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Kosher Food

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Kosher food is food that meets Jewish dietary laws. Any food can be called kosher food if it adheres to Jewish law. Foods that are considered Jewish aren't necessarily kosher. Kosher food laws are rather extensive, some are derived from the bible and others through rabbinic interpretations over the years.
A kosher slaughter's assistant who stamps kosher carcasses.
The Bible lists twenty categories of birds, such as cormorants,  owls, as well as bats (which are not taxonimcally-speaking birds).  However, in terms of actual species, these count for thousands of  individual species; for example, there are over 1,200 different  species of bats.   ...
No, because that means they're not following the kosher rule.
There are no explanations about the kashrut laws. It's a Divinecommand,like the interdiction against killing. Answer 2 Your Question is wrong. Jews can eat ONLY cloven animals(Deuteronomy 14), but not all cloven animals. The permitted onesare listed there. The prohibition for Jews to eat swine,...
one symbol is a U inside a circle. Another is a K inside a star.
Challah rises because yeast is added to the dough.
Cows are by nature kosher because they chew their cud and have cloven hooves. Front or back is no issue, but how the cow is killed does affect whether its meat is considered kosher - the idea is to drain the life blood out of the meat in the killing process (in ancient times thought to be both...
Nothing. Just regular kosher English foods.
Yes, they are kosher dairy (not chalav yisrael).
If an animal is not Kosher, it cannot breed with an animal that is Kosher. So, if it is unknown if an animal is Kosher or not, some try mating the two animals. If the female becomes pregnant and gives birth, the "unknown-kosher" animal must be Kosher, because it was able to mate with another kosher...
It depends on what is being cooked. It can also depend on whether the home keeps kosher or not.   Answer:Usually meat is purchased after having been koshered and needs no further preparation. If any cut of unprepared meat is purchased, it is koshered (see Related Link). Liver is roasted over an...
Kosher information should be on the box.
Physically -- the jury is still out. Spiritually -- yes.
To be kosher, a fish must have fins and scales (Leviticus ch.11). So for example salmon has both and is kosher. Some eels, however, are not because while they have scales they have no fins. The sanitary reason is that fish without fins tend to be bottom dwellers and bottom dwellers, like lobsters,...
It is glycerine that comes from vegetable sources.
There is no prohibition against eating kosher meat during Shabbat.  The reverse is true; it's expected that meat be eaten during the  two main Shabbat meals.    On Passover, Jews cannot eat leavened bread (whereas they can at  other times of the year). Shabbat does not mirror this. The same ...
Yes, it is kosher because it has fins and scales.
Matzah is unleavened bread. Matzah crackers are cracker sized pieces of matzah.
Keeping kosher includes not eating pork, some fish, and a few other animals based on restrictions. You don't keep the food kosher, it just is. However, even if food was kosher, it can become non-kosher. To keep already kosher food kosher, avoid circumstances where the food will come into contact...
In Leviticus 11, God tells us what we are allowed to eat. Surprisingly, giraffe is kosher, because it has a split hoof and chews the cud.
They're expected to, but this depends on how religious they are.
There is no such thing as `Jewish tea`.
Kosher refers to any food that is produced following the Jewish  dietary laws which are called kashrut. The core rules of kashrut  are:    * Land animals must have split hooves and chew their cud.   * Fish have to have scales and fins.   * Birds cannot be amongst those listed as...
Yes, potatoes are kosher as they're a plant. However, if they're cooked in a non-kosher kitchen or non-kosher foods are mixed with them, they will be rendered non-kosher.
Yes, but the fish have to have fins and scales
Only liberal Jews.
Religiously observant Jews will only eat kosher food.
  A small glass of alcohol before a meal to stimulate the appetite.
Many animals are not Kosher. Jewish prohibits eating any animal that does not chew its cud and have split hooves. Furthermore a fish is only Kosher if it has fins an scales.
Only if kosher ingredients are used, including the chicken parts, and cooked in and with a pot and utensils only used for kosher meat cooking.
The Bible states which foods are clean or unclean in Leviticus 11 and other parts. However, some Rabbis bless food to make it "kosher." __________ Food is NOT made kosher by being blessed by a rabbi. Around the world there are kashrut organizations that supervise commercial food producers to make...
No, they are not. If you have more questions about what is kosher, read Leviticus 11.
In order for fish to be kosher it has to have scales and fins. Dolphins do not meet this requirement and therefore are not kosher. If you take the approach that a dolphin is a mammal so therefore the rules about fish don't apply, mammals have to have split hooves and chew there cud so yet again,...
Sure, so long as it's kosher sushi, made from kosher fish. (Most vertebrate fish, but not all, are kosher. Invertebrates like squid or shellfish aren't.)
A bar mitzvah meal is not a religiously prescribed meal such as the seder which is part of Passover, however, a bar mitzvah generally does include a party, so people do indulge in a feast of some kind.
Not kosher: Hoki (macruronus novaezelandiae) also known as Blue Hake. Yes kosher: Hakes (Family Meriucciidae), including: Hakes (Merluccius species), Silver hake or whiting (Meriuccius bilinearis), and Pacific hake or meriuccio (Meriuccius productus).   Answer: Here is the key: IF IT HAS FINS AND...
Yes, just like any cod. Cod is a kosher species of fish, regardless of where any individual specimen was raised or caught.
the answer is i dunno HAR HAR ; 0
Not traditionally, but it can be with kosher ingredients.    Additionally, the preparer should be careful not to use meat  toppings if the pizza has dairy cheese (since this would be  violating the rules of meat and milk separation). If the pizza is  cheese-less or uses non-dairy cheese ...
"Kosher" applies to the Jewish laws regarding what one is allowedto eat, and what not. The specific laws are very detailed, and are unique to differentkinds of foods.
Kashrut certification is when a company that produces food gets certified by a recognized Rabbinic organization that monitors the preparation to confirm that all ingredients and processes follow the rules of kashrut.
Yes, all species of tuna are kosher.
The Muslims have their own way of slaughtering animals for food.Where that is not available, they may eat kosher food. They may eatHalal food cooked by the Jews and the Christians.
Jews who eat only kosher food do not eat shellfish. Biblical qualifications for edible fish to be kosher are they must have fins and scales, and shellfish do not.
Usually not, but dogs, even those owned by Jews, are not themselves  Jews and are therefore not under the requirement to eat kosher.
100% pure beef. Kosher hot dogs are made from kosher meat which does restrict the cuts of meat that can be used. You can find kosher hot dogs made from beef, veal, chicken, and turkey. They do contain the normal seasonings found in hot dogs including nitrates.
Normally, Coca-Cola (a kosher beverage) is made with corn syrup, however the Coca-Cola which is labeled as kosher for Passover (usually with a yellow cap), which you may see in the supermarket around passover time, is made with sugar instead of corn syrup. This is because Jews do not eat any...
Orthodox Jews usually have 2 sinks to keep meat and dairy separateat all times.
No, Long John Silver restaurants are not kosher.
No. Tongue is a separate meat.
Bird's Custard Powder is kosher and parev. Instant, Instant Low Fat, and Ready To Serve are all kosher but dairy (not chalav yisrael).
America Runs On Dunkin
coriander leaves smell like cilantro. Coriander leaf IS cilantro.
Well, they "were". Best's was a division of Sara Lee Corporation, that shut down the division. They didn't even try to sell it off. If you search on line you'll see that many different people thought Best's were one of the best or the best. A loss.
Narrow it down. Which product of Willy Wonka Candy are you asking about.
In any supermarket, look for canned fruit with a kosher certification on the label.
They're considered unclean animals.
Coffee is certified as being Kosher when a rabbi comes in to inspect the roasting and packaging process to ensure that everything is being prepared according to Kosher standards. With coffee, this usually refers to flavorings and whether or not there is any dairy products in them. This is important...
Some flora are kosher and some aren't, just like fauna. An example of flora that aren't kosher is fruit from a tree that was planted less than three years ago (Leviticus ch.19).
There are brands of kosher for Passover cranberry sauce. You would have to check the packaging for kashrut certification.
Traditions vary. The time frames are as follows: Eating Meat after milk - anything from nothing except drinking a glass of water to half-an-hour. The exception is that certain hard cheeses require a 6 hour wait. Eating milk after meat - there are three main categories - 1. The Dutch tradition...
Probably not. Best avoid it.
Yom Kippur is not a day of celebration but is actually the Jewish day of atonement. Rosh Hashana is 10 days beforehand and it is the start of the Jewish new year. On rosh hashana Jews start repenting for their sins of the previous year and they use the 10 days until yom kippur to pray for...
No, Terry's All Gold, whether Dark or Milk, is not kosher. Sorry. Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark, Milk, Milk Bar, and Popping Candy are kosher dairy (not chalav yisrael). Chocolate Orange Segsations and Twilight should be avoided.
A Jew is to have bread with every meal, if he can afford it, and to begin the mealby reciting a blessing in gratitude to the one who makes it possible for him to havethe bread.Whatever the eating habits of the Jew may be, the three Sabbath meals should bethe best, even if they can only be slightly...
The head of the household says the kiddush blessing the sabbath (and similar prayers are said on Jewish holidays as well). These prayers essentially explain the background for the holiness of the day, and also include a blessing for the food which is about to be consumed. At every meal a (generally...
kosher Carmel Soup Mix is made by The Manischewitz Company 80 Avenue K Newark, NJ 07105 Phone: 201-553-1100 sales ext 2. You can also email deborah.ross@manischewitz.com If you want this product back let them know it i sure did!!!
Any store. You just have to look for a kosher symbol like an o with a u in it. That means a Rabbi made sure no non-kosher ingredients went into the product. Many Wal-marts and Shoprite carry Kosher food.
Yes, carp is kosher. For a list of kosher/non-kosher fish, please see Related Links:
Yes, only if they are specifically certified kosher for passover. You can find kosher for Passover olives at any Jewish supermarket
Yes. All fruits and vegetables are kosher, as long as they haven't come into contact with the flesh of unkosher animals.
During the Shabbat evening meal, the tradition is to have a large meal with at least two types of meat (unless the people are vegetarians). The prayers said are the blessings over the candles, the challah, and wine. After the meal the Birkat Hamazon is chanted to give thanks. There is no sacrifice.
An egg and cheese sandwich can be kosher if the the egg, cheese andany other ingredients are kosher and it was prepared in a koshermanner.
There are hundreds if not thousands of Jewish dietary laws.
Regular Coca Cola is not Kosher for Passover because it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, a byproduct of corn. Corn falls under the category of kitniyot which Ashkenazi Jews will not eat during Passover while some Sephardim and Mizrachim will eat. However, because regular Coca Cola is not certified...
Kosher hot dogs in a blanket.
Since all M&Ms are kosher, the ingredients are the same as any. A package of peanut M & M's lists the following ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Skim Milk, Lactose, Milkfat, Peanuts, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Artificial Flavors), Sugar, Peanuts, Cornstarch, Less than 1...
It depends - if you are of Sephardic descent - from Spain, Portugal or North Africa - then yes. If you're from an Ashkenazi background - the rest of Europe - then lentils fall into the category of kitniyot, small things, which have traditionally not been eating during Passover. This tradition stems...
It depends on the manufacturer. Last time I checked Hershey's carries a Hekhsher.
Yes, so long as it's labeled kosher for Passover.
Most Vodka is made from wheat or rye, and therefore is not kosher for Passover. There are 3 or 4 still made from only potatoes, but you must check labels.If you want some potato Vodka for the next high Holy days, you can make some at home. We call it Polish White Lightening, but you can name yours...
it takes more than not eating pig or pork to be considered ajew. . Its' rather the other way around, if you consider yourself ajew, you should not eat pork.
These days there are kosher for Passover pastas, usually made from potato. I don't know of any brand of mac and cheese that are certified kosher for Passover though.
Regular and kosher grocery stores.
The best way to freeze matzah is to place it in a freezer safe bag and remove as much air from the bag as possible before sealing the bag. The same can be done with any unused matzah products you wish to keep for the following Pesach.
No, it's chametz.
It has to say "Kosher for Passover" on the label.
Mostly matzah, meat, potatoes, eggs, avocado, fruit and vegetables, milk and cheese.
yes. Kosher is used to work out which meat, fish and insects are allowable.
Kosher food refers to foods that are prepared and consumed following the laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary law), it is not a style of cooking. That being said, it's possible to make kosher versions of dishes from pretty much every country, this would require a kosher kitchen and kosher ingredients....
Food is considered kosher if its manufacturing process has been  verified by a kashrut (kosher) organization and involves an ongoing  verification to ensure the process which will include; insuring no  non-kosher ingredients are added and the equipment used is clean  and is not used to make non...
no, unless it's made with matzoh-meal. Regular pasta has wheat  and/or leavening, which the Torah forbids on Passover (Exodus  ch.12).    Answer:  There are kosher for Passover pastas; they're mainly made from  potato starch. There are also corn flour pastas which are kitniyot  (legumes;...