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Fast Food

It's easy, it's filling, and it's convenient and often inexpensive. Compared to other foods it's something that is quick and easy and many of us resort to it because it's no fuss. The fast food culture has greatly influenced world economy, public health and people’s living style. Fast food restaurants are widespread all over the world.
You are never too old, you may be too young
4-ounce (113 g) (approx. uncooked weight) ground beef patty with  ketchup, mustard, and two slices of cheese. 
   A  gourmet burger is more than a typical patty topped with lettuce,  tomato, and ketchup. Gourmet burgers go out the way to add toppings  that are exotic and unique to provide a different flavor twist. A  gourmet burger is not available at most restaurants. They can also  be a tad bit...
No. Subway is far healthier than McDonald's. McDonald's patties have many preservatives that can cause cancer, not to mention the grease and calories. Subway's food compared to McDonald's is healthier by default because they use clean ingredients, fresh dough made there, fresh veggies, and pure meat...
Four piece:190 Six piece:280Ten piece:480
McDonalds serves around 70,000,000 people per day, which comes out  to about 25,550,000,000 people per year.
One medium order contains 266 mg. Of course, that depends too on  who is metaphorically driving the salt truck.
Four-piece- 280 calories.Six-piece- 180 calories.
Yes there is, i went to Tunisia myself and saw one.
i dont know the her name but for some reason they give her the  nickname of "redhead"
$3.39 give or take a few pennies depending franchise or corporation owned
yes ----McDonalds purchase their food ingredients from third party vendors. They do not genetically modify anything.----
Take the customers' order, then go make the food, then deliver it to the customers.
if its in light the food will spoil faster because light helps bacteria grow
$25-$60,000 per year, depending on the position, performance, and responsibilities
Fine dine:   .has fancy seats and they collect your food when you're finished.   .cleaner   .better for you    Fast food:   .has a drive thru   .food is quickly put together   .the food is all frozen
The average fast food manager makes about 30-35,000$ annually.According to PayScale.com, the salary for fast food restaurant  managers in the United States ranged from $32,904 to $44,370 in  September, 2010.
Its already prepared they just need to put it into the container  and give it to you.
It starts out as flakes. Then you add a couple ingredients to make  it fluffy.
8 dallors but the lunch combo is 5
They delivered the less expensive food stuff in the comparison of pizza hut. Developing countries like india need full satisfaction by paying less money. That is the reason dominoz is growing by 50% in indian market where pizza hut and papa jones are working hard to survice.
540 calories, 28g fat, 46g carbs and 25g protein. That's based on anormal Big Mac. Not a large or a meal. On the McDonald's website,they do have a nutritional calculator that you can use to calculateyour whole meal. Alternatively, I like to record my food on the appMy Fitness Pal where it has all...
I believe that You would have to be at least 16 ..... it may vary  in different states.
It costs $3.35 for 3 chicken strips, or $4.39 for 4, at Chik-Fil-A.
They pay mostly up to 10$ per person
Subway Restaurants were founded on August 28, 1965 when the first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The owners, Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, began franchising the chain in 1974 and Subway Restaurants are now the world's largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 37,000 locations...
no if it is fake why would you eat fake meat?
There are many countries which make and sell pizza. Some are  America, Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the UK.
over 31,000 restaurants worldwide
by eating to much fries!
I don't think so!
firstly, drink a lot of water! if you don't use the restroom about  every hour, you are dehydrated. and exercise. watch what you eat.  if you want to eat fattening things, have a small portion. take  smaller bites and eat slow. you will get fuller faster.
his name is chase dolon he earns alot of money and is kind of like a rude stuffed up celebrity. How do i know i went to school with him. one time he was telling me about car safety your only 1 year oolder than me.
Sonic claims to be 100% MSG Free, according to their website.
  The one got is black pleated pants with a wicked high waist and a tan button up shirt
A McDonald's hamburger cost 15 cents in 1957.
  how much money does a big mac cost,   how much money does a big mac cost,   how much money does a big mac cost,
McDonalds is own by two way. It is owned by McDonalds Corporation or a franchise which is independly owned.
Because people are either too lazy or don't have enough time to make food for themselves or their families.
i belevie Mcdonalds has about 1,100,000,000 stocks total...i happen to own 16 :)
Chipotle Mexican Grill can be found throughout the United Statesand has expanded into Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France.Since we can't provide you with a list of all the stores, your bestway to find the closest one would be to use the store locator onthe Chipotle website.
yes very very good...well that's my opinion
The burger king guy is based off Charlemagne.
They recently started providing health insurance through Century  Healthcare. You should check with your local Chick-fil-A store or  talk to the owner to see what they have as far as with the plans  and benefits. The plans are horrible. It only pays $100 towards an  ER visit. It only pays $500...
From the Papa Ginos Website:large 14" -- cut in 8 piecessmall 10" cut in 6 piecesrustic cut in 12 pieces
Yes, they are both the same thing.
It is just commonly known as hamburger but, whereas it can be  called in so many ways such as: turkey burger, bison burger, or  veggie burger.
I believe fast food is a hit amongst teenagers because its easy to access, tasty and cheap. Perfect for those who are busy and have little cash. Fast food locations are also often close to areas where teenagers hang out such as shopping malls or near schools.
The cost of a slice pizza in 1970 is 35 cents.
No of course not! Many people say that to scare people but it's rubbish!they would not dare
Is there a McDonalds restaurant on the ship
You have the C, Q, S, M and X stars. They each represent a key area  in the restaurant, e.g. C- cleanliness, Q-quality, S service, M  McCafe, X performace review. The employees have to be trained in  the area of the star and then complete a quiz, if they got >90%  they successfully complete...
go to Carl's Jr and look at the workers and memorise their clothes i hope this helps
well there are many McDonalds secrets but I'm assuming thatMcDonalds needs to have something good quality in their burgers.And it gives taste to the burgers as well.
Totally 170 calories are present in a Pizza Hut cheese stick
you can get paid about $6.00 a day!
Not yet, there isn't! On the African continent, I am only aware of McDonald's being present in South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco. Although there are rumors abound that McDonald's will open in Kenya in late 2013, following on the recent opening of KFC and soon-to-be opened Subway. Yes, but as you know...
Um no, but you do 5 people a favor by not having to read stupid crap like this from you.
No generally schools do not go to McDonalds for a fieldtrip as it is a fast-food restauraunt and not a park or museum. No, unless you go their to eat after visiting another place. Also if you are conducting a science experiment on the germs in the restroom or the fat in the food then maybe you have...
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For waiter the hourly pay at pizza hut in UK is euro 5.82 and  whereas, for back of house staff, the hourly pay at pizza hut in UK  will be euro 5.98 per hour.
pizza hut best pizza is chicken tikka.It depends on first what doe you like:thin and crispypanhand tossstuffed crustThan what ever topping(s) you like:meats:peperonihamseasoned beefporkitalian sausagewhite grilled chicken stripsbacon peacesveggies:green peppersred onionblack olivesmushroomsdiced...
There was no Big Mac in 1960. It wasn't introduced until 1967.
In 'Fast Food Nation,' the documentarist tries to make the claim that fast food's carb/sugar/salt-loaded food can literally kill you. This may be the case if you gorge yourself day in and day out on it for the majority of your life. However, if you have it infrequently, you are probably safe.
No. Fast Food isn't to blame for obesity because your the one that chooses to eat it
Eating with your hands, talking freely, casual dress code,  unarranged seating, using trays, self-service, to name a few.
According to wikipedia Wendy lives in hells isle Texas. Her alma mater is the university of Florida in gainesville Florida.
they might give u a little butter pouch if not just ask
Depends on your on ethical views or not, also on how hungry are you are.
McDonald is primarily a Scottish surname, however, the form MacDonnell (Mac Domhnaill) is found in Ireland. The Irish MacDonnell's have three distinct origins:   * A Scottish clan from Argyle (Lord of the Isles) Co. Antrim;  * A sept of Co. Fermanagh, now almost extinct.  * MacDonnell of...
If you like tacos....
A person should eat fast food one or less times per week.
there is no KFC and there is no Mcdonald
Krabby Patties are served in a restaurant named The Krusty Krab in Long Beach,California.It is right by the beach and the aquarium.