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Ithaca Firearms

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Ithaca Firearms (Ithaca Gun Company) is a manufacturer of shotguns, rifles, and pistols since 1880. The original factory was located in New York but recently moved to Ohio. Their product lines catered law enforcement, military, and for sporting use.
Usually went by names not model numbers.
Impossible to answer without the serial number
Answer . \nfirst step is to go savagearms.com
I got mine a year ago for $50 in functional but worn and beginningto rust condition. I have seen some on the internet go as high as$225. in 1961 they went for $20 dollars In 1962 they sold for 12 dollars. What model 22? 49 or 72 49s are junk Ithaca pulled them from themarket because they failed to...
According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, assuming that is inworking condition and has not been altered from its factoryconfiguration, the Model 49 Saddle Gun is valued at $40 if itretains 60% or less of the original finish and $145 in 100%original condition. Add 20% to the value for a Deluxe Model....
Answer . There are several models of the Favorite, but very little difference in the Catalog values for most of them. If you know it was made in 1915, that narrows it down to the No. 14 1/2 Little Scout, No. 65 Little Krag, No. 12 Marksman, and No. 26 Crack Shot. And the .32 seems to rule out...
A clean model700 12 gauge over & under is valued at $700 - 1200 depending on its condition.
Not only can we not give you a value, we can't even tell what KIND of gun it is just from a serial number. To give an approximate worth, we would need to know make, model, caliber, finish, and condition. The serial number does not tell that- and it is not unique to only one gun. PS- many of the...
Condition? About $1100 LNIB (factory rebuilt, actually), and $700 in 95% condition.
\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nBook value ranges from $280 for a 10% condition gun to $1,000 for one in 100% condition. By the way, are you sure it is a Lewis? All of the 1903 production I have seen are Crass variations.\n. \nAdditinal Answer - According to the table in "Ithaca Gun Company...", the...
Depending on condition very good - excellent $575.00, good-very good $450-$500.00,poor-good $275.00-$400.00
When adjusting the rings, I caution you to always start with them set for heavy/ magnum loads and then go to light if failure to eject is experienced. I always err on the side of caution. As Mr. Sharpe told me among the primary reasons the 900 stock cracks is because of high power loads with the...
Your question can't really be answered as asked. What exact model is it, and it is new or used, and if it is used, you need to provided a very accurate description of its condition.
I got one for $300 it is like new love the gun!!
patented Dec. 11. 1900 probably a Stevens model Answer The date mentioned in the first response is indeed a J. Stevens patent. Shotgun Markings says that Massachusetts Arms single shotguns by Stevens were made "1920 and later". If that date does not belong with the gun in the original question,...
Answer Your gun was made in 1952 I can not give you value without seeing it but I would guess in the $400 range . I am aware of no public listing of Model 37 manufacture dates, but IDSA Books publishes Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters. They're on the net.. =Answer==. It was made in the very late 40's...
i would like to know the value of my rabbit ear 20 gauge stage coach shot gun
Answer . I am aware of no public listing of Model 37 manufacture dates, but IDSA Books publishes Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters. They're on the net.. Answer . \nMy info says 1957, but I have no clue what the -2 suffix means.. Answer . The -2 suffix indicates barrel belonging to shotgun 704515
I believe you are referring to the Ithaca Tikka LSA-55 turkey combo gun. Not to be confused with the Ithaca Tikka LSA-55 bolt action, short action rifle, the combo gun was imported back around the mid 1970s. It was 12 gauge over 222 Remington over and under configuration. It was marketed as a turkey...
Take a screw that will fit tight in the hole in bottom screw it in tight and pull out the plug with a long screwdriver remove the screw
Answer . Check the yellow pages for gunsmiths.. Answer . you can find any and all parts for almost all guns at www.e-gunparts.com
The exact value of a 55 Ithaca 22.50 would actually depend on anumber of factors. Some of these factors would be the age andcondition of the firearm.
Answer . The Ithaca 37 was introduced in 1937 (model named for year), and you have a very early one. Pre-war Model 37's usually rate about a 30% premium over book value. The Model 37 itself is anything but rare, however, with over 2 million produced. Book value for a Model 37 Standard Grade ranges...
Answer . In 60% condition, it books at $150. In 100%, $300.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe serial number suggests that it is a Flues Model Ithaca hammerless double. Without more info, that's all I can tell you. It could be a very valuable gun, so get it appraised.\n. \n Addition If it is the Flues, it would have been made in 1919.\n. \nThis is from Moe in...
The Featherlight Deerslayer 12 gauge is a hunting rifle made by theIthaca Gun Company. These guns are very modern and are worth around1,000 dollars.
I saw one for sale for $200.00. I bought mine new in 1965, 2 mags....7 round and 10 round. I wouldn't take $1000.00 for it. For me...it is still the straightest, most fun shooting gun I own.
Break open the action and it should be engraved on the metal that is normally unseen when the action is close, that or it should be on the barrel. If the chokes are removable then it should be engraved on those as well.
$375 to $700 depending on condition.
Answer . \nSir,\n. \nI was offered very nice condition Itahca Featherlite with 30" barrel, very little service for $200 Canadian, yesterday 24Apr05. The gun looks like it may be from the mid-60's.\n. \nHope this helps.\n. \n. \nStewart
It is a 10 gauge if it has a damascus barrel and it in mint condition can be worth up to 2000 bucks
Depending on the condition of this weapon, it is valued between $175 and $300.
The value for this gun in today's market varies. If the gun is ingood condition and is still functional then around $1,100 dollarswould be a fair price.
50-500 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, accessories, etc..
that gun is pretty rare so im not surprised if its pretty high if you sell it probably estimate for the price is $1500 lowest
The Ithaca model 37 feather-light 12 gauge shotgun serial number371269762 is valued at $200 in fair condition. In good condition,it is valued at $925.
The year of your gun is a late 1947 if the full serial # X1001 - X13666 early 1947 models had a serial # 128647 thur 130616 As far value 2 people will grade a gun different. If it is a true 90% price range should be between $550.00 to $800.00 and it depends on the buyer. Hope that helps
As much as anyone would be willing to pay, like anything else.
Answer . I suspect this is a utility shotgun made in Belgium circa 1900 (+/- 15 years). Value will be determined by how nice it looks over a mantle, usually between $100 and $250. Janssen did make some higher grade pieces, so if you have fine engraving, checkering, and/or a silver plate for the...
You can get an owner's manual for the Ithaca Mag 10 from the Ithacamanufacturing company. Call the customer service line and they willmail one out to you.
Value depends on condition and exact configuration. Value range from a few hundred to multiple thousands of USD.
Depending on the condition it can be worth up to $275, but if it is in poor condition it is worth about $75 according to the 2008 standard catalog of firearms
You have a Lewis model made in 1902. With out additional information marked on the watertable and on the barrel flats can not provide more.
Answer . The Model is "37," with the grade identified by a name (such as "Featherlight" or "Deerslayer") or a letter. Otherwise, it is a Field Grade, either Standard (2 3/4" chamber) or Magnum (3" chamber). I am aware of no public listing of Model 37 manufacture dates, but IDSA Books publishes...
Answer . \nERMA made a number of .22 calibers, pistols, revolvers and rifles. To guess at a value, you need to provide the model designation and the NRA condition.
First off, the Ithaca is one of the finest pump shotguns ever made, and the ones made now are the best yet. (And no, I don't work for them, but I shoot them!) The first criteria is how old is you Ithaca Model 37. Ithacas with a serial number lower than 855,000 DO NOT have interchangeable barrels,...
It is only worth what the person buys it for...
Answer . \nThe guage and grade of an Ithaca Hammerless can generally be found on the left front corner of the water table on the frame. The serial number is usually on the right side of the same water table, on the barrel flats, and on the forend iron. To determine which design you have, check...
A lot less than a new 870 Wingmaster in any gauge. $300 if you are lucky. However, if it has the same year barrel and original wood and it is in 98% condition then it could be worth $750-900. With the box, paperwork and hang tag it could be a 1500 dollar gun. If it was a 12 gauge I would tell you to...
\n. \n Answer \nThat particular gun was made in 1937.\n. \nThe Ithaca Western Long Range was made from 1929 to the start of WW II. I cannot help with the exact date.
Answer . Look again! The guage and grade are usually found together on the water table, and a Grade 5 (not "S") would be a highe end, and probably valuable, gun.
Check gunbroker.com for listings... Should be around $1,000 with the Ex. Cond. and 32" barrel...
Answer . By that serial number alone, the gun would have been made in 1924. It's possible you have a later Auto-5. Is there a letter above or preceding the 32455? If so, then the following remarks would not apply to a newer gun.. Older Auto 5' from the 20's do not command a good price unless they...
$250 to $450 depending on condition. I also have a '57 with right safety. No value increase with the lefty safety.
The value of this gun depends on its condition. It ranges from $75in poor condition up to $350 in excellent condition.
Browning's USA website does not provide date of manufacture information for Belgium made Brownings. They only provide this data for US manufacture and Japanese made.
$500.00-$750.00 depending on condition
Answer . US & S "P" proof markings . The proof was absent to about 1,060,000 (ref Charles Clawson). From about 1060100 to 1082000, the P proof was applied at the left edge of the slide and on the frame. From about 1082000 to the end of production the P was placed centered in front of the rear...
Model 37 Ithaca parts may be found at: . Brownells, Montezuma, IA 1-800-741-0015- and Gun Parts Corp., West Hurley, NY 1-845-679-4867. I think the new website is up and running also. I've had a 20 ga. since I was 15 (I'm 59 now) My son has my fathers 16 ga. both are still fine shotguns!
Answer . \nLook again! The guage and grade are usually found together on the water table, and a Grade 5 (not "S") would be a high end, and probably valuable, gun.
The area of Ihaca is 117,8 km 2 .
Unable to answer without a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, box, papers, accessories, model, gauge, etc..
Don.t know the value, but with the serial # 72131, it was produced between 1948 and 1949.
The exact value of a 1909 Ithaca double barrel shotgun stagecoachmodel would actually be dependent upon a number of factors. Themost important factor that would be considered is the condition ofthe shotgun.
From what I understand, its a big 10 gauge shotgun, more specifically a shortened police variant of the Ithaca Mag-10.
I would buy one for about $250 $350
Ithaca made several different models of 22 cal rifles, from 1958 to 1979. What model are you asking about? ithaca automatic 22 long rifle x5lighting patent pending on it what is it worth
yes. i personally like all ithaca guns
I'm no expert, but it should be made in the mid to late 1970's.
Ithaca is located in the Ionian Sea.
20 gauge Ithaca . That should be a New Ithaca Double made in 1927. Smaller gauge guns bring more than 12 gauge guns, so if this one is in very good condition I suspect that it would be worth around $700-800 or so. You might look on gunbroker.com, an auction site, and see what similar guns are...
Your Fox Sterlingworth was made in 1935 by Savage Arms Co. of Utica, N.Y. A.H. Fox originally made its guns in Philadelphia until @ 1930. The 1930-1942 Savage production guns are worth nearly as much as the A.H. Fox made guns. The recent B series guns are just not in the same league. As with all...
The SKB M-7900 is a pump shotgun not a semi-auto.
Value of Ithaca . Insufficient information supplied to answer the question. Need to know guage, condition, etc.
Your Ithaca Model 72 Deluxe was made between 1974 and 1976. In perfect condition (new, in box, never fired) it is estimated at about $450. The value drops off rapidly for a used in very good to excellent condition of $250 to used in fair condition of $145. Actual price depends on where and when it...