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Showing During Pregnancy

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Showing during pregnancy is a phrase used to describe women who are pregnant. It roughly describes the increasing size of a woman’s belly during pregnancy, normally noticeable after three months’ pregnancy.
Go to the Vet or wait while to see if it will have babys or not
Not for the first months, no. Later on it depends on the woman. Not everyone is alike.
Answer:  One line usually means a negative result. It shows up just so you  know the test is actually working. On most tests, two lines  mean you are pregnant. For accuracy, test again in 7 to 10  days.
  == Answer ==     every women is different and they may not start to show late into there pregnancy, where some women start to show quite early. you must remember that every pregnancy is different and not worry, however if you are worried you should speak to your midwife.
This is probably not pregnancy. Bloating and feelings in your ovary  are typical of menstruation. If you were pregnant, symptoms would  most likely include morning sickness and lack of a period for two  cycles.
When being morbidly obese the period has usually changed and might not work. But that is individual. Yes she can. The risk of miscarrying will be higher though and the risk for complications much higher.
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Yes I had it WITH both my girls
  My wife did and my kids turned out just as bad as I did so I dont think it will do any harm.
  == Answer ==   It could be something as simple as stress, but it could be fibroids or PID or something. You should go see your doctor and find out.
Everyone is different. A lot of people start showing around 3 months. Sometimes mothers won't start showing until later into the pregnancy. It all depends on the baby and the mother. I started showing at around the 12 week mark.
== Answer ==   If this is your 1st pregnancy some women don't show until their 4th month. But if you are overweight then it could be some time before actually noticing you are pregnant. If this is not your 1st you can show anywhere from 8 weeks & up.   == Answer ==   I am 52kg and...
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It sounds as if you have a very typical bladder infection, which I think is common in pregnancy because the baby is pressing on the bladder and there is just general strain on your body. I think you would just need to take something that would clear up a bladder infection, but make sure it's safe to...
If you are skinny you will show around two months. It takes skinny people longer to show then women who are already fat. You shouldn't gain more than fifty pounds during a pregnancy.
Yes, especially to her stretch marks in the belly like cocoa butter lotion and if you have purpura orpruritus caused by pregnancy.
Frequent urination is link to increase blood circulation to the kidneys in the first trimester and due to enlarging baby that press the bladder in the late trimester.
Sure. Happens all the time.
  == Answer ==   In some women it is yes. But if your worried you should see your doctor.   == Answer ==   I am about 6 weeks pregnant. Since three days ago (after finding out I am pregnant) I have little or no signs of nausea. The breast tenderness has gone away although applied...
  == Answer ==   Yes but you may have a little bump at the bottom, it depends how slim and/or how good you muscles are.
You should have a pretty noticeable bump during the fifth month. You should have already gained at least twenty pounds. Every woman is different during her pregnancy.
When in pain during pregnancy you can take Tylenol but always consult your doctor when you take medicine.
8 months because there are 4 weeks in a month ;) yeahh... bw yw
There is a stunted growth or the mother maybe did not eat well or there is underlying problem inside .ultrasound will solve this problem.
Sure it happens. of course pregnancy itself piles on weight.
  == Answer ==   because the baby moves and rolls and kicks and if you are small you can see knees and albows sticking out. a light massage of your hand will cause the baby to shift so you are both comfortable., enjoy! joymaker rn
Usually no, there are women who will purchase sperm from a sperm bank and inseminate themselves - this would be about the only way to get pregnant without the assist from their friend or partner.
Well, I started noticing a faint brown line starting from my belly button to my pubic hairline at 5 weeks, it may be possible that it could occur at 3 weeks. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.
well showing of a baby bump varies lots between each pregnancy no matter our age, but i would say about 2 months you may look a bit bloated, but this could happen much later still, it also depends on your body size and shape, some people show from very early on and continue to get bigger, others...
The same. Generally not showing at that point.
Undernourished woman will have anemia.
Answer . \nIt will depend on if the short woman is big or small. I am a larger woman, 189 lbs. before I got pregnant and 5 feet 2 inches. For most of my pregnancy I just looked really big. About 7-8 months pregnant people could tell I was pregnant if I was wearinf maternity clothes. If you are...
Yes, it is commen that many woman get swollen feet in the begining of a pregnantcy. I am 5 weeks pregnant and my feet have become swollen already.
No it will just resolve fungal infection of your vagina.
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Yes, there is increase in pigmentation because of the hormones of pregnancy.
The best for you to do is get her to a doctor and answer any questions that she may have. make her feel as comfortable as possible. You as her sibling can just support her in any decision she makes. It's important your parents find out as soon as possible because any decision she makes they will...
A person with shingles needs to take precautions around a pregnant woman without evidence of immunity to chicken pox. The pregnant woman should discuss the matter with her health care provider, who may have checked immunity at the preconception visit or a prenatal visit. . Because typical shingles...
You can show during your third month in pregnancy. You need to gain about five pounds to start showing your belly. Your skin will stretch and this causes it to itch.
There are no studies showing ill effects of pot on an unborn baby, however not eating right or having prenatal care is not good at all.. She needs to be taking prenatal vitamins, and seeing her OB on a strict schedule for both her health and the baby's.   The above answer is correct. Malnutrition...
  == Answer ==     Weeks ... about 2 weeks after your egg has been fertilized...
I'm just gonna assume you mean the ship and in that case I don't see why not. Being on a ship will not make you go into labor or miscarry.
When there is a braxton hicks contraction or true labor contractions usually in the late 2nd trimester and then third trimester.
It depends on how big is the baby but you are just allowed to weight 25 to 30 lbs.
for a little while yes, but when it turns to 4 months you realy need to tell your parents. you need to start taking pre-natal care supplements to make your baby safe and not turn out brain dead. you also need to start going to the doctor, i know that telling your parents is scary, but its for your...
When you noticed you missed a period, you get tired easily, vomiting, abdomen starts to enlarge, breast enlargement, cravings then you have a positve pregnancy test.
One can develop diabetes gravidarum thus having a big baby which can also lead to c-section because of cephalopelvic disproportion.
Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy.
I have met a girl that was six months pregnate almost 7 months,5"5 in height,and about 110 pounds, and nobody in our class knew she was pregnate until she said something and we all couldn't believe it because of how far along she was and how small she was. But her baby was healthy even though she...
I am 12 weeks with my 1st baby and I am already starting to show. Of coarse it's always the Mommy to be that notices it first but in at about 14-16 weeks is when other people can tell. It also depends on the Mommys body type. If you skinny You will be able to tell in the 3rd month
  == Answer ==     one line is a negative, providing it's the Control line that is the one line..   if it's just the test line that is showing, then your test is invalid and you need a new one.     2 lines is a positive test, it doesn't matter how light the test line is!   ...
You only get health coverage if you sign up for it or buy it. You can go to a free clinic, but I don't think if you are pregnant they just give it to you.
Yes it is normal pregnant and showing
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You can but kits that will tell you up to 3 days before your period is due---- 3 weeks after consuption----
If the exam is necessary for obstetrics purposes, technologists are instructed not to repeat films if there are errors. Pregnant patients receiving CT or any x-ray exam away from the abdominal area may be protected by a lead apron
It simply means that the head is the presenting part. It can be LOA and ROA.
If you are really fat you will not show a bump during pregnancy. It is harder to see a bump on a woman who is already fat. You should eat healthy during your pregnancy.
Women should not put deodorant, powder, or lotion on their upper body on the day the mammogram is performed.
This is called inplantation bleeding usually a week or two.
Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms, bloating included. For me, I was bloated pretty much all of my first trimester, but around 15-16 weeks it started to get better. Depending on the person, their diet, and lifestyle, they might start to feel relief sooner or later than I did.
Yes because of the hormonal changes and increase blood circulation.
Suring the first month of pregnancy not very many physical changes are happening, but major organ systems are beginning the early stages of development, along with the brain and nervous system. Even with all of this happening, it is only about the size of a poppyseed or a grain of rice.
A baby can not tell a woman is pregnant.
I started showing when I was 4 month pregnant but if your belly is flat you will notice your belly getting bigger at the bottom like a little beer belly lol
It is possible, but not likely. If signs are to occur, it is usually within a few weeks after infection.
The bottom of pregnant belly is the pubic symphysis.
Usually at the 2nd trimester a sign of ectopic pregnancy.
Yes; do CPR if the woman is pregnant and is unresponsive.
Answer . It's simply your body build. You could still become much bigger the closer you get to giving birth. There are some women that can go through 9 months of pregnancy and never show and just wear baggy clothes.
With Respect. Like she is your sun, treat her well or she'll go away
There is a possibility that you will deliver the baby soon thru C-section.
most radiation, known as scatter, travels through the body and is not blocked by the apron.
It normally takes about 2-4 weeks to know if your pregnant or not.
Doctor who perform artificial insemination can do this.
== Answer ==   you begin to gain wait all over after about 2-3 months but depending on how skinny you are you'll show around the same time or a month before or after.
  == Answer ==     you begin to gain wait all over after about 2-3 months but depending on how skinny you are you'll show around the same time or a month or so after.
No, Cats don't get a bump.I've had 3 cats who gave birth and they never had bumps.Their birth procedures always surprised me.
The dark line called linea nigra, usually occurs towards the middle to end of the second trimester, but everyone is different, and not everyone gets it.
A bloody show or mucus plug means that delivery is about to happen , have yourself be evaluated on how far your cervix is dilated.
  == ==   == ==   == ==   ANSWER   You probably won't start showing in the first month. The average is between 3 to four months. At 4 weeks pregnant there is still not a baby developed it is just an embryo with not even any limbs yet that measures at about 1 millimeter. There is...
Frequent urination is definitely a symptom as you get further along. I think I was around 8-10 weeks when I started to get the frequent urination. This is because as your uterus grows, it puts more and more pursue on your bladder, therefore making you have to "go" more often. I did also start...
Yes, A month is 4 weeks long.So, 4+4=8 and if you take 2 weeks from that 8 it would be 6.
The brain , the heart, the lungs and the spinal column.