to keep all documents with...
The Turkmen new manat is the national currency of the Central Asian Turkic state of Turkmenistan. Specifically, the manat originally was introduced as the country's national currency on November 1, 1993. It replaced the Russian ruble. What now is known as the old manat was replaced by the Turkmen...
Turkmenistan National Space Agency was created in 2011.
Turkmenistan Cup was created in 1993.
Turkmenistan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the North West, Uzbekistan to the North East, Afghanistan to the South East and Iran to the South West.Afghanistan,Iran,Kazakhstan andUzbekistan
Military of Turkmenistan was created in 1992.
Turkmenistan manat was created in 1993.
National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan was created in 1990.
Assembly of Turkmenistan was created in 1938.
Turkmenistan was created on 1991-10-27.
Turkmenistan obtained its independence from its colonists in  October 27, 1991.
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is the President of Turkmenistan since  2006 to present.
Mered Orazow is the Ambassador to the US for Turkmenistan.
Samuhammet Durdylyyew is the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers for Construction for Turkmenistan.
Rasit Meredow is the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers for International Relations for Turkmenistan.
Batyr Eresow is the Minister of Communication for Turkmenistan.
Jumageldi Bayramow is the Minister of Construction for Turkmenistan.
Gunca Mammedowa is the Minister of Culture for Turkmenistan.
Begenc Gundogdyyew is the Minister of Defense for Turkmenistan.
Gulsat Mammedowa is the Minister of Education for Turkmenistan.
Myrat Artykow is the Minister of Energy for Turkmenistan.
Dowletgeldi Sadykow is the Minister of Finance for Turkmenistan.
Rasit Meredow is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Turkmenistan.
Isgender Mulikow is the Minister of Internal Affairs for Turkmenistan.
Begmyrat Muhammedow is the Minister of Justice for Turkmenistan.
Mele Gurbandurdyyew is the Minister of Road Transport for Turkmenistan.
Seyitmyrat Taganow is the Minister of Water Resources for Turkmenistan.
Amanmyrat Hallyyew is the Prosecutor General for Turkmenistan.
  == Answer ==   it is more of authoritarianism there.
Mostly from imports and rural cattle farms.
The land is rich and oil and gas and has great potential to provide  energy, however exports are one of the lowest in the world.
1. They're both former members of the Soviet Union and current  members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.   2. They both have lots of economic power in resources but exports  are among the lowest.   3. They have questionable regimes that use authoritarian tactics to  rule.   4....
The Karakum desert. This desert is named Kara Kum
"Türkmenistan Republikasy" is the Turkmen equivalent of "Turkmenistan." Specifically, the phrase "Türkmenistan Republikasy" means "Republic of Turkmenistan." The word "Türkmenistan" comes from ancient Persian and translates into English as "Land of the Turks." The pronunciation is "tyoork-meh...
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The big desert in Turkmenistan is called Garagum (gahr.uh.goom.)Also spelled Karakum.
  they got an independence in 1991 ,october 27.
None. As Turkestan is a region and not a country, it has no proper  capital.    Turkestan is a region composed of four countries in their entirety:  Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, the southern  part of Kazakhstan, the northern portion of Afghanistan, and the  Xinjiang...