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Child Support

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Get help here on any issues around payment and non-payment of child support. Custody and visitation rights issues are legally separate from support and have their own topic. Be advised that many answers here apply only to the United States and may not apply anywhere else.
Yes, she can. He must establish his paternity as outlined above and  then can petition the court for a visitation order and joint  custody. The court will set up a visitation order and consider the  petition for joint custody. He would need to provide compelling  evidence that the mother is...
It depends on the individuals concerned. The custodian can insist  the other parent travels to them to visit the child. If the  non-custodian wants to take the child out for the day - it's their  responsibility to return the child to the place of residence, on or  before the agreed time.
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Short answer: no. The laws differ from state to state, but at the  moment you would be hard-pressed to find a state that strict.  Generally speaking, you must live in a state (among other  requirements) for a consecutive 12 months before you may even apply  for residency in that state. Meaning,...
Most likely. Just about every state will intercept federal and state income tax refunds for child support arrears.
you need to contact sheriff or dhr, the sheriffs office will get it  in court fast
If she no longer a dependent of yours she should no longer be  entitled to the payments. They should have been paid to you anyway  for her behalf if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure a check was never sent  in the name of a minor. Make sure she does not call them pretending  to be you and change the...
If you are receiving benefits from Social Security Disability  Insurance (SSDI), child support can be taken from your SSDI  payments. However, if you are receving Supplemental Security  Income, that cannot be seized for child support.
You need to contact the agency that seized you refund. In most  states, this is called child support enforcement or something  similar. You need to review your account and confirm that there are  no mistakes in their records.   If they've gone far enough to seize a tax refund, it is likely...
If there is a said written agreement but all of that falls upon both parties and has to be formed around the laws that protect both sides of parents based on past acts of retaliation and hate for the other part for other reason then the best interest of the said child. It would be wise to have a...
usually the parent who can better provide for the minor ends uphaving custody, but that's not always the case.
If he has primary custody or even visitation rights, you cannot  take his child far enough away that he cannot readily exercise his  custody/visitation rights unless he gives you permission to do so.
If you have joint custody, visitation rights, etc. and she is  preventing you from exercising those rights, this could be  interpreted as Custodial interference. Take her back to court for  make-up time and contempt proceedings if desired.
IMMEDIATE TEMPORARY CUSTODY of a child is granted to a custodial  relative by a probate court when a child is given to a grandparent  or other relative by the parents, and returning the child would  result in the child's being removed from the court's jurisdiction  or places the child in risk of...
That depends on what problems the child have. In some cases it has to be paid when they are adults because they can never take care of themselves. The duty to support a disabled adult child is an extremely complicated issue and the laws vary from state to state. You can read an interesting and...
If your case originated in a child support recovery unit, contact  them to close the case. If it was originated through the court  system, you will have to go back to court to close the case.
  == Answer ==     This could be If the property was bought as a gift such as a pet being given to someone for their birthday, the receiver of the gift is the owner. All gifts become the property of the recipient and can be legally taken by that person when they move from the premises....
Only with the agreement of the court and the obligee (and, if the child received public assistance, the State).
Yes, the courts want to see that a father has taken finical  responsibility for a child and if the biological father has  forfeited his rights through adoption, the adoptive father is now  the responsible party, NOT the biological father through the eyes  of the court.
Garnishment is the usual method of paying child support, especially if there is an unpaid balance.
You can not modify your child support. Only the court can modify your child support. It is possible the court will do that. It is unusual for your wife to get half your salary. In setting child support, this is a deductible item in all states, that should have been taken into consideration. If not...
I believe they take calls for a child care service
Yes. The other owner(s) will likely have to prove, in a hearing, their share of the account if any.
  == Answer ==     No, court ordered visitation can only be revoked by the judge issuing the order (sometimes by an appeal to a higher court). The mother should insist her legal representative petition for a court order to enforce her visitation rights.
Answer . A custody ruling is handed down by the courts and is legal. Your ex has broken the law! If you are working or married to someone else and all is well between you and your new husband, then you have a good chance gaining full custody of your son/daughter in a court of law. However, think...
Yes, if there was a court order in place requiring support and it was not suspended/terminated during the father's incarceration.
Yes, they will. If the amount you are getting back is more than the amount you owe, they will seize the entire refund. It's happened to me twice. I am currently up to date and have almost paid of the amount I owed, but they will take it if you have back child support payments. Fathers get their...
If a child recognizes that he can play a trick on his mother by hiding her shoes, he is demonstrating that he possesses A: theory of mind
Show the court that: the child is deceased; the child has been adopted; the child is emancipated; the child has attained majority; and/or you have no income other than public assistance; and, you do not owe any past-due support.
Until they are paid, but often take it when none is owed. see link below
From the moment they are born, a baby will grasp whatever is placed in its hand or palm. After a few months, when they have the ability to see and recognise something as being graspable, they will try to reach for and grasp these objects; once they have some independent movement (crawling, sliding,...
Usually child support is a set amount each month. There may be exceptions if your child stays with you for long periods of time. Check with your attorney to see if that is true in your case. In Missouri, after 30 days you notify child support enforcement who will confirm than adjust payments, but...
Yes, but Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement opposes the program and unless you're on Welfare the whole times, judges are rejecting these claims.
12 years old and they also have to 14 years to babysit i just rung CYF to find out as well even if they are only going to be home for 1 hour by themselves.**********************************************************************Great Answer!~Kriehn
You will no longer have to pay child support once your child  reaches 18 years old and they choose not to attend college. If they  attend college full-time, you will be ordered to continue paying  until they either graduate or drop out.
18 years of age, or when the child graduates high school, whichever  occurs first. This is unless specific circumstances occur.
Single fathers have no legal rights to their children. see link below
For arrears, yes. see links below
Child support workers are State employees and requirements vary widely among States. In many States, this position is unionized. In general, they must have college degrees and/or relevant experience and meet other civil service requirements (citizenship, no criminal record, etc.).
That depends on your state, only five states have those specific laws. see link below
  That would be entirely up to the discretion of the court based on the changes that may have occurred since the original order was granted.   The requesting parent would need to file suit usually in the county in which the case was originally adjudicated to have the order amended.
The main right that a child has in the United States is the right  to counsel. This is the right that is available to any child,  regardless of age.
  One option is for the male to prove through paternity testing (preferably DNA) that he is not the biological father of the child and then file suit to present the evidence to the court that issued the child support order.   Another option would be that the father of the child petition the...
  == Answer ==     Usually the more money a man (or woman) makes the child support will go up. You will have to seek legal council on this one. Unless you make this known to the courts there is nothing they can do.     However, it depends if he is making a lot of money because...
You can contact your local child support recovery unit for  assistance in receiving child support. You can also take the other  parent to court to enforce child support payments.
There is no way to physically make someone pay a debt they owe. If  the child support is court ordered, you can take that person back  to court for contempt of court charges though.
  == Answer ==     It is possible in some states but you would generally need to be legally emancipated since you are currently a minor. Contact a family lawyer in your state for more information.
Yes, it is none of their concern what the money was for. If you deposited the money in your account than they can take it to pay any bills you owe them.
In Georgia, the answer is mixed. If the person is under the state mandated age of adulthood (17 in GA) and is COURT ORDERED (not DHR) to pay child support, then DHR can request the originating court to file an order of contempt or charge the minor with violation of a court order. In both cases,...
Yes, every state has legal aid for people who are considered to be  low income. Every state has different types of cases they will  handle for free or at a lower cost.
Non-custodial is a term used when referring to parents who have  children that are no longer a couple or married. The non-custodial  parent is the one who has the children in their household the  least.
If you didn't take out the loan in your name than he commited fraud. You can ask the bank to prove you signed the document and take them to court over the matter.
Not legally. The state takes over the claim.
The only way a mother can be forced to pay child support in any  state, is if she does not have primary custody of the child. If the  child or children live primarily with the father, then the mother  can be made to pay child support.
If this is your baby than your name should be on the certificate. Regardless if your name is on the certificate or not you will still have to pay child support if this is your baby. There are a lot of people who were never married that are paying child support so the divorce is irrevelant. Why would...
It is possible. An absent parent with visitation rights who never visits with the child may lose those rights and the court may eventually allow a legal adoption by a step parent. If your children are in foster care, and you have a case plan (to get them back), and fail to meet the requirements of...
A paternity test for starters. Just depends on your circumstances. If the original father abandoned the child than adoption proceedings would have to stop for the new father.
This is interpretive as even sole custody fathers can be obligated to pay.
I take it you are the employer. You don't keep them, send them to where you usually send them. The employee being fired will no longer make an income at your business but whatever wages were earned while employeed would still be done the same as they always were.
There are no clear guideline. It runs on a case by case basis.
Georgia uses a formula system rather than percentage. see link below
Yes, unless the child is still in school or attending college
The parent that has the child 51% of the time. see link below
Most states place a cap on the amount of child care that can be reimbursed through child support. The custodial parent can spend whatever they like on child care, but child support will usually only consider up to a maximum amount. For example, your state may conclude that any amount over $800/month...
If your case is handled by a state child support agency, request a review and modification. Normally, cases may be reviewed for modification or adjustment of the child support order every three years or upon a substantial change in circumstances. If your case is not handled by the child support...
Yes, but you must take your name off the title to the property at the same time by conveying your interest to the co-owner who will refinance in their sole name. All the owners of real property must sign the mortgage.
If they are married they are emancipated through the fact they are married, so I would say no.
No, in fact you have to be caught up on child support in order to file for bankruptcy. Your lawyer may have a way around that but you will still owe the money. You shouldn't look at child support as a bill but rather a way of supporting your child. Why are you in arrears? If you were hit with a...
It's called a Motion To Clarify Child Support Owed. Have you requested a printout recently? see links below
i receive a letter that says a other men is adopting my child, i have not payed child support for 1 in a half because i do not have a job. my ex lives in Tennessee
I would document it and call family services. Start the process allowing him only limited supervised visits.
Supervised, but yes. A fatherless child is far more damaging. see link
no SSI Garnishment http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/new/csr9310.htm
  == Legal Issues ==   An ex parte injunction can be granted in an urgent situation to one party without nofifying the party bound by the injunction.   to compel: to cause to do or occur by overwhelming pressure.
If you have arrears, and even when you don't. see links below
AnswerVisit your local family court and ask to speak with an advocate. The father has no legal right to keep the children from you unless you have been deemed unfit. Unwed mothers have custody until a custody order has been issued by the court once the father has established his paternity. Married...