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Lord of the Flies

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Questions and answers relating to William Golding’s allegorical novel about a group of schoolboys marooned on a tropical island and their descent into savagery.
that's what i want to know do they get rescued or not i am finshing chapter 7
this is when signs of almost rebelion are detected because most of the other boys decide to go off hunting or playing instead of sticking together, or being civilised. Society is beginning to break down and roger is worried about what this may do to the boys and the chances of leaving the island
In the newer movie, it is because Ralph has a higher rank at their military school, but in the book, it is because Ralph had the conch
The scar in Lord of the Flies is the crash.
The lord of the flies is piggy, i think.
Cause he is the birth wardent of the flies , for him to speak
Because, as he explains to Ralph, if Ralph stops being leader then Jack will become the leader and they will never get rescued. Piggy knows that Jack will simply concentrate on hunting and forget all about the signal fire. Piggy also fears that without the protection of Ralph his own safety is at...
the boys spot a boat coming toward the island
He never took action; he was all talk but he couldn't back up what he'd say. He didn't have a way to enforce his words, since there was no "police force".
It may have been because Lord of the files and Coral island both to due with the fact that there is some boys surviving on an island
in order to talk you have to be holding the conch
The ironic part is that they went looking for a beast and found one technically even though it was just a dead pilot with a parachute.
He is guilty because he didn't stop jack from killing Simon. (Poor Simon best character though)
they are twins. blonde and slim
Lord of the Flies was most likely originally targeted for adults.Today however, it is read by mostly young adults in High school.
He wasn't the inventor, he was the inventor of the hydraulic shock absorber.
The parachutist on the mountaintop remains there for most of the book. When Simon climbs the mountain, he untangles the rope of the parachute, and when Simon is killed, the wind blows the parachutist out to sea.
Because Jack and Roger force them to join the tribe.
Percival's disconnection to the previous world precipitates the rest of the boys into madness. Jack says there is no beast and if there is, he would kill it. His bloodthirsty side is coming out more and more and it is rubbing off on the other boys. So, Percy's disconnection leads to the other boys'...
"kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood"
Jack and Ralph; Simon and Piggy also says that later in the story.
none of the characters were the beast. the beast was formed from their fear and imagined by all of the boys. as they got more fearful, the beast got bigger and scarier, but was never truly there.
In the beginning of chapter three, Jack is hunting for hogs/pigs.
Montag tells Faber that they were going to plant books in firemen's houses and turn in alarms on the firemen. So that it would cast suspicion on all the firemen.
The reason why Johnny chooses Ralph is because Ralph looked and seemed powerful enough to lead them
He realizes that he can no longer control the boys, and becomes weary of the constant tension.
the conch is a shell, it doesn't eat. but the snails that live inside conchs are genrally herbivores yes.
The first littleun to go missing is a shy little boy with a birthmark on his face who was the first to claim that he saw a "beastie." He went missing in chapter 2 when the boys lit their first fire. Piggy noticed that the boy was gone and everyone feared that he could have accidentally fallen in the...
He complains how no one is helping him with the shelters and that everyone helps at first but then they play later. This suggests that laziness is part of human nature. He says that they need meat and food to survive that's why he's hunting and not helping him.
Many scholars and reviewers have described Simon as a 'Christ like' figure.
Simon suggests that Ralph should hold another meeting to tell the little-uns (little boys) Pg.51
Jack Hartnett now works for Prudential selling real-estate with his wife Vicki. He can also be found on Facebook.
Removing a Conch from its shell is called 'Husking'. It is done by putting a hole in the shell at a very particular spot, then using a knife to scrape the stickey part of the inside of the shell.
He voted for Ralph "grudgingly".
The huts he's building for the litluns keep falling down.
their problems lead them to hate each other and jack trying to take the leadership of Ralph
Simon is hallucinating, and since he is a symbol of Jesus Christ, his encounter with the Lord of the Flies resembles Jesus's encounter with Satan.
At the end of the book, two boys seem to forget their identity when asked their names by the naval officer. One was a littlun, who name is Percival he cant remember his name due to the fact that he never was called by his name on the island. The other is Jack, when the naval officer asks for his...
The beast is meant to represent "the darkness in man's heart"- the evil inside everyone and the worst of human nature.
To quote from the book... Ralph muttered the reply as if in shame. "Perhaps he went back to the, the---" Beneath them, on the unfriendly side of the mountain, the drum roll continued. This passage refers to the realisation that the littlun with the mulberry coloured birthmark on his face is...
Because Jack and his tribe wants to kill him
There are many outcasts in Lord of the Flies. The two main ones are Piggy and Simon. Piggy's accent makes him different from the other boys along with his weight and asthma "Piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter, but by fat, and ass-mar, and specs, and certain...
the mask sets jack free from civalization. This will turn jack into a savage.
There is a book called Hatchet with that same plot, but I don't know if they made it into a movie or not... It is called "A Cry in the Wild"!
Piggy and Ralph discover the conch together- as it is Piggy who sees it and identifies what it is but Ralph who fishes it out of the water. Thi si the start of their relationship where Piggy theorises and uses his wosdom, yet Ralph is the one who takes action and actually gets things done. The...
Ralph reasserts his authority in Lord of the Flies in two ways. Heis able to start a fire after Jack was unable to. He also showskindness.
The major conflict is Ralph, who represents civility, versus Jack Merridew, who represents chaos and savagery.
Ralph and Simon are building the huts while everyone else is splashing in the water. Jack and his hunters use hunting pigs as their excuse to get out of working on other tasks
at first, the kids act very civilized. But through-out the book, they begin to be more barbaric. you can tell this because of these reasons. First, Jack becomes obsessed with killing the pigs, then becomes a bloodthirsty devil. Another reason is because of the fear that they all have of the monster....
A pig's head is a measure of math. It is where a ruler came from. First they used pig's heads to measure.
intellectual intelligent submissive steadfast resourceful innovative mature naive
The clearing doesn't really symbolize anything much. It is more what actually happens at the clearing that has meaning. At first, they act in a very civilized manner, with the conch showing who has the rights of speaking and acting. But later, they start to get worse and become uncivilized...
There are a number of symbols in the novel. Some of them are : The conch shell The beast Glasses Fire The dance of the hunt The hunt Painted faces "Lord of the Flies"
before she has piglets she's called a gilt,after she has piglets she's a sow
He keeps them on his toes.. where else.... accelerated beasts always keep their long lost toes on the toes.. it keeps them from having to take their yellow toenails and making hot toenail soup with Jeremy Clifford. in a glass display case on his desk i think
a midnight black fly buzzing round
In the beginning, Ralph is thinking of escaping to China in hopes of meeting Yao Ming. He was planning on leaving the island on a jet ski by himself. Then in the middle of the chapter, Ralph decided to take Borat with him to China. About an hour after they left, they reached China. (The island later...
The vote was between Jack and Ralph. When all the boys voted they chose Ralph as their leader. :)
Ralph is chosen as the chief because he is the one with the conch shell and he called everyone together with it, therefore, he is seen as a leading figure.
ne thing is clear Simon did take Jesus in his arms in the temple but the date and time is not known for sure.
Ralph wishes for a sign that they will be rescued. Unfortunately,the sign that they get is a dead pilot, who serves to become partof the "Beast," which ultimately causes them to become more andmore savage.
by the Forrest fire made by jack to kill Ralph (ironic i know)
The airplane crashing into the island was what created the scar. :)
The conch represents power in lord of the flies and there is a massive power struggle between Jack and ralph.
he asked about a "beastie" and Ralph denied its existence to not make him worry or comfort him.... this is based off a summary I've heard earlier this week on the book so i vould be wrong. i am sure it's a "beastie"
Kermit the Frog.
Piggy, during chapter 5 - 'Beast from water'. He says this as he is trying to convince the littluns and the rest of the boys that the beast is not real.
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Actually the officer resembles irony and naivety. He came onto theisland by the fire Jack started to smoke Ralph out of the forest.This is ironic as Ralph was so concerned with keeping a signal firebut the wild and uncontrolled fire ends up saving them from killingeach other. This is also ironic...
The leader was chosen by every body voting for Jack or Ralph.