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Washington Utah

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Washington is a city in Washington County, Utah, USA. It has a total area of 31.5 square miles (81.7 square kilometers), of which 31.5 square miles (81.7 square kilometers) is land and 0.04 square mile (0.1 square kilometer) is water.
We have many birds in Washington Utah here are some to name a few; . Ducks . Sparrows (many different types) . Thrashers . Roadrunners (Desert areas) . Hawks . Swans . Fench
People from Utah are called Utahins.
If you are under 16 it is 11:00 PM and 17 year old get to stay out till 1:00 AM. Then when you turn 18 you don't have a curfew.. If you are under 16 it is 11:00 PM and 17 year old get to stay out till 1:00 AM. Then when you turn 18 you don't have a curfew.
I believe a society in which the social groups, or sexes are mixed, or homogenized.
Here is a link below for a Washington Trails Association youth.
Great Salt Lake, Lake Powell, and Utah Lake
U.W.C. owns cache valley they are white power skin heads and do not take kindly to other organizations they don't use drugs but they are suspected to be dealers if you run into a logan U.w.c member it is best to go the other way because they are known to hurt colors for no reason they where Dr...
The rivers that run through Washington City, Utah are Virgin Rivers and Santa Clara run towards the south of Washington Utah. The Santa Clara River comes out of Pine Valley and the two meet.
Yes. Utah is the 45 US state, founded on January 4, 1896. It is located in the western United STates.
2,083 miles, which is about 1 day 7 hours driving time. Enjoy!
The city of Washington DC is on the Potomac River which separates the state of Maryland from the state of Virginia.
A person from Utah is called a Ute. Although that name also refers to a tribe of Native Americans, those Native Americans were the inspiration behind the naming of Utah.
Utah State Government says it is Utahn
Yes, Washington is a very nice family community.
Washington does get down into 17 degrees at times and a little snow that does not stay very long. It starts to get warm in April, then August and September is very hot mostly over 100 degrees and up to 110 maybe more. It's a dry heat. Not very much humidity in Washington City. It's also very windy...
Yes, we have many nice elementary schools here.
Absolutely!! there are many, many places to go off roading out in the dessert where the beautiful red/brown/orange/peach/cream colored mountains are. Also, there are wonderful walking trails out in the turtle reserve areas.
We have an Albersons market, a Smiths market, a few smaller stop n go types markets and of course Walmart super store has a whole market inside. Oh yes, and we have a Costco in Washington Utah.
Yes, we have some golf courses here, they are beautiful.
So far this winter we have received about three inches of rain. It's been a very nice winter.
No, Washington doesn't get a lot of snow. We do get some though but it doesn't stay around very long, it melts quickly.
Yes, it's very quiet on Sundays, some big stores like the markets, Walmart stay open but for the mostpart everything is closed down on Sundays. The day of rest and a time to be with family and friends.
Yes, it is very hot here in the summer but not unbearable. It's a dry heat, reaches about highs 115 maybe a little hotter sometimes.
Yes, there are many people who have horse property and horses here.
No, there are no seven eleven liquor stores here.
Yes, some of the driving laws are a little different than say, California or Nevada, or Arizona even. The speed limits around town are about five to ten miles slower.
No, people here are very nice and never try to push their religion on you. In fact they kind of stay away from you unless you are a member of the church. That's what I have observed here but they are friendly and say hi and wave but that's it.
Oh yes, the mountains here are just gorgeous!!! so is the dirt. The colors range from a dark red/rusty dark brown to a creamy white in some spots.
The city of Washington, Utah has anelevation of 2,792 feet above sea level.
Lets see, some of the cities or towns near Washington are; Hurricane, St. George, Ivans, Gunlock, Santa Clara. Springdale, Laverkin, Arizona. I may have missed some.
Well, snow canyon is very close and worth visiting. Zion is about 45 minutes from Washington and is very gorgeous, a must to see. The mountains around Washington are beautiful with colors of red, purple, peach, orange, brown, tan and even pink. Bryce Canyon is close too.
Yes, there are many homes available and there are foreclosures and new homes too are available at very low prices. Some of the new homes they are building don't have much of a back yard and they are set close together. You can also buy lots and build your own custom home. There is a lot of land...
Most of the homes are made out of brick and or stones. Many of the homes are large with over four bedrooms. Many homes were build as custom homes many, many years ago and don't have curbs.
Yes, most of the older homes have basements but the newer track homes do not.
Yes, there is a college called Dixie College.