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Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder (February 7, 1867 – February 10, 1957) was an American author who wrote the Little House series of children's books based on her childhood in a pioneer family.
her daughter Rose encouraged her to write
she died from diphtheria
she tough all subjects that r in school these days
she married David N. Swanzey
She was a sweet wonderful person who deservers her spot in history!
Almanzo died after a series of heart attacks on October 23, 1949.
she got her sister to go to a blind school. she got to be a teacher.
Laura's father was named Charles Phillip Ingalls. Laura called him Pa.
The role of Laura Ingalls was played by MelissaGilbert .
No one who is alive as Laura died many years ago. However, there are a number of societies that exist to preserve her memory and carry out continuing research on her life. One is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society.
she was engaged at the age of 17 and married at the age of 18 and was married by Almonzo
here is an example:(of an outline on Laura Ingalls Wilder) A. Born on Feb. 7, 1867 B. family decided to move west C. moved west with family D. First home, 7 miles outside Pepin, WI
The first book that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote was Little House in the big woods.
Because Adam was a Blind School teacher
Because they wanted to make Mary's life more interesting in the T.V. show.
The part of Dakota Territory that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in was actually South Dakota (or came to known as South Dakota).
Watch and read Little house on the prairie!
Laura Bassi died on February 20, 1778 at the age of 66.
Well nothing made her famous it was just all the newspapers she wrote and her "Little house on the prairie" books she was so famous people made a TV and a movie about her life. It's not her fault she became famous it's just her writing that inspired everybody.
Laura ingalls wilder is a famous author born on Feb 7 1867 she died on Feb 10 1957 she died in her sleep of serve diabetes old age and a heart attack
that is wrong she had a boy who died at birth and a girl named rose
I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder
Laura Ingalls Wilder was a Christian, a practicing Methodist
Laura died on her "Rocky Ridge" farm in Missouri.
No. In actuality, she was 3 1/2 years. She aged herself up in the book because she had already written Little House in the Big Woods (about her years near Pepin, Wisconsin) where she actually lived before AND after her time on the Kansas prairie. Little House in the Big Woods tells the tale of her...
Laura lived in Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Florida and Missouri.
only by incest. In that we all are.
Five of Laura's books won the Newberry Honor Award (On the Banks of Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years). The reason none of her books won the Newberry Award Medal is that she had finished the books before the...
Laura Ingalls became Mrs Almanzo Wilder at the age of 18.
Spunky. Indepentant. Sweet. Clever. Kind. Caring. Rowdy at times.
One listed cause of Laura's death is from a stroke. This may be confusion with her sister Mary's cause of death. Other sources cite a heart attack as the cause. Either way, Laura, Carrie and Grace all died from diabetes-related causes in an era when treatment for the disease was much more primitive
Laura was buried in the Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Wright County. This is the town near which Laura and Almanzo lived at Rocky Ridge Farm.
Caroline Lake Quiner Ingalls died April 20, 1924
No Jack died on his speical rug.
She was a writer she is who little house on the prairie is based on
Charles Ingalls (Pa) died from heart failure in De Smet, South Dakota, on June 8th, 1902.
Michael Landon, the actor who played Charles Ingalls died of cancer.
Nellie Olsen was based mostly on 2 people in Laura's life. Nellie Owens and Genevieve Masters. However, there was a young woman whose name I believe was Stella that was the actual girl who went driving with Almanzo and chatted incessantly. To make the book more interesting, Laura "rolled" Stella...
Mary became blind because of the scarlet fever
Almanzo was a man who had lots of sister's and 2 brothers. He took care of his older sister Eliza Jane.Eliza is a teacher and moves to Walnut Grove to teach Laura,Albert,Carrie,Andy and classmates.Almanzo also moves with her and they live in a wonderful house.When Laura meets Almanzo she falls in...
she enjoyed listening to "pa's" fiddle, playing outside barefoot, playing in the creek, and playing with her dolls
yes. but unfortunatly he died soon after birth and was not named.
Laura had one son but he died unnamed several days after birth.
Her childhood and the "first four years" of being a mother.
If you whatch Little House on the Prarie you'll see that she has to wear old timey clothes like a bonet and bloomers little homemade dresses and little stockings or socks and sandels or old timey tennis shoes. For school she had to bring a little tin bucket to carry their lunch in and have to study...
Rose wrote a number of books, many of them about political theory, but her two best known fiction books - both based on her parent's experiences - were "Let the Hurricane Roar" (later retitled "Young Pioneers") and "Free Land", a rather sardonic look at homesteading.
I can't understand what you're trying to ask, so I can't answer your question for you.
Nope, Gene Wilder is 76 as of now
You can go search the series of unfortunate events on google and go on the website and find his email but I never did really try it! I really want to though! He is an awesome author!!!
Laura wrote nine books, eight of which were printed in her lifetime, one posthumously. She also wrote a journal/diary of their trip from De Smet to Mansfield, published later by her daughter, though this was not really a "book".
Type your answer here... in 1949
in de smet and walnut creek she went to school.
No. Her older blind sister, Mary Amelia Ingalls, was.
Carrie died at the age of 75 from diabetes complications in South Dakota on June 2, 1946. (Laura herself was to become ill with the disease later in her life and her death is also partly attributed to this cause).
Yes, she is famous because she wrote nine books about her childhood and seven of them got Newberry Awards.
Almanzo Wilder she called him Manly
She faced many challenges in her life. First, when she was a child she suffered from malnutrition during the "Long Winter." Also her younger brother Charles JR died. Mary went blind when she was 12 and she became her eyes. Her first years of her marriage weren't easy at all eaither. Almanzo came...
No, she did not even finish high school.
August 25, 1885. Laura remembered this, and wrote of it several times, as "Thursday, August 25th, 1885", but August 25, 1885 was a Tuesday, as any almanac will verify. But, she also remembered there being a full moon on her wedding night. - yes, there was, she was right about that - there was indeed...
In her books, Jack is the pet brindle bulldog that was beloved by the Ingalls family.
she was a good girl. she wrote many books
Febuary 7th, 1867 she died on Feb. 10th, 1957
the bay, or laurel plant
She had one son, but like her younger brother, he died shortlyafter birth.
Laura ingalls did not want anymore children if she did dhe would have more but she liked the one that she had Laura ingalls did not want anymore children if she did dhe would have more but she liked the one that she had According to her book 'The First Four Years', Laura had very difficult...
Laura and Almanzo married in the home of their local pastor, Reverand Edward Brown in DeSmet, Dakota Territory.
Charles and Caroline Ingalls
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She never specifically said, but one might guess "pink". She ordered her name cards in that color, and her favorite flower - and daughter's name - was Rose, after the prairie roses that bloom in June, which are a pink color.
Laura was born in February 7th, 1867, and died February 10, 1957 at the age of 90.
The episode is called May I Have This Dance?.
at 16 she had enough education to teach at a third grade level. she was much smarter and learned a lot more of mental math and history than kids today
Laura turned 18 in February of 1885.
Laura had three sisters: Mary, 3 years older, Carrie, who was 3years younger, and Grace, who was 10 years younger than Laura.
Unfortunatly, no he was a fictional character made up by Michael Landon. Apparently, Michael Landon's real life son, Albert, died of a car accident so, Michael made Albert Ingalls in tribute to his son.
Laura Ingalls Wilder was a very special women in history. She changed peoples lives.
Laura began writing for rural journals published in her area around 1910 or so, but she began writing the "Littel House" books in 1930.
she was in her late 60's, almost 70 years old