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The probability of a certain event is a number expressing the likelihood that a specific event will occur, expressed as the ratio of the number of actual occurrences to the number of possible occurrences. In mathematics, it is a measure of how often an event will happen and is the basis of statistics.
I think so. My twins are three days apart according to every ultrasound so far. It seems perfectly reasonable that they could be up to a week apart especially considering that is about how long strong sperms keep on working within the right environment. I am not a Dr., but my guess would be it must …
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Sorry for the typo in the last message, I was interrupted. What I meant to say was my other two kids will probably also graduate at 15 yrs old. They are currently 14 and 11 1/2 yrs old. Yes,there is a great book on the statistics of homeschooling. It is called "Homeschooling: The Right Choice!" …
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In baseball the AL and NL each have 3 divisions (East, Central, West) -- those division winners all qualify for the playoffs, then you take all the other teams in the league, whichever team has the best record is the wildcard -- the AL and NL each have 4 teams make the playoffs (3 division winners a…
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There appears to be some confusion regarding DR plots and IT (Intended Track) plots as well as how they apply to an EP.A basic estimated position is based on a DR plot (time and speed only, no current, tide, leeway or other corrections applied) and the LOP (with bearing and time noted). When drawn, …
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how is basketball related to math? how is basketball related to math is when you score , block , and rebound it's counted too. so that that's how basketball is related to math.
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Usually body checks that made an opposing player lose control of the puck  At the end of the 2002 season hits were no longer kept track of because it was too hard to judge exactly what one was. Unlike shot and saves, it is hard to train a stat keeper on what one is.  I don't know where t…
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Approximate odds are 8200 to 1 on a average length par three hole tee.
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WELL, IN MS-65 IT IT IS WORTH ABOUT 40 DOLLARS. IT MAY VARY LIKE THAT This type of error is called a 'Multiple Strike' and the value for a 1995D penny is $30.00.
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a home typically has a 4" main drain and that is enough. if it is not 4" you should get a plumbing code and do the math.   Can you add a second 3-inch wasteline to an existing 3-inch main house wasteline in order to add the 3rd bath and toilet (this is obviously a 1950's house)?
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Bad news. I have found it impossible to remove the bolt caps without breaking them. They are mortared on. They do make plastic bolt caps in a lot of different colors.
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If they are in different courts and you are in either Tennessee or Virginia then you have a good chance provided you weren't driving too extremely fast. Some judges in other states will also consider a reduction or dismissal because of a problem with your speedometer but this depends on the individu…
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Yes,Fines and imprisonment for you and the perosn you are marrying could be deported and banned from the USA for life.I would think carefully if you have to marry someone just for money?I am British and because I didn't marry my Fiance of five years quick enough (I loved him to pieces) he has decide…
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Never list salary requirements. They can be used to filter you out. Cover letters are usually screened by some Human Resources drone who matches a one-size-fits-all written job description with the incoming resumes and cover letters. You don't want this person excluding you based on something that's…
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Answer You are talking about the implementation point view of Abstract class and the interface. Let's go. 1. Interface helps Multiple inheritance:- In java you can't have a class inherited from more than one class, i.e. the multiple inheritance. Interface helps us in implementing the multiple …
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A "daemon" is a general English term for a process that is meant to run forever in the background, without access to a display terminal. Threads are subcomponents of processes. It is not possible to run as an isolated "thread". Every process contains at least one thread, but can contain more if prog…
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Answer Purportedly, an IUD that remains in the uterus beyond its recommended term can become embedded in the uterine wall. If this happens, there is an increased risk of bleeding, scarring, and pelvic infection. The probability of this risk is undocumented, however. Moreover, an embedded IUD may…
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A Spade, as in a deck of cards, represents the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections.com A quick Google search on the subject reveals a site that tells about the use of the ace of spades in Vietnam. Apparently in fortune telling, the spa…
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Aces of World War II lists over 1,270 American Aces...This is the most complete list I have seen...By contrast, there are over 5,000 documented German Aces from WWII, and German pilots had no shared victories, only one pilot could claim a independently witness and verified "kill"...If the pilots cou…
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Possibly. You could check with the US Mint to see if there were any coins minted with that defect.  The mint won't help. You need to contact one of the major grading/certification services like ANACS or PCGS. Check a recent copy of any of the coin collecting magazines to see if there is a majo…
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How Science Relate To Basketball January 13,2009 When you bounce the ball you are creating kinetic energy or when you toss the ball you are also transfering kinetic energy from your muscles to the ball. Another thing is gravity. When you miss a shot and it falls from the hoop or backboard down to th…
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The farthest shot ever made in basket ball history was in 1916 by Tim Scarth shooting a basket ball 120 feet.
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hi, I had a problem that seems the same. I had to replace my starter. I didn't believe that that's what it could be but after a few of these, I gave in. I would have it towed only to start as soon as it was off the truck. Finally when one tow operator told me and showed me I took my lug wrench and k…
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This form of to summon means called to appear. This is used variously for either:producing a demon in magic or religious connotationsbeing called before a court, authority, or inquiryThe word "summoned" means called to come.
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Here is the list of the cards in Cybernetic Revolution: Cycroid Soitsu Mad Lobster Jerry Beans Man Winged Kuriboh LV10 Patroid Gyroid Steamroid Drillroid UFOroid Jetroid Wroughtweiler Dark Catapulter Elemental Hero Bubbleman Cyber Dragon Cybernetic Magician Cybernetic Cyclopean …
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Answer No, the mint has two dies to stamp the coins. One die for heads ond for tails. They fit into different parts of the machine. If you have a two headed coin you have a novelty coin. Answer While there are no known 2-headed U.S. coins, there are 4 certified examples of genuine 2-tailed U.…
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The probability that a randomly chosen [counting] number is not divisible by 2 is (1-1/2) or 0.5. One out of two numbers is divisible by two, so 1-1/2 are not divisible by two. The probability that a randomly chosen [counting] number is not divisible by 3 is (1-1/3) = 2/3. Similarly, the probab…
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If theres a safe house go there. Or a hospital It helps to have a bf to take care of your child or u somebody still hasto get the money
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Answer Probability is used throughout business to evaluate financial and decision-making risks. Every decision made by management carries some chance for failure, so probabiity analysis is conducted formally ("math") and informally (i.e. "I hope"). Math is the preferred method but requires some a…
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I think it has to be in the blood line or to see a fertilty specialist. answer Older, well-nourished, fertile women are more likely to have fraternal twins naturally. There is nothing that can increase your cances of identical twins. Even IVF cannot guarantee twins as both may not implant. However…
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It could be related in geometry and physics. why do you think we have more strengh then weekness everyday?
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This ovulation calender will help: http://www.ovulation-calendar.com/hlp-c04-conceiving-boy.html   Y sperm which produce boys are faster but weaker than X sperm which produce girls. Have lots of sex in the week after your period which will put sperm production into overdrive and more male spe…
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Probability is a very specific statistical phenomena. It's not possible to give a probability for this occurance.
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Note that there are no Official Poker Rules. House Rules apply and there are big differences from casino to casino (or kitchen table to kitchen table). Swapping three cards is the most common, but in a lot of places swapping four cards and sometimes all cards is in the rules. If you're playing a ho…
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The last answer stated that yes swimming would stunt your growth but however that is totally wrong. If you swim to much you might hurt yourself but you wont stunt your growth. Look at Michael phelps he swims 6 hours a day and you expect me to believe it stunted his growth. The avg height for the pr…
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Answer6.5L Sierra GMC Problem exists in the injection fuel pumping timing and also sensors for both heads and for high electrical voltage. Take in to a reputable dealer that has the tech II knowledge along with the correct way of setting the pump timing. GNX MAN6.. If you have not relocated th…
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You get a lot of excercise in, you have a ton of fun if you play with friends or on a team. Also, you CAN make money on it.
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It depends on the individuals involved. Does it really matter? It's only an egotist that would care. Sometimes one partner can be right on a high percentage basis, but a very smart partner never treats their significant other like they are dumber than a bag of nails or that they don't know much.…
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Answer About 14-15 weeks into pregnancy the fetus is about 9cm long so it was conceived 12-13 weeks ago.
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Answer Maybe he is trying to see how you will react to this to see if you like him, kind of like if you get jealouse then he'll know that you like him. It happens all the time. Or he just used you to get to your friend. It's not always as it seems.
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MAYA is a pretty well done program that can be used for a lot of designing things...i use Maya to make unreal tournament 2004 models and it can be used for a plethora of other things
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Yes, it can hurt. Colleges like to see adaquate passing grades in all core subjects, like math. Please take that same math class over during your senior year, and make an attempt to really learn the subject. Not only will the improvment in your transcript look good, but it will help you to understan…
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Sterilisation of the woman has a 0.2% failure rate. If she and her partner are otherwise normal and do not use protection, there is an 85% chance of pergnancy occurring without the sterilisation. This means there is around a 1.6% probability of pergnancy in the first year after the procedure.
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What's the score? A score is a unit amount, like a dozen. A score is equal to 20.Alternatively, it is another name for the first derivative. The hessian matrix is the matrix of the second derivatives.
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SVO SVO stands for Save Opportunities, and is a statistic tracked for relief pitchers.
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Luck. There is no way of having identical twins, let alone choosing the sex. There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of h…
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The short answer is "random sample," but that, unfortunately, is neither specific nor complete. It is not specific because there are forms of random sampling where selection probabilities are not constant. It is not complete because there are many different ways to conduct random sampling with equal…
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Z-Score tells how many standard deviations a measurement is away from the mean.
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Answer It depends on the type of motorist checkpoint. Roadblocks, as they are referred to by the courts, fall under what is known as a special needs exception to the 4th Amendment. The special needs exception requires that the primary purpose of the search/seizure be for regulatory, not law enfor…
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Waiting on tables and or bartending...., Well you can do that but even better, CellphoneRetail Sales Rep get paid well as full timers 12$ or more an hour, with high commission, great benefits, no training required, or sales background. If you do have a retail background, it's great but not necessary…
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Yes it's hard to get a job when you were homeschooled. But hardwork & determination makes man perfect & everyone can effort for getting job whatever they studied.
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Short Answer: % chance to occur + % chance to not occur = 100% Expressed in decimals, 40% chance to occur + 60% chance to not occur = 100%. .40 + .60 = 1.00 More detailed answer: Probability of event occurrence versus failure to occur First, probabilities are expressed as decimals or fra…
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Answer Probably not much more than 25 cents. Dies can become coated with grease and bits of metal as they wear down. This situation occurs frequently when a lot of coins of a particular design are struck, as is true with the state quarters. The crud can fill in some of the smaller parts of th…
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The probability that an event will occur plus the probability that it will not occur equals 1.
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Answer compliment- it's a word for the probability minus one, so it something has a .6 probability, the probability(compliment) it woun't occur is .4 The answer for the Statistic Crossword Puzzle is "odds"
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I believe outliers is the best answer to this question. The previous answer was average, which is the mean.
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52fifty two
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Answer Standard deviation is a measure of the spread of data around the mean. Answer The standardized value or z-score, tells how many standard deviations the measurement is away from the mean, and in which direction. z score = (observation - mean) / standard deviation Standard deviat…
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gives a standardized unit that tells how far away each measurement is from the mean
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The question is " How you can marry someone if you have been in this country for 10 years?"Now, i cannot understand clearly what do you mean. First, i assume that you do not have any legal status right now.Second, it is possible for you to marry and receive a green card if that was the original ques…
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Answer You would multiply the probabilities. The probability the first marksmen hits the target x the probability the second marksmen hits the target x the probability the third marksmen hits the target x the probability the fourth marksmen hits the target. So you take .80 x .80 x .80 x .80 = .40…
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The IMF functions to improve the economies of its member countries. The organization's objectives are: to promote international economic cooperation, international trade, employment, and exchange-rate stability, including by making financial resources available to member countries to meet balance-of…
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Answer You need to select a random sample and survey those people. The more you survey the more accurate your data will be. When choosing an optimal sample size of your survey take into consideration: Alpha value (chance of a false positive). Usually set to 5%. Beta value (chance of a fa…
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it means that you want to do most either in liesure time or regular time.
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They are indicative of a problem with the braking system of the vehicle--may be nothing more than the parking brake not being fully disengaged of a more serious braking problem--check fluid level in reservoir --if low indicates a leak that needs professional attention
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Standards of success are markers that you can measure job performance against. They are specific numbers and criteria you can see if you are meeting.
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Sometimes you can make a practical assumption about the probability of something occurring by considering all the possible outcomes. For example, a coin only has two sides so the probability of it landing on heads (assuming that the coin is "fair") is 1/2. Similarly, a die only has six sides so the …
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Answer The Union consisted of a population of 22,000,000 (71%) and the Confederacy with a popultation of 9,000,000 (29%). If one were to consider all of population in the Union to be free then leave it at 22,000,000. The Confedracy had roughly 3,500,000 individuals enslaved let's consider the pop…
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The cause of skewed data distributions are extreme values, also know as outliers. For example imagine taking the weights of people you see on the street. If you have 9 cheerleaders' weights and then the weight of a sumo wrestler mixed into the averages this skews the data. This makes the mean much h…
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Probably something relatively high like 1 in 100 thousand.
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when you doesnt have information about the real mean of a population and use the estimation of mean instead of the real mean , usually you use t distribution instead of normal distribution.* * * * *Intersting but nothing to do with the question!If a random variable X is distributed Normally with mea…
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HEY! Your b-day is the day your born [mine is 4/08/98] and your name is what your parents name you [mine is Gianna] Hope it helped and leave some of your answers down here 2 like your name+B-day! 23/6/98 name(cos she told me 2) Katelyn email(cos i feel like it)joylai@hotmail.co.uk
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wow great question, well for sure that i know basketball has alot to do with math, well, it has everything to do with math. the angles and the height of basketball player the strength used to throw the ball and pretty much everything else. Also, it has to do a to with angles
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Answer If my math is right, and it probably isn't, there's approximately a 0.00000013% chance. Here is the math one might consider: Essentially you are looking to deal 8 cards out of a 52 card deck, order being irrelevant. So that would be 52!/{(52-8)! * (8)!} = 752,538,150 possibilities And…
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1. Compute the square of the difference between each value and the sample mean. 2. Add those values up. 3. Divide the sum by n-1. This is called the variance. 4. Take the square root to obtain the Standard Deviation. Why divide by n-1 rather than n in the third step above? In step 1, you …
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Hitler's armies faced almost no resistance when he invaded countries on Germany's eastern borders:Czechoslovakia, Poland etc. Nor did he meet much opposition when he swept through Holland and Belgium and occupied France without hardly a shot being fired. The German army was well prepared and much be…
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Minuscule.Deaths are usually separated by seconds, minutes or longer time periods.What is certain is that they will eventually die.
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Standard Deviation Explained: Standard deviation is a simple measure of width of a distribution of numbers (usually scores or measurements). It is the next high degree of sophistication of characterizing a bunch of number other than just giving the average ( or mean, median, mode). If you know the a…
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odds the odds in favour are p/(1-p) the odds against are (1-p)/p
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Don't know how rare, but as a 38 yr old woman, I unknowingly had mine for eight years and carried twins to full term before anything happened.
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No, neither a ball retriever or an umbrella count as a club in your bag. The rules state that to be considered a club it must have a grip, shaft and a clubhead.
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2 sides x 10 tosses, so your possibilities is 2^10 or 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 =1024 outcomes.
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To find out you would take a poll, and forcefully insert it up your anal region.Then after visiting your anal doctor you would go to a nursery school with a ak 47 and teach the kids the practical uses of Russian roulette in todays modern society!To find out you would take a poll, and forcefully inse…
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A distribution that is NOT normal. Most of the time, it refers to skewed distributions.
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It depends on your particular samples. In general you'd expect more free nutrients such as nitrate in the farm soil due to the use of artificial fertilizers. Many natural soils are more acidic than is perfect for most crops, so farmers use lime to increase the pH.
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A bell curve is a symmetrical bell-shaped graph curve that represents the arrangement of values, how often something occurs, or probability of occurance of a set of data. It slopes downward from a point in the middle corresponding to the average also called mean value, or the maximum probability. Ga…
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1. characterized by or showing fancy; capricious or whimsical in appearance: a fanciful design of butterflies and flowers. 2. suggested by fancy; imaginary; unreal: fanciful lands of romance. 3. led by fancy rather than by reason and experience; whimsical: a fanciful mind.
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Ratios and probabilityPerhaps this question is best answered with examples right off the bat.Let's say you have two regular fair dice (six-sided, of course). If you throw them 360 times and keep track of the numbers you throw, you'll record a seven about 60 times. So, you could say that the ratio of…
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Say Oww, then say I hate you to your boss. Then ring the national accident helpline on (800) 376-0150. They will help you get a solicitor to make a npo win no fee claim.Seek a medical attention first to aid the injury acquired then settle for an accident at work claim. A good injury lawyer and a sol…
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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria triggered the war in an imperialistic European society. It was a war that saw the new use of men and material in innovative ways and introduced the use of chemical warfare, submarines, tanks. aircraft and the machine gun.
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It appears red because of how hot it is and how close it is to the sun.
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52, or 54 including jokers. Answer 52 + 2 jokers ANSWER 52/54 : correct, of course, for what is commonly called a "bridge" or a "poker" deck. A "pinochle" deck, on the other hand, has 48 cards: doubles of 9s, 10s, jacks, queens, kings, and aces, in each of the four suits. Jokers, which are no…
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I assume your question refers to The United States in our current circumstances, i.e. the War on Terror. I come from the Cold War generation that faced a universal draft. In fact, I volunteered for the army because I knew if I didn't I'd be drafted. I served through the Cuban Missile Crisis and the …
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Math crops up in many ways - shopping, ensuring that the items you've picked up don't cost more than the amount of money you can afford; - bus/train/plane timetables - buying wallpaper/carpets - cooking recipes
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The punnett square which is mainly about probability of genetic crosses
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No i am a twin and by the facts i have my mother ssaid she doesn't know but I'm pretty shor it is al of how you raise your children darling??  No i am a twin and by the facts i have my mother ssaid she doesn't know but I'm pretty shor it is al of how you raise your children darling??
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