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Child Support

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Get help here on any issues around payment and non-payment of child support. Custody and visitation rights issues are legally separate from support and have their own topic. Be advised that many answers here apply only to the United States and may not apply anywhere else.
Yes, she can. He must establish his paternity as outlined above andthen can petition the court for a visitation order and jointcustody. The court will set up a visitation order and consider thepetition for joint custody. He would need to provide compellingevidence that the mother is unfit in order...
It depends on the individuals concerned. The custodian can insistthe other parent travels to them to visit the child. If thenon-custodian wants to take the child out for the day - it's theirresponsibility to return the child to the place of residence, on orbefore the agreed time.
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Short answer: no. The laws differ from state to state, but at themoment you would be hard-pressed to find a state that strict.Generally speaking, you must live in a state (among otherrequirements) for a consecutive 12 months before you may even applyfor residency in that state. Meaning, unless you...
Most likely. Just about every state will intercept federal and state income tax refunds for child support arrears.
you need to contact sheriff or dhr, the sheriffs office will get itin court fast
If she no longer a dependent of yours she should no longer beentitled to the payments. They should have been paid to you anywayfor her behalf if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure a check was never sentin the name of a minor. Make sure she does not call them pretendingto be you and change the direct deposit...
If you are receiving benefits from Social Security DisabilityInsurance (SSDI), child support can be taken from your SSDIpayments. However, if you are receving Supplemental SecurityIncome, that cannot be seized for child support.
You need to contact the agency that seized you refund. In moststates, this is called child support enforcement or somethingsimilar. You need to review your account and confirm that there areno mistakes in their records. If they've gone far enough to seize a tax refund, it is likely thatyour driver's...
A spouse has rights, an unmarried parent has rights but theymust be asserted, however the man who fathers a child with amarried woman (not his spouse) usually can't obtain rights if thecouple remain married. . I suggest professional mediation in lieu of or before any courtfilings.
If there is a said written agreement but all of that falls upon both parties and has to be formed around the laws that protect both sides of parents based on past acts of retaliation and hate for the other part for other reason then the best interest of the said child. It would be wise to have a...
usually the parent who can better provide for the minor ends uphaving custody, but that's not always the case.
It depends on the laws in the jurisdiction. However, the court is not likely to penalize the minor mother by taking her child and granting custody to the adult father. Rather, he would more likely be questioned about getting a minor pregnant. Courts do not automatically take a minor's child from the...
If he has primary custody or even visitation rights, you cannottake his child far enough away that he cannot readily exercise hiscustody/visitation rights unless he gives you permission to do so.
If you have joint custody, visitation rights, etc. and she ispreventing you from exercising those rights, this could beinterpreted as Custodial interference. Take her back to court formake-up time and contempt proceedings if desired.
IMMEDIATE TEMPORARY CUSTODY of a child is granted to a custodialrelative by a probate court when a child is given to a grandparentor other relative by the parents, and returning the child wouldresult in the child's being removed from the court's jurisdictionor places the child in risk of serious...
That depends on what problems the child have. In some cases it has to be paid when they are adults because they can never take care of themselves. The duty to support a disabled adult child is an extremely complicated issue and the laws vary from state to state . You can read an interesting and...
It depends if the 17 year old is emancipated and living on their own. They have proven themselves to be an adult and responsible for their own actions. If he is still at home with his parents you should take it to court.
If your case originated in a child support recovery unit, contactthem to close the case. If it was originated through the courtsystem, you will have to go back to court to close the case.
That would require a finding by the court that the father is an unfit parent.
Virtually all income (except for SSI and public assistance) is used to determine one's child support obligation.
The agency which dealt with the adoption should have sorted that. It will depend partly on the law in the country where you are.
Answer . \nThis could be If the property was bought as a gift such as a pet being given to someone for their birthday, the receiver of the gift is the owner. All gifts become the property of the recipient and can be legally taken by that person when they move from the premises. Clothing and...
Only with the agreement of the court and the obligee (and, if the child received public assistance, the State).
Yes, the courts want to see that a father has taken finicalresponsibility for a child and if the biological father hasforfeited his rights through adoption, the adoptive father is nowthe responsible party, NOT the biological father through the eyesof the court.
The child will be assumed to be the child of the marriage. However, a husband could request a DNA test and disclaim a child who is not his in some jurisdictions. You need to consult with an attorney in your state.
Yes, if the custodial parent requests services or if the child is receiving public assistance. The agency will likely ask the court to enter an order.
Garnishment is the usual method of paying child support, especially if there is an unpaid balance.
You can not modify your child support. Only the court can modify your child support. It is possible the court will do that. It is unusual for your wife to get half your salary. . In setting child support, this is a deductible item in all states, that should have been taken into consideration. If...
I believe they take calls for a child care service
If you mean child support, yes. If you mean alimony or maintenance, no.
Support is generally based on a percentage of net income, so .... However, the court may order the parent to undergo a supervised job search.
Yes. The other owner(s) will likely have to prove, in a hearing, their share of the account if any.
If an order is still in place, yes, even in Michigan. see links below
Answer . \nNo, court ordered visitation can only be revoked by the judge issuing the order (sometimes by an appeal to a higher court). The mother should insist her legal representative petition for a court order to enforce her visitation rights.
Answer . A custody ruling is handed down by the courts and is legal. Your ex has broken the law! If you are working or married to someone else and all is well between you and your new husband, then you have a good chance gaining full custody of your son/daughter in a court of law. However, think...
Yes, if there was a court order in place requiring support and it was not suspended/terminated during the father's incarceration.
Yes, they will. If the amount you are getting back is more than the amount you owe, they will seize the entire refund. It's happened to me twice. I am currently up to date and have almost paid of the amount I owed, but they will take it if you have back child support payments. . Fathers get their...
That depends on whether an order was in place. If so, there is no statute of limitations on collecting unpaid child support. If the agency is just now preparing to ask for an order, the retroactive support is based on a percentage of his net income during the retroactive period - i.e., in this case,...
File what? If you are speaking of a court filing, either parent. If you are speaking of taxes the custodial parent has the right to file the child as a dependent. The custodial parent can allow the non-custodial parent the right if they want to.
no you do not. she has to test all the people who fertalized her and find the guilty party. . Sorry, the answer above is completely wrong. see links below
If a child recognizes that he can play a trick on his mother by hiding her shoes, he is demonstrating that he possesses A: theory of mind
yes - If someone asks for the support and he is the father.
If you are living own your own, you are not a child. If you are 18, you are not a child. If you are still in high school, you show good character. Don't give up, you will know the pride and feel the power of what you do know for your whole life.
The benefit is that your child is getting financial support from BOTH parents for all the things that he she needs. Food, shelter, clothing, education, etc. These things really DO add up!
The age is 8+ but the court sometimes starts at 7
Show the court that: the child is deceased; the child has been adopted; the child is emancipated; the child has attained majority; and/or you have no income other than public assistance; and, you do not owe any past-due support.
Until they are paid, but often take it when none is owed.
Yes, in joint physical with no difference in incomes.
Only those court ordered. See link below The court might require you to pay child care, medical insurance and/or medical expenses.
From the moment they are born, a baby will grasp whatever is placed in its hand or palm. After a few months, when they have the ability to see and recognise something as being graspable, they will try to reach for and grasp these objects; once they have some independent movement (crawling, sliding,...
This is from the IRS website: If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity by completing Form 3949-A . You may fill out Form 3949-A online, print it and mail it to: . Internal Revenue Service Fresno, CA 93888. If you...
You don't - You explain the benefits that support could provide for the child.
hahahahaha that's a good one. yes, until they are 18 if not in school and until highschool graduation no matter how old, or whilst in paarrent custody, if they get emencipated you nolonger have to pay
Usually child support is a set amount each month. There may be exceptions if your child stays with you for long periods of time. Check with your attorney to see if that is true in your case. . In Missouri, after 30 days you notify child support enforcement who will confirm than adjust payments, but...
Receipts of from the business, or the tax registration number for an individual, plus receipts.
Yes. If he chooses to be overseas when all reasonable chances and alternate options have been given, then he obviously isn't too worried about what the judgment will be.
Yes, but Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement opposes the program and unless you're on Welfare the whole times, judges are rejecting these claims.
I'm not clear on what your asking. If your asking do you have to pay then it depends on a few things (assuming you two have kids of your own): . You have to pay child support for your biological kids unless they have been adopted by someone else. . You also have to pay child support for any of...
Depends on the amount of time, but there are not specific guidelines to this, so it's up to a judge.
Each state is different
12 years old and they also have to 14 years to babysit i just rung CYF to find out as well even if they are only going to be home for 1 hour by themselves. ********************************************************************** Great Answer! ~Kriehn
You will no longer have to pay child support once your childreaches 18 years old and they choose not to attend college. If theyattend college full-time, you will be ordered to continue payinguntil they either graduate or drop out.
18 years of age, or when the child graduates high school, whicheveroccurs first. This is unless specific circumstances occur.
Single fathers have no legal rights to their children. see link below
It's very common for primary residential fathers to be ordered to still pay child support, regardless of their personal problems. More of them pay than the non-custodial mothers pay all together, even when the father has sole custody. With the shift in economics, this may change, but not likely. see...
No, but will not stop you still being hit with child support later if she goes on Welfare. see links below
You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in family lawwho can review your situation and explain your options under thelaws of your state. Custody battles can be costly and you needexpert advice about what you can ask for and what you might gainbefore you decide to file suit. After you...
Unless the grandparent has adopted the child the parents are still responsible and should pay child support... I think.
"It's a consideration in all states under the VAWA, but it's also a commonly used tactic to prevent fathers getting custody, so any such claim has to be taken with a pound of salt. Even a male victim can be prevented from getting custody if he ver defended himself from an attack by a woman. " ...
It will be assumed the parent are not married since married parents have equal parental rights. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most states until the father can establish his paternity. Remember, a child's mother can always be identified by...
It gets filed in the state of residence of the obligor.