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Abuse of People with Special Needs

Questions dealing with all aspects of abuse of people with special needs, including the mentally and physically disabled.
any kind of abuse such as physical, emotional,mental or just simply taking advantage of a person who doesn't have the knowledge,almost like getting someone drunk to have sex with you,because the person is not in their full senses,or anything offensive, gosh, it really depends on what way you look at...
Meaning: To want something that has no limit to it.. Example: Moneyis unlimited, and many people may want more of it for varius reasons.
Living in a jointfamily , you may have lack of leadership and decision makingqualities as head of the family will decide and does all theimportant decisions. So there is very less scope of development ofindividual leadership and decision making qualities. . Some people is become very lazy within a...
I think we were always considered people but many people did (and a considerable amount still do) see us as lesser beings because we were different to them or lacked social skills. I think even in an autistic society some will treat typical people as lesser because I know some autistic people ...
not willing to talk, listen to others not being involved in group discussion,games,or plans prefers to be alone or apart from a group of people
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A victim (woman/man) who has been a victim of psychological abuse by their partner suffers as many wounds as a person who has been physically abused; you just can't readily see the scars from that psychological abuse. If someone is told enough for a long period of time that they are useless; not...
She was the first female County Executive of Monroe County, New York.
The elderly who are very ill have little control of what happens to them. Some elderly may have suffered a stroke or are too ill to speak and have suffered abuse either by one or more of their adult children or even some nurses in nursing homes (more common that one thinks.) If an elderly person has...
In Victorian times, yes, they did. But ever since child movements it is illegal to abuse children in school. I am just wondering, why are you asking this? If any teacher you know is doing otherwise, I would contact police.
Many groups can be lonely from teens to people of all ages. The elderly generally are the most lonely if they have lost their spouse; see many of their friends pass away; not well and in a nursing home and they either do not have any living relatives or, their family simply doesn't take the time to...
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They will have trouble concentrating and will flinch from theslightest touch and may get physically injured or injure themselves
According to a survey at Warlingham Secondary School the results show that Mr Hofmann needs Special Anger Management
The answer to that question is Pipestone, Minnesota.
passing the buck - not taking responsibility for their own actions and words. They are not blind to this and know what they are doing to you - they wait and see how long you'll take their abuse.
because people are bored in school doing assesments
Among some debate, "special-needs people" will have some awareness they are different and may have some intellectual reference to their categorization depending on their psychological state and ability.
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Abuse, she can not talk to any one. Think about how you would feel in her situation. Have her draw pictures to "talk" and respond in pictures. After awhile each of you will learn a little bit of each others languages and will talk to each other.
Answer . Well, they have low selfesteem and dont stick up for themselves because it has be a learned response that they are weak. Help them by being positive around them and showing them positive place to go and people to hang with. Look out for them if you can and see if they can get into a...
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The best thing to do, is to confront the people who make fun of you. Tell them how you feel when made fun of, how hard it is for you to deal with such harsh words, how it puts you in a depressed mood and how they would feel is they were in your shoes. You may be scared to go up to the people who...
tell her to talk to her mom about it and if she can't do anything about it then she'll have to talk to her step dad about it that's pretty much all I can tell you
It takes all types of people to make up this world. Some people are means simply because they can be. Other people may have problems in their personal life; on medications that may make them cranky or moody; depressed; stressed out; job problems; financial burdens, etc. Remember not to judge a book...
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It is very common for children who grew up in an abusive family to become so nervous and anxious that they will pull their hair out; bite their nails; bite their bottom lip until it bleeds; grind their teeth while sleeping, etc. The best and only way you can get over this nervous habit of hair...
Adolescents today have issues with Alcohol and Drug use, pressure to have sex, and many other issues, this leads to overwhelming stress in some cases.
Just tell them straight how they have made you feel and what you want to happen
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Some individuals enjoy drinking alcohol a few times a months as a part of socializing and relaxation. Alcohol relaxes the mind and the body.
Some bipolar people can be violent. They go threw like constant mood swings like one minute there happy and sweet and the next they can be sad or mean. But depending of person when they do get mean they can take it out on you. I have a family member that is bipolar so i have some experience with...
generally,if a good friend comes by to visit;one of 2 things will happen: [1]the person being visited will become excited about seeing the vistor.this causes a great cheerfulness [2]the visited person becomes anxious from not desiring to see the visitor. By: Robert Hocker
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If you have the guts. stand up when only employees are present, apologize for your bad behavior, apologize for making anyone uncomfortable for even having to witness it, and assure them it won't happen again. I'm sure you'll be surprised how willing most people are to forgive a weak moment.
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That you must pay special attention to doing things. Or focus on doing things.
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I am sorry that this has happened to some one you know. This is anextremely difficult subject for many to deal with. I would look at the inter actions between the two. What has changedrecently in the child's behavior? Have you seen the two interactbefore? How has it changed? Is the child afraid to...
1. Ignore them. 2. If they keep on bothering you, just tell them to STOP. Say it like you really mean it. 3. Tell the teacher! Or a grown-up that you trust. 4. I'm not sure if this works but, get a group of friends and tell the bullies to stop. 5. Start a "Bullying-Free" club. I've heard many...
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makes listeners like music and get in to it and maybe even write their own music one day
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Look at his "PARENTS". The old saying, 'A chip off the old block' has a lot of bearing on a persons behavior. I would suspect his parents have similar problems.
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That's turning the other cheek. You show you are the adult one who don't reduce to physical violence and walks away. Being brave means doing something even though it scares you.
Very similarly to how it affects women, but with extra stigmas tending to make adult male victims of domestic violence feel weak in contrast to the stigma that men should be strong and invulnerable to domestic violence and abuse. A lot of domestic violence attacks on women go unreported, but it is...
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Meg Jacobs is the definition of goodness. She loves all creatures and nations. She has welcomed warmly into the Australian community. If I was to make a new human being, I would model her on Meg. I can't believe her kindness in adversity. She gives biscuits to people, without a request, an...
ALL types and classes of people are involved in this type of offense. It is not confined to one demographic group.
Yes they are used to create fibroblasts which are also in demand by the cosmetics industry.
Be there to support my choice, be available for questions, offer advice WHEN ASKED...set an example of a good relationship with each other.
How Social Services Enquiries and Associated Police Investigationsshould be decided and conducted.
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Many festivals are a reflection of our relationship with the land , fertility, or with spiritual beliefs of various descriptions. For instance in the European Christian world Christmas was once.... DÄ«vali (or Diwali, often written Deepavali) is a significant festival in Hinduism, Sikhism,...
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1. You made your first step in breaking the cycle. You looked for help. 2. The absolute first step is to admit that there has been a history of abuse. 3. Second GET HELP!!! I cannot stress that enough!!! 4. Look around in your community for support there is low-income and even free help. 5....
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