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Biochemistry is the study of the structure, composition and chemical processes in all living organisms. It covers the structures and functions of various cellular components, including proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, and other biomolecules.
the most preferred body fuel is taken from the carbohydrates, thatis easy to break into sugar molecules, which is subsequentlyconverted into ATP (the energy molecule). Once the sugar is enterinto the cell, the glycolysis, Krebs cycle, citric acid cycle andfinally it end up with the production of...
I wouldn't say that. The main purpose of respiration, that inbiochemistry is known as "oxidative phosphorylation" is to produceATP molecules. A complete chain of an oxidative phosphorylationpathway goes from a molecule of glucose that is degraded intosmaller molecules, passing through tricarboxylic...
Lipids store more energy per gram than carbohydrates or proteins.
they are in the thylakoid sac which is in the thylakoid membrane
A water molecule is added that brakes the bond between twocarbohydrate molecules.
The kidneys secrete a variety of hormones , including erythropoietin , and the enzyme renin . Erythropoietin is released in response to hypoxia (low levels of oxygen at tissue level) in the renalcirculation. It stimulates erythropoiesis (production of red blood cells) in the bone marrow . ...
Do you mean high levels of testosterone? My legs are hairy, and also my chest, what I know is that some people say that higher than normal levels of testosterone can affect hair on their heads, but I don't think that can happen to hair on legs. If you want more hair gowing on your legs, shave them...
Treatment of erythropoietin disease
No, they are two separate processes.Both are vital and veryimportant
something weird and cool happens to the enzyme when it is denatured. look it up yourself. i dont know the answer.
There are several weak bonds. There hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, and van der Waals interactions.
Adenine, Thymine,Guanine, Cytosine and Uracil.
The gas that is taken from the air by the plants is carbon dioxide.
To stimulate testosterone production, the hypothalamus releases asubstance to the pituitary gland called gonadotropin-releasinghormone (GnRH). This hormone, in turn, causes the gland to producetwo other hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) andluteinizing hormone (LH), collectively known as...
Sometimes accidentally (e.g. when trying to synthesise a chemicaland mixing the wrong ones together). People might make a toxicchemical to kill other people with, or the chemical may have otheruses (e.g. chlorine is toxic and is used to make many otherchemicals).
1. First, vents disperse hydrothermal fluids containing hydrogen sulfide into the deep ocean water. Next, microbes living around the vents consume this hydrogen sulfide, as well as carbon dioxide and oxygen. The microbes then get energy by breaking down the hydrogen sulfide. This energy is used to...
One of the target tissues for oxytocin is the myometrium of the uterus (smooth muscle )
Three hormones that act as vasconstrictors can be epinephrine,angiotensin II, and vasopressin.
Translation happens when Messenger RNA (mRNA) is decoded by (tRNA)to make specific amino acids which form protiens. This processoccurs in the cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells.
The process of (aerobic) cellular respiration combines acarbohydrate with oxygen to release energy. This oxidation reactionis the "reverse" of photosynthesis.
People´s Republic of China
3.4=(32/y) * 100 --------> y=941.176g so, the least molecularweight of insulin is 941.176g
Carbohydrates are stored in organisms in the form of complexmolecules which may be hydrolysed when needed to yield energy formetabolism. For example, in plants carbohydrates are generallystored in the form of starch, while in mammals they are stored inthe form of glycogen in liver.
You wouldn't know unless you go to the doctor. In most cases it doesnt become a problem until you are trying to get pregnant.
Oxytocin is a hormone that functions to activate the mammary glandsto release milk. Prolactin is a hormone that functions to startmilk production in the mammary glands. High levels of thesehormones would lead to the mammary glands secreting milk.
In an α-helix, the polypeptide backbone forms a repeating helicalstructure that is stabilized by hydrogen bonds between a carbonyloxygen and an amine hydrogen. These hydrogen bonds occur at regularintervals of one hydrogen bond every fourth amino acid and causethe polypeptide backbone to form a...
Since phosphate groups have a negative charge, adding them to histone tails neutralizes them and probably reduces their affinity for DNA. It might contribute to transcription because it stimulates histone acetyltransferases which cause histone acetylation and enhance transcription.
Syria offers many exciting activities for young thrill seekers,such as virtual paint balling, weapons usage facilities andalterain vehicle driving courses across towns and smallsettlements. Why not soak up the sun in the beautiful crumbledcities of the recent past there are also many enrolement...
Amino acids are organic molecules which proteins are build from. There are twenty. However there is two amino acids which are acidic: Aspartic acid and glutamic acid.
The uterus lining sheds - the natural progesterone drop is whattriggers menstruation, and the progesterone drop when women go fromactive to inactive birth control pills is what triggers withdrawalbleeding.
Yes testosterone is the main Protein used to build muscle mass.however muscle can still be gained in its absence.
Keratin has both primary structure and secondary structure.
They are small, Insoluble molecules
ultrasonic homogenizer, ultrasonic homogeneous reactor system couldhelp your achieve cell chemical reactions. If you want to crushcell, you also could choose ultrasonic cell crusher, which is highefficient and accurate.
Fish excrete salt, ions and urine. Fish get rid of carbon dioxideby diffusion through their gills.
This sounds like a question from an experiment you've done inbiology class, If so look for the sample which gave the highestamount of brick red precipitate (the one that looked the most red).
Yes, it is volatile enough to smell it, but the amount is very, very low. Thanks to the (also) very low odour treshold (=high odour potency) you can smell it. Camphor is a 1,4-bridged-isoprpyl 6C-cyclo methyl-alkan-2-one (C 10 H 16 O), one of the bicyclic monoterpenes like pineen (in natural...
Some of the oxygen will dissolve in the water and some will escape into the atmosphere. On a sunny day you can often see bubbles being produced by algae in ponds.
The main difference b/w carboxymethyal cellulose and hydroxypropylmethylcelloluse that the first one contain only one alkyl group mean methyl containing one carbon. while the second cellulose compound contain two alkyl groups. morever in first cellulose compound carboxy(functional group)is...
Every protein molecule sooner or later reaches the end of itslifetime. This might be for example when oxidative damage hasdegraded it to the point where it cannot fulfill its function. The only option left to the cell in this case is to somehow get ridof the damaged protein. A typical mechanism for...
No. Prokaryotic cells do not. Eukaryotic cells do.
everything living respires (breathes), but humans do it more visibly than others
Catalase degrades easily at room temperature b. Glucose oxidase isinactivated at low pH c. Glucose oxidase is only active at low pHd. Glucose oxidase has a higher molecular weight than catalase .
Beta particles or radiation is an electron emitted at high speed or energy from some types of unstable elements in a process known as beta-decay. Beta radiation is not healthy for living things. It is usually stopped by a few millimeters of metal, wood, or plastic. Direct exposure to the skin can...
Photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide and water into oxygen andglucose. Your answer is probably oxygen.
As I understand it, the dilution refers to the dilution ratio. Ifyou add 1 part of something to 4 parts of something else, thedilution ratio is 1 to 4. The dilution factor counts all the partsand expresses the same thing as 1 out of 5.
She was a famous explorer
proteins; they form a covalent bond with amino acids creating a peptide bond
Yes,visible light is used. Frequencies of blue and red absorbed effectively
I'm not sure what you mean by 'lost its 3D' but I think you mightmean when a protein is broken down or heated it becomes denatured.
Pleurodeles and Tylototriton
Photosynthesis is a process that occurs in plants, which provides food, energy and carbon dioxide, while it realises oxygen for us to breathe. In order for this process the plant need mainly sunlight and carbon dioxide.
Respiration and photosynthesis are two seoarate processes, so reversing photosynthesis would not give you respiration. However the two processes are in some ways the reverse of each other. Photosynthesis uses CO 2 and produces O 2 . Respiration uses O 2 and produces CO 2 .
They are selectively permeable, provides structure to cells.
it can and then it turns it into oxygen.
"Plants" do not possess a diaphragm and thus lack the ability to "inhale", rather they use pores on the surface of the leaf called Stomates. Being able to open and close according to external conditions, Stomates allow plants to exchange airborne gases and play a crucial role in respiration.
Well, where do cells gets its nutrients? We eat food and food is where our body gets its nutrients and energy. There are four macromolecules that are very essential for our body: carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. Glucose can be get from carbohydrates because carbohydrates...
Through photosynthesis they convert light energy into food to make glucose/sugar and oxygen for us to be able to live.
what types of materials?. Dish soap and vegetable oil, I know for a fact, don't dissolve and separate the hydrogen bonds, causing a weaker surface tension. Salt does little to nothing (according to my chem and bio teacher). Sorry if any of this is wrong or not what you wanted.
I usually refrigerate a bunch of bananas and it seems to help slow the ripening process . The best thing to do is refrigerate the bananas. This will cause the skin to turn brown or black, but the fruit will remain fresh longer than if left at room temperature. Take the fruit out of the refrigerator...
Ovaries secrete two kind of hormones: estrogens and progestrogens.The principal estrogen secreted by the ovary is estradiol(regulates the devolpment of external sexual characteristics offemales and menstrual cycle). The main progestrogen is progesteronewhich acts during menstrual cycle and prepares...
No - Lysosomes are organelles that contain digestive enzymes. Theydigest excess or worn out organelles, food particles, and engulfedviruses or bacteria. They are not associated with cellularrespiration.
Precipitation of protein is the downstream processing of biologicalproducts in order to concentrate proteins and rid them of variouscontaminants.
It increases the blood pressure
The root. . The root, after being dried, is ground into a coarse powder and either served orally via a capsule, or steeped into a tea.
Protein is a polymer of amino acid. They are connected by peptide bonds.Proteins are needed for cellular function such as catalysis, transport, secretion, synthesis and so on.
The sequence of nucleotide bases in an mRna molecule serves as instructions for the order in which amino acids should be and are joined together to produce a [polypeptide] protein. The Cell uses a messenger Rna code to make proteins. . This is called The Genetic Code.. During the process of...
It depends which side of the arrow C6H1206 is located on in the equation. If it is located on the left it is a reactant. If it is located on the right is a product.
Treament of erythropoietin disease
living things that use photosynthesis, plants, form the first link in the food chain.
Well oxygen carbon dioxide is made of only 2 things; oxygen and carbon. So those are the only components you need to produce it.
dna is transcribed into mRNA because the mRNA molecule is small enough to get out of the nucleus and bind to a ribosome for translation (protein synthesis)
Answer . if u are taking Bcomplex it should turn fluorescent color
Testosterone in males is produced primarily in the testes. In females, small amounts are produced in the ovaries. The adrenal glands in both sexes also produce a smaller amount of testosterone.
nucleolus, nucleoplasm and nuclear pores
"Enzyme reactor" is a vessel in which a chemical reaction takesplace and is accelerated by catalysts classified as enzymes.
because without it you wouldn't have any cells and DNA cannot bemade without a special protein used to copy it
The danger of radiation, specially ionizing radiation, is thecapacity to harm the genetic material. Ionizing radiation can breakdouble the strand of DNA and inactivate vital genes necessary forliving or health of the organism. Depending upon the intensity ofthe radiation, the cell can undergo death ...
A Natural steroid; YES.