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Founded in 1948, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a multinational corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. It was the first Japanese car manufacturer to release a luxury brand in 1986 and is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.
To replace the kickstart shaft on a CT90 the entire engine must be disassembled and crankcase split in order to gain access to it, it can be a difficult job and will require some mechanical knowledge and a manual. it is quite expensive as all gaskets have to be replaced and the whole engine has to...
Never done it before but I found this info in a Honda Accord usersforum. "After much research, and little info on "how-to", Ireplaced both stock 9006 low-beam bulbs on my 2004 Accord. Despitemuch info on removing fenderwell splash shields, I was able to openthe hood, and reach the passenger side...
you have to get it off the ground, then look for the pan and takethe bolt out, make sure there's a pan under it
Just take it to a machanic! U don't have to do it because it ismore expensive to do it ur self! Pls stop asking me questions! I amin no mood right now!
Wat controls the idle on that type of car its a sensor called a idle control termo valve witch its controlled by the antifreeze temperature and air. it has two small hoses under the throwel you wont miss it . And if u not sure go to auto zone and ask for the idle control valve its a black sensors in...
2001 Honda CR-V DOES NOT have an EGR valve!
For the 2007 Honda Odyssey it is located under dashboard between the steering column and the brake pedal.
Its on the bottom center console on the passenger side. Heck, itscover with a TAN rubber cover that blends in with the tan plasticno wonder I was having a hard time finding it. thank you all.
if you can get to the speakers the re should be some bolts thatyou need to take out. Then you should be able to lift the speakerup and unplug the wires. then carefully plug in the new ones, andscrew the bots back in.
Well, I just recently purchased a 2004 EX-L RES from the States and imported it into Canada. I have received so much goodinformation from this site, I thought I should contribute somethingmyself. One of the Canadian import requirements was the installation of Daytime Running Lights . I don't...
It should be in the owners manual and it is on the oil cap for somevehicles.
Gotta clear the code ,than restart engine, if code is persistent again,then there is a blockage in your intake or plenums
I think it's on top of the transmission, near the battery but I'mnot sure
The easiest and most direct route would be to first to loosen your belt tension, this should allow you to move the alternator once unbolted from its mount. Before unbolting disconnect any wiring harnesses attached to it, and take note what goes where. Once the old part is removed, always compare it...
Glass repair on cars is tricky; on a windshield, you risk breakingthe new one. For a door, you have to go into the door panel, removethe glass chards and check that the mechanism for raising thewindow is in good shape. If you don't have glass coverage, YouTubemay have a demonstration for you to...
\n. \n Timing Belt \n. \nThis is a repair best left to the experts. Severe engine damage will occur if the repair is done incorrectly.\n. \nThe Chilton's manual is fine for someone who has a good baseline of knowledge to begin with. But if you do not know what you are doing, it does not provide...
Most centre consoles in cars are usually bolted down with screws orbolts, to get to those screws and bolts, you will need a trimremover to remove the trim on your centre console. These screws andbolts can be reached from the rear seats or underneath the driverand passenger seats
VideoDescription. The video above shows how to replaceblown fuses in the interior fuse box of your 2000 Honda CR-V inaddition to the fuse panel diagram location. Electrical componentssuch as your map light, radio, heated seats, high beams, powerwindows all have fuses and if they suddenly stop...
Open the engine hood on your Honda and reach down about 3-4 inchesdown by the washer aid. You can see the fluid for the transmission. (refer to your owner'smanual) OR go to your nearest Honda service center. They got everything foryou.
(Assuming you have purchased new speakers) 1. Find and remove all screws holding the door panel onto the actual door. 2. Slightly pry along the edges and bottom of the door panel to release the clips holding the panel onto the door. (I recommend a screwdriver covered with a rag to prevent damage) 3...
The ECO light comes on when you are driving economically, usually going a constant speed. When you accelerate you are using more fuel. If you drive gently you will maximize your gas mileage and your Honda will run using fewer engine cylinders and less gas. The ECO mode is a GOOD thing.
It's made with a lot of metal and welding.
The pump is located underneath the rear seat, to remove it firstyou must lift the back seat and then remove the cover of the pumpthat is fastened with 4 bolts
take the boult off the bouttom of it
Answer . You don't. It is reset with an OBD2 scanner. Answer . It just might reset and clear the codes if you take the batterycables off the battery and leave it that way for a while. Dependsupon the car. Aug., 13, 2013- Double checked. Dealer, Ford Service Writers,suggest disconnect Pos. & Neg....
there are different types of timing, cam/ignition.. get yourself a haynes manual.. is your friend.
check the carburetor and make sure the air cleaner is clean
Pop the hood and look at the for ignition coil caps with wires running to them just above the Cat Converter on top of the front of the engine on the front of the valve cover! 1. Remove the black long plastic wire cover that says Honda on it! Need a flat head screwdriver! 2. There is a black...
Almost the same all the way around. The flat surface was pretty even but not exactly straight.
BFH is what we technicians call a big f***ing hammer.
It depends. If the 1.5 litre engine only just fits then no. If there is a reasonable amount of space left under the bonnet, then yes, but you would still have to do a lot of work.
Answer . \nYou have to use a socket or a rachet on the adjuster so u can get the belt off then i think there are 2 or 4 bolts u have to remove and take off the wires and remember where they go. It is a easy job if u have any questions call 484 333 5758 and my name is brad.
If it's anything like removing the alternator on a 99 Civic than it's better left to a repair shop, unless you know a thing or two about fixing cars. You have to remove the bushings on the control arm, partially remove the drive axle and than drop the alternator down. It's the only way to get it out...
Replacing a starter is fairly simple. There are only two bolts thatmount the starter and two wires that power it. Removal andinstallation can take under 45 minutes.
Changing the timing belt will cost approximately $600. A brokentiming belt can ruin your entire engine, of which will cost manytimes more than the $600.
A 2007 Honda Accord can hold just over 17 gallons go gas. Theapproximate number is 17.09. Most cars tend to rarely use the wholetank as gas lights come on approximately two gallons before thevehicle will run out of fuel.
I assume your question was "do you ride an Xr100 with the choke on?". In response to that the answer is no. If you are having to run it with the choke on, that is an indication of clogged jets in the carburetor which will require removing the carburetor, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and...
Try removing the negative cable from the battery terminal (blackcable). This should reset all of your vehicle diagnostics.
The warning lights on the dashboard of a Honda can mean differentthings including low oil pressure and overheating. There are HondaCity dealers across the country that can use diagnostic tools todetermine the cause.
The 1996 Honda Civic came equipped with the 1.6L L4 engine. Theidle air temperature (IAT) for this application will be located onthe intake manifold hose. For reference the IAT for this vehicle isStandard Motor Parts/Intermotor #AX56.
The easiest way is to remove the front seats from a Honda Accord dx2004 is with the brackets attached; that way you should just haveto unbolt them from the floorboard.
First get a cabin air filter from you auto shop hopefully they can get you the right one the first time. Next on the passenger side of the car you have to open the glove box and take everything out (good time to clean it for when you get pulled over! ha ha) then on the right hand side of the glove...
Answer . \nTo the left of the steering wheel, below the dashboard is a button that says cruise control. Push that button in, the dash will illuminate the cruise control light. Then, as you reach the speed you want to cruise at, push the button on the steering wheel that says "set". When you...
because it is broken and this is how your car talks to you.... is Freaking USELESS !!
Spark Plug Wires for my Honda Accord are as follows: 2 4 1 = 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 3 1 is the chamber to the far right. the diamond diagram represents the distributor cap if you were looking in from the left side of the car.
If you suspect a bearing is going bad, remove the bearing an have a look. Answer: The front wheel bearing is a sealed unit on this vehicle, and in most cases will last the life of the car. A more common cause of noise from the front end would be the CV joint starting to fail. Look at both CV...
no not when I tried it on my 88 std. found a crx front bumper w/ oem lip at junkyard (unknown model year) will not line up
Drop down to lower gear G2 or 3 and then press 4x4 button
Mechanics usually charge per hour for the labor fee, in additionthe cost of parts and shop fees. Labor can cost $50-150, dependingon the car (domestic, import, exotic) and the type of shop(dealership, mom-and-pop shop, independent).
on the opposite side of gear box(if facing to engine it will be atyour left side)
If a 2000 Honda Accord is making a howling noise when the brakesare pressed the rotor may be the issue. When a brake rotor becomeswarped the wheel will not stop smoothly, and in turn create severaldifferent noises.
The vin number on a Honda Shadow can be found on the frame and onthe engine. The numbers will be etched into the metal.
I'm assuming that you are talking about the front lower ball joint as they are the most common. You remove the tire then remove the axle nut in the center of the rotor it is a should be a 32mm socket. removw the lower ball joint nut, it is a 17mm socket then with a ball hammer hit the metal casing...
Answer . Remove wheels. Re-install 2 lug nuts to hold rotor in place. Remove caliper mounting bolts. Slide caliper off rotor. Use a "C" clamp to fully retract piston into caliper body. Replace inner and outer pads. Re-Install caliper. REMEMBER TO PUMP BRAKE PEDAL TO SET PADS AGAINST ROTOR PRIOR...
It will cost approximately $250 to replace a shift solenoid in yourHonda Odyssey. Replacing the shift solenoid yourself will reducethe cost to less than $50.
As you may have found out you can't realistically do it from insidethe engine compartment. Its all about cramming as much as possibleinto as little space as possible which the Jazz does rather well.Unfortunately the answer is you have to jack up the front of thecar on the relevant side and possibly...
no, it must be placed on a flatbed truck to avoid damage to the transmission..
Answer . It is hard to find. Look where the engine bolts to the transmission.
its the blue wire, alot of ppl run it off the distributor, but why, when these cars came with a tach in the Si trim, just splice into the blue wire on the gauge cluster harness
Answer . Back right side (passager side)just under the air snokel.. Answer: Follow the LOWER radiator hose to the engine, under the air intake tube, and the thermostat is located there.
Replace the transmission fluid from Honda Dealer.. simply drain from drain pitcock and refill. The damage may be to much at this point pending how many miles you have. There is no transmission filter to deal with. Worst case it may give you a little while longer on the transmission. ...this is...
on the bottom side of the throttle body.
Try the technical dept of your library. I just got the complete wiring diagram for my 88 accord.
Answer . 2000 HONDA ODYSSEY 3.5L 6-cyl Engine CAPACITIES . Engine, with filter..........4.6 quarts[1] Wix Oil Filter #.........51334 Cooling System, W/O Rear Heater Initial Fill..........7.8 quarts Cooling System, W/ Rear Heater Initial Fill..........10.0 quarts Automatic...
The best selling Honda is the Honda Mobilio. An Indian Car. Its aminivan, so the features can be a massive trunk(bonnet).
Answer . Bank one sensor one can be found on the drivers side before the cat.. Answer . The best way to change the sensor on an '01 XL-7 is to buy an oxygen sensor tool, the socket model works best! These can be found at any auto parts store. I believe they are 22mm?
The O2 sensor on a Honda Prelude is found on the exhaust pipes ofthe vehicle. They are located near the catalytic converter which isplace on the underside of the chassis.
On the fuse box under the dash. The blue box is the ICU.
A malfunction indicator light is also known as a check enginelight. It is a light on the dashboard of a car that goes on whenthere is a problem with the car's engine.
First thing to check is if the bolt on the wiper mechanism has loosened. The rounded part that attaches to the car is covered with a black plastic cover. Gently pry this off and expose the bolt underneath. Gently tighten this bolt and see if the wiper now works. Don't forget to put the cap back on.
how do you replace a taillight on a Honda 2002 Civic?
Jack the car up, remove the front left tire and support the car on solid stands. The drain plug is under the transmission. Easily accessible. 3/8 driver. Additional Information: The drain plug is located facing the inside of the passenger front tire. The transmission is not located on the...
It's impossible to open a Honda Civic with a SlimJim.
The stock front speaker size on a 2002 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches.These speakers are located inside the door panels of the vehicles.
If a 1991 Honda Accord dies when the vehicle stops or slows downthe Idle Air Control Valve may be broken. Once replaced the carwill be able to regulate the air to fuel ratio appropriately andavoid stalling.