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Goth Music

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Goth music is characterized by dark themes and a post-punk sound. Ask questions about the music and the adherents to the subculture here.


No he is not.
The priciple of the gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable
No, not at all. They're a hard-rock group with some influences from horror punk, but they're very much not goth.
Answer 1: No. He's a rockstar. :)Answer 2: Yes........
Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim
Origin of Goth Goths originated in a place called whitby, North Yorkshire. i have been going there since i was a child and it is truely 'home of the goths'. Many people believe it begun in a london alley witch is wrong that is the punks. if you get to visit whitby or search it up you will soon...
Most bands using those elements compose them on their own, rather than sampling. On the first Cadaveria album, the intro to the opening track "Spell" seems to be sampled from an Opera record, although I'm not well-versed enough about Opera to tell you the source. See related link at the bottom. ...
Aiden, AFI, My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, Neurosonic, From First to Last Or if you're looking for emo bands, goth bands and punk bands, here it is: Punk: The Misfits, Ramones, The Clash, NoFX, The Distillers, Jawbreaker Emo: Sunny Day Real Estate, Glassjaw, Thursday, I Hate Myself, Dashboard...
It really depends on what you consider "positive." Gothic music,  for the most part, is much darker than "normal" music you hear on  the radio. It usually talks about death, gloom, and darkness, and  everything of that nature in a Victorian/orchestral type of style.  But if you are gothic that's...
Definately. And they can like animals, too!
yes indeed. dark rock music where the lyrics are dark and gothic
i think he's goth-angelofdarkness
Because both emo's and goths have crazy hair, wear black, and are sorta dark.
  If you read the May 2008 edition pf Revovler magazine you will see that Cristina clearly states that she is not gothic.
There's no subgenres of goth, like many would have you believe, however certain bands within the goth genre have different tendencies (Killing Joke and Alien Sex Fiend lean Industrial, Fields of the Nephelim and Nosferatu lean hard rock, The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees lean pop). Simply put,...
honestly i think hes kind of a mix of punk, goth, and emo
It really depends on what legion or if they're fighting or training.
There is no such show on TV.
Yes there is. Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy for example.
"New" Goth; current regeneration of the Gothic subculture.
Oh NOO. It's happy music. Except for some of it. But he tries to be positive:)
Well, it depends on the person. Of course goths don't have anything against themselves. Usually people dislike goths because they're different and when it comes to the human mind, its common for us to relate different with bad. I personally love goths and see them as very interesting people. Many...
personaly i like bring me to life by evansence or somthing like that..
Cause they know your parents don't love you
The Goths were an East German tribe that was instrumental in the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Medieval Europe. See the related link below for more information. Goth bands include: Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Birthday Party...
NO WAY!! its 2011 and im getting braces with pink and black i told my friend and she says im goth!
why r u obsessed with goth and no
Some facts about the Gothic genre are that it combines elements of  romance and horror and it focuses on family curses or the  supernatural. This literature is popular and includes a spookiness  with various elements including occult events and suspense.
Appropriate for what, exactly? If it's appropriate to good taste in music, probably not. Content-wise, they're not a particularly "happy" band, so if appropriate to you means something along the lines of the Barney theme song, then probably not.
i found out in a video with him on ny ink megan was introducing him she said something about her and chris went on a few dates
Goth has started as a very popular subculture in the 1980's. There are still some Goths around, but it is not that common as it was before. Nowadays, many people still belong to the Goth subculture, but there is not as many of them as it was in the 1980's.
Porcelain and the tramps **** Off Jill Angelspit Birthday Massacre Ayria Angtoria Asrai Emilie Autumn Blutengel Fatal Aim Inkubus Sukkubus HolyHell Imperia Lahannya L'Ame Immortelle Mandragora Scream Mandrake Noturna Sirenia ShadowPlay Tystnaden
  He is a little bit !!! But he has a style of his own !!!
The Goths were a Germanic tribe of Scandinavian origin, so many of them probably did have blonde hair. If you mean a goth as in a gothic person, then they usually tend to have dark hair.
Cool Down,Cool Down Come On Don't Be So Angry I'll Help You With that..... and he'll calm down or get more angry ehehhhe......
Well, I'm thirteen and I'm emo. I wear the thick eyeliner and everything else. If your goth, though, don't go with the black lipstick. You can basically wear anything an older goth teenager would wear except for the black lipstick.
There is no certain place to get lyrics from, your lyrics have to come from yourself, your heart and your soul, what YOU feel should spill on the page. just sit down in a room by yourself and what you feel is what you write, you have to be a very fluent ready and writer. and very good at english.
Sure, evanescence is a very goth band so I guess the band members would be considered gothic too.
Neither. Screamo is derivative of Hardcore Punk, not Metal, and the original Screamo bands were of a style more similar to Grindcore or Crust Punk.
Fat lip by sum 41!!!!!!!!!
Their perverted lyrics -___-
I think BOTDF is mainly dance, electric, crunk etc .. Some of their music has some dubstep back ground (party on- botdf) so that's my best description; hope it help a little
No. They are both incredibly skilled bands. Goths are entirely too ignorant too enjoy suck artistic mastery. Goth's are hipsters who don't have enough money to buy non-black makeup.
i dont think its the thing to steriotype but yes goths and emos tend to like heavy rock bands such as Avenged Sevnfold.
Dude, it really all depends on who you are. You can be any label to like Avenged Sevenfold. Goths, emos, scenes and some NERDS like a7x so labels really don't matter when it comes to bands.
SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BE A GOTH. A POSER.   Someone who has a Hot Topic fequent buyers card and thinks that Manson is a goth singer.
Western music is popular worldwide because the west has the most influence on the world and on the internet (80% of it is in English).
you call him a guy who likes punk rock and metal wears alot of black and wears a goth cross At least until you learn him name
The next band to grace the face of Unsigned and Unholy are Whispers of Wonder from Portland, Oregon (USA). These guys are a 5 piece "Melodic Wondercore" band which consists of Lukkie Thornton (lead vocals), Chree Thornton (guitar and vocals), Austin Shaner (bass and vocals), Hayden Dent (drums and...
they can wear them but then they are a poser unless they really do skateboard
yes they do cuz ima goth
Goths can listen to whatever music they want as long as they also listen to some actual goth music. If you want to listen to Slipknot, you can, just be sure you also have something like The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, or Siouxie and the Banshees on your iPod.
If you question yourself on being a poser, then you are one. It's that simple. Being a goth is a lifestyle, not a music preference.
No. Not even a little bit. It's mostly Nu-Metal, with a couple Trip Hop tracks.
No. She's not a Goth at all. She is more into Rock.
They are usually quiet. they are only talkative to their friends (most likely to also be goth). Emos are also quiet. they actually tend to me more quiet than goths.
I once saw some lady in her 50's Probabily (seriously she had a blue mohawk and very thing) so I don't worry of your age as long as you have a good job and partner who accepts you for your gothic ways it's all good.
A modern Goth is a fan of Goth music, which is like Post-Punk except gloomier and somewhat mystical at times. Goth bands include Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Cinema Strange, Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, Corpus Delicti, and The...
most people dont really use that lable anymore that are "goth" and most that do are in their teens i think for a lot of them it has to do with teen angst and depression they dress they way they do because they feel like theyve been rejected from society so they want to reject themselves even...
The Goth you are familar with, such as 17 and 18 year olds running round shopping malls in all black, white face etc.. aparantly London. But there are deeper roots with Germanic tribes.... but that's a whole different story!!
Goth used to be a religion before Jesus Christ was born. correction: Goth was never a religion. It was a term used to describe two Germanic tribes: The ostrogoths and the visigoths. Another opinion: In relation to modern fashon, Goth is a style niche, just like "indie" or "emo". Goths have...
Critic John Stickney used the term "gothic rock" to describe the music of The Doors in October 1967. ]. Stickney wrote that the band met the journalists "in the gloomy vaulted wine cellar of the Delmonico hotel, the perfect room to honor the gothic rock of the Doors". The author noted that contrary...
as the frontmen Der Graf said in interview with Radio Nietzsche:  "The name Unheilig means to be free of all. You don't think in a  special way which somebody wants to do. You are free to say and to  do what you want without hurting an other person."
To not be goth is really hard. Coming from a goth person. I used to always wear pink until my parents split. So the depression got a hold of me. So if you have a problem talk to a therapist or your parents. I still wear black clothes a lot but that's because I like the color. But once in a while I...
It's not the most imaginative song title, and there've been a fewartists who've released a song by this same. Could you possibly tryto give a description of the song?
  While she considers herself to be many people in the gothic sub-cultrue consider her fake and a poser.
  No,this has been stated by Sharon herself. She perfers to just be known for having her own style.
The gothic sub-culture originated from England, from the Post-Punk genre.   Most wear Victorian and Medieval influenced clothes. There are two main notciebale styles of goth. The first is the 'Karma' Goth, who wears the gothic clothes but does not follow it as a religion. The second answers...
Jazz is very much about "doing your own thing". Therefore, jazz singers may be inspired by someone else's music and then do their own variation on it!
What does gothic mean in regards to the group of people? Here's where it gets confusing. There are things that many Goths like that are not gothic (Industrial or Classical music). There are things that are gothic that many Goths dislike (vampires, interest in death). There are things that some...
Answer: goths wear anything hot and sexy that's black,purple and dark blue! as long as its not bright colours you are fine really I agree with the top statement. don't forget dark green. we also wear dark makeup. It's not always dark like we do red lipstick or blue eye-shadow etc...we don't always...
It is possible. Miracles do happen every day. However, I would not  count on it. Singers voices change as they get older.
You can help a cute little sweet and gentle elfin nerdy friend  become an intimidating death metal star goth type figure by  exposing him or her to goth music they might enjoy. Most people  will emulate things they admire, so load him or her up with  positive imagery of the change you'd like to...
Dynasty of Darkness - 2003 was released on: USA: 10 June 2003
Most people would not identify Green Day as goth yet I am a very gothic lady and I believe that Green Day is the best band in this world or any other! Do yourself a favour: buy a Green Day album or see them live. Trust me they are amazing, unbeleivable and the lyrics are so meaningful.
To always wear black
  assuming you mean "what is it normal for goths to do"..... wear dark makeup. wear dark clothes and chains, sometimes safety pins. dye their hair black(although i didn't do that). Have alot of piercings(but i only have 2.) wear one earring.
AVC is the german artist writing music for a band called "Sopor  Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows". He looks like a unsexual  man, with big piercings in the ears, white made up skin, wearing a  black dress and with a bunch of hair in the middle of the head. Not  a lot is known about this...
The meaning of goth is often mistaken for being some form of 'mindset' are attitude, but this is painfully incorrect. Goth is, always has been, and always will be a music genre. (Bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Killing Joke, Nosferatu,...
Because some kids and teens are going through alot and the music sooths them and makes them feel like they dont have to conform to society. The fashion is basically the same thing. They just dont want to be like everyone else!
Well, here's a list of old school goth (or related) bands: Bauhaus Siouxsie and the Banshees The Cure Rosetta Stone The Birthday Party The Cramps Southern Death Cult Virgin Prunes Sex Gang Children Gun Club Killing Jokei am ghostxodiack
== Answer ==   The history of "the wave" is an object of some controversy, but it appears to have started in Canada in 1980, gained momentum in the United States, and then became a global phenomenon at th 1986 World Cup in Mexico.   See the Related Question for more details.
the same as everyone else , theres goths , ravers metal heads , people into the hip hop scene , psytrance ravers , heaps of stuff , Turkey isn't a backward nation , and we are free to listen to what ever we want
What does gothic mean in regards to the group of people? Here's where it gets confusing. There are things that many Goths like that are not gothic (Industrial or Classical music). There are things that are gothic that many Goths dislike (vampires, interest in death). There are things that some...
He is not. He is punk/pop/rock. Though he does wear eyeliner (Some times) So do a lot of rock bands.
The songs they listen to are mock recordings of famous goth bands (Bauhaus, seen as 'Blauhaus' in a poster located in the goth girls room), and an industrial band called 'Skinny Puppy'. Because of the misconception of death metal=Goth, a lot of people assume the goth kids from the show listen to...
  == Answer ==   they are not weird they are just different then you are. i mean to them you may seem very weird. just because someone doesn't act like every one else they are for some reason unliked? why? its who they are, let them be like that, just because it isn't your (way of acting)...