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Tales of suspense and solving crimes have been enjoyed by countless millions of readers. Some of the most prolific writers have made their mark in the literary world by creating puzzles, chills and thrills for the readers.
They are codes printed at the bottom of each card that is included  with the purchase of each book. The codes connect to the clue  presented in each story.
Their branch is....... madrigal (srry i wanted it to be dramatic) :D
you use the mini screwdriver that came with it and on the  propeller should be a screw on top and you unscrew it and pop it of  with the tool that came with the air hog and apply the new one and  make sure its on tight and then screw the screw back in and then  your done. 
yes because we (the people typing here) are cahills. we are amy, heavely and dan.
All you have to do is finish the mission! That is the only thing!
He has a white splash of acid upon his forehead, and his ears are pierced for ear-rings.
Yes, Isadora Duncan lived on 2800 Buena Vista Way, Berkely, CA and  her family lived there until the mid 1980s.   
Bidfair is a synonym for seems possible.
  A Mystery About Finding A Murderur, Earning 200m, And Getting Revenge For Sam Westing, Its a Realy good Book If you Havnt Read It!
It is ficticious. However, in the books, it is apparently a suburb of Chicago (source: the Nancy Drew Files). The Muskoka River runs through the town.
== Carolyn Keene did!!! ==
YES!!!! I love Nancy Drew Mysteries - They are waaaaay better than the Hardy Boys! She is soooooo cool! I'm reading one right now!
James cahill is not a lucian
There are many. A very famous one was "I Am a Fugitive From a Georgia Chain Gang" by Robert Elliott Burns, 1932.
I believe there were 3. Though, but the 3rd season, her cases were mostly conjoined with the Hardy Boys.
She is from Illinois (her hometown is River Heights, a suburb of Chicago).
Agatha Christie created Miss Jane Marple
GM, BECAUSE IT'S THERE, and HENRY. (The're all really in CAPITALS.)There's also another one that works because of the pictures. It is MOUNTAIN
there is no code but i did find one one 39 clues card codes here it is P2MFJGR7XP thanks bye
he is near the entrance to city hall. P.S. good luck finding agent 6
lemony snickets books are very rare I've only met about 3 people who have heard of them as well liked so he isn't very popular no but he sure is a great author!!:)
Answer . \nNobody will ever know, but, I do not see any solid evidence proving that he did kill her.. Answer . \nThere indeed isn't any solid evidence to say Scott Killed Laci. But given the whole twisted story, who else would have killed her if not Scott? Scott just seemed a little too into...
  The "horsemen" are the federal police - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka Mounties).
Bella Thorne
The 39 Clues Card 118 Puzzle:    Question: Which numbered piece goes in slot C?  Answer: 2 
  Clint Eastwood
At the beginning of 'The Sign of Four,' Watson asks, 'Which is it today morphine or cocaine?' though we are not told of any morphine use until 'The Adventure of the Illustrious Client' after Holmes is involved in a scuffle. Holmes' attending physician, Sir Leslie Oakshott, tells Watson when he...
Conan Doyle crates suspense by explaining the atmosphere in the story ,and telling you what is around you ,and what the people are doing around you.
After a mutual acquaintance named Stamford learned that they both were looking for a roommate to share expenses, he introduced them. They met the next day at 221B Baker Street to view the rooms that Sherlock Holmes found. The offer seemed good to Watson, so they became roommates.
1951. Please check the link below.
national palace of Mexico, la paz Bolivia, durban south Africa, mt. fuji japan, Tomas hotspots are monument valley usa, alcatraz usa, south Korea, machu picchu, mariana trench, west point, north pole/ Canadian arctic, waimea bay usa, iditarod route usa, teahupo'o Tahiti, olympic sites, Victoria...
sir is the Baudelaire's caretaker who forces them to work in a lumber mill
It took a while to get this because the two lines you are supposed to look at the top line is the answer just the top half because they cutit in half. The answer is: THE CLUE IS OUT THERE :)
I don't think the story mentions the ages, but the pairs are - 1. Madame Hoo, cook Jake Wexler, standing or sitting when not lying down 2. Turtle Wexler, witch Flora Baumbach, dressmaker 3. Christos Theodorakis, birdwatcher D. Denton Deere, intern, St. Joseph's Hospital, Department of Plastic...
after hearing the story of the three kids going into the westing house she bets two dollars for every minute she stays in the Westing house where she finds Sam Westing's "dead" body
No, the clergyman turned out to be Miss Hinch. The old woman was revealed as Jessie Dark.
It already came out, 9, 10 and the black book of buried secrets is also out, soon vespers arising....
You won't regret adding this one! P3X7TGKWXP Agent: KEYLOCK1 Go Ekaterinas! Add this too! Code: P3FRX9N7XP Agent: Labradorcreek1 Here is another Code: P4FWNGCJXP Agent: PowerfullLegion P4RTK79FXPMy agent name is MajorUnlocking2But my username is mutt17 add my card!
You click on the card you want to replicate. And then were its says how much cards it is to replicate you click on that. And that's it. P.S If you know someone who doesn't want card #85 Keats Grave please give it to me Ty. :>
The thief is Madame Sun Lin Hoo, who has been wrongfully stealing items from the other tenants of Sunset Towers so she can save up money to go back to her beloved homeland, China.
It is possible to get all of the 39 clues in a day, but you would have to add a whole lot of cards, but currently as of June 1st, only 37 clues are available.
You must mean 'The Adventure of the Priory School,' so please check the link below.
Amy and Dan DO win! They are trapped in the Madrigal stronghold with Isabel Kabra, she has a gun and she threathens to shoot them if they don't give her all the clues, the ingredients to the 39th clue, the serum. But Amy, Dan, Alistair, Hamilton,Ian, and the Sinead and Ned Starling, manage to...
let them think you drowned
James cahill is not a lucian
you have to play the games and you have to get the clues
Brigitte with her eyes so bright,Looks toward heaven at midnightOn the longest night of year.That's the one she holds most near.Starry friends, she's often heard to say,How I wish that I could make you stay.'Though she knows the can't remain,Time will bring them round again.
a stranger comes out of a mist by floating out of a mist with a chainsaw
add other people's card codes
'The Gloria Scott' was first published in April 1893.
Although I could find no evidence of this it is entirely possible. Keep in mind that official records of such deeds were not kept until the mid to late 1800's. There are accounts of similar deviations such as the serial killer Edmond Kemper of northern California. Kemper not only killed his...
The judge thought the victim of Sam Westings revenge was George Theodorakis
The main theme is fear and murder
brave, determined, cunning, kind, smart...
The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located at 221b Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE, England.Baker Street
I just need the answer to the question for chapter 13 Who were the only people to order down? "
Yes,the emperors code. there will be a total of 10 books in the series
no, she died. That's the reason Amy and dan are on the hunt.