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Rocks and Minerals

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A rock is a compound composed of two or more minerals. It is classified into three types based on how it is formed – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Meanwhile, a mineral is grouped in classes based on its chemical properties.


It's not really possible to answer that, as there are so many. Itis also dependent on your definition of mineral. Some are quartz,feldspar, and horneblende.
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There are four main processes that contribute to erosion -   Chemical Weathering, Biological Weathering, Exfoliation, and  Freeze-Thaw
by exercise the minerals excited by sweating
It depeneds on the pebble
Igneous Rock,Sedimentary Rocks,Metamorphic Rocks Igneous made from cooled magma Sedimentary made from sedimentsMetamorphic made from either sedimentary or igneous
minerals make bone hard and are very important in blood composition
"Sedimentary rocks such as limestone can be used for a variety of purposes including highway construction and building stones, and, in the classroom, as chalk. Rocks such as coal and oil shale can be processed for their valuable, energy-containing carbon compounds. Rock gypsum can be ground up and...
Clastic rocks are made from fragments of pre-existing rocks.
Not unless they have grit and stones trapped in the tire treads....But metals start out as minerals, and most bikes are made from metals.
They date the igneous intrusions and extrusions near the sedimentary rock layers.
Sediments harden to form sedimentary rock through the application of pressure. Heat may play a part, but it is the settling down of the sediment and the buildup of overburden that "crushes" the material together. After millenia in a "big squeeze" applied by zillions of tons of material that has been...
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  yes, metals are lustrous in nature.
Iron Pyrites? That would be Gold. Iron pyrites is known as "Fools Gold" Since it is similar to real gold nuggets in appearance.
Depending on which company you buy them from, they are primarily  stainless steel. Not carbon steel. Stainless doesn't rust and it is  much cheaper for both the buyer and the manufacturer.
Each gem (or mineral) has specific chemical and physical properties. For detailed informations consult the link bellow.
Grog is the material usually added to clay to minimize shrinkage.  Grog is ground fired clay and it adds strength to the body as well  as minimizing shrinkage.
Well, many sunglasses carry many kinds of minerals depending on the type of brand they are, and from where they are from. If you want a general answers, the majority of sunglasses contain about 25% or 40% nickel. As I said, its all pending on where they're from and who made them.
Rocks that are categorized as sedimentary rocks include sandstone,  breccia shale, limestone and selenite. Sedimentary rocks are  classified by their grain size.
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Sheetrock is primarily gypsum, combined with sand and water.
by the minerals different drugs are prepared .
Assist healthy growth and development. Early years good nutritionis highly important.
Some of the minerals that are found in food are calcium, fluorine, iodine, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. These are all the ones that were spoken about in the class I am taken, so there may be more than this, but these are the basic ones that I know about.I hope that this can solve your question...
It is OK, rubies are easy to make artificially as they are made outof Aluminium Oxide. However there is one particular gem mineral(Spinel) that looks like ruby and some of the world's most famousrubies are not rubies but Spinels. eg. the Black Prince's Ruby andthe "Timur ruby" in the British Crown...
The Shale is not a metamorphic rock it is a sedimentary rock.
The subsoil becomes rich in minerals as minerals from the topsoil  leach down into the subsoil.
a group of american petrographers
They may be called "ores" but the term includes other minerals that  contain valuable elements that are not metals.
Often, but not always! The definition of a fossil is a whole, part or impression of an organism from a past geologic age, embedded in natural materials, such as rock, sediment, resin, petrified bones, or wood.
Hematite is an oxide of iron in its "raw" or "natural" form. It's a mineral, and it's iron(III) oxide. Its formula is Fe2O3.Hematite is Fe2O3.
Lead is a metal. The main lead mineral is galena (PbS), which contains 86.6% lead.
The faster the rate of cooling the smoother the rock will be.  The slower the rate the more rough the texture.    The faster it cools the finer the texture of the rock. Slower  cooling magmas tend to form courser grained igneous rocks. The more  time a magma has too cool, the larger the...
This type of sedimentary rock must have organic material to be created. They are called organic because they are made from organic material such as grass or plankton that, over long periods of time, becomes a type of sedimentary rock. This organic material can be the organism itself or may be given...
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No, Chlorophyll is organic in nature.
It depends on the type of rock in question: Igneous; Metamorphic or Sedimentary. As an example, consider the differences between applying high temperatures to a volcanic rock and say, sandstone. Igneous rocks are born of primordial fire, so you'd think they could handle the minor heat of boiling...
  Granite tables in the kitchen.
Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic.
Marble is used principally for buildings and monuments, interior  decoration, statuary, table tops, and novelties. Color and  appearance are their most important qualities. Resistance to  abrasion, which is a function of cohesion between grains as well as  the hardness of the component minerals,...
When the tension (stress) is great enough, they will fracture or deform.
A rock is made of 2 or more minerals, minerals make up rocks but rocks cannot make up minerals.
Pumice is formed near and above volcanoes from foamy lava that has  been ejected.
Galena and cinnabar are both sulfide minerals, and found around the  world. Galena is the natural form of lead and easily smelted  because of its low melting point.
It's useful to know a rocks texture because then you may identify all stones better
Both minerals and vitamins help enzymes perform their functions during metabolism. Without minerals and vitamins, hormones would be innefective. The requirement of mineral elements in the body is very varied. I'll show you a table below which explains in simple terms what I mean:   STRUCTURE: The...
Two methods for the preparation of salt in laboratory are: - 2Na + Cl 2 = 2NaCl - NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H 2 O
ORGANIC SEDIMENTARY ROCK`s : Is a type of sedimentary rock because sedimentary rock has three types of sedimentary rock called clastic , chemical , and organic sedimentary rock so yes ORGANIC SEDIMENTARY ROCK is a type of sedimentary rock..........................................
A mineral is naturally occurring inorganic matter. a rock is 2 or more minerals combined
As in what process causes this? if so it is usually under heat and pressure. Depending on what kind of rick it is depends on the resultant metamorphic rock e.g Shale-->Slate etc
erosion but it would take thousand of years
Turquoise occurs in sedimentary or metamorphic rocks near or at the contact with igneous intrusives.
fools gold also know as iron sulphide FeS2
Originating in fire
The addiction to looking at, studying, or collecting rocks is easy to understand. First of all, rocks come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Some have sparkly crystals or shiny faces. Some look like animal forms, mechanical devices or body parts. Once you look into the processes that lead...
Scoria is red due to the oxidation of iron-containing minerals.
Yes. Cereal companies put iron and copper and magnesium and etc. etc. etc. for your blood benifets
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This fact is very probable known from prehistoric times.
The Extrusive igneous rock is formed on the earths surface while the Intrusive igneous rock is formed within or inside the earths crust.
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The baked margin is an area in the country rock, touching an igneous body, which has been thermally metamorphosed. It is basically a metamorphic aureole but on a much smaller scale
Although i don't know the exact year, but all i know is it was discovered in somewhere in the 1880s, i believe.
Some factors that affect the rate of weathering are the type ofrock, the altitude and the climate.
Most igneous rocks have a relatively homogenous mix of minerals which are interlocked.
Loamy soil has a higher clay content, and usually is easier to maintain organic matter content.
Marble is a rock formed by the metamorphism of limestone.
No, iron is a metallic mineral resource.
Yes, however, those crystals are extremely small; some too small to  be seen even by a microscope.
Sodium and chlorine: the formula unit of sodium chloride is NaCl.
Sedimentary rocks are made from particles called sediment. They are made from layers of sediment (small particles) on the bottom of rivers or seas. The sediments are compressed as more layers build on top of them. The particles then become cemented together to form solid rocks. The layers of rock...
Answer. Rocks are non-living solid objects, formed by nature, composed of a mineral or minerals.
Sedimentary rocks are types of rock that are formed by the deposition of material at the Earth's surface and within bodies of water.
magma pushes its way up through cracks and may become trapped surrounded by solid rocks, the magma cools slowly it may take centuries to harden during this long time the igneous rocks form with large crystals large crystals give rocks a coarse texturehope this helps with your homework!i hate science...
Yes. Limestone is the parent rock, or protolith, of marble.
Yes desks can be made out of rocks
You can buy minerals from online mineral dealers, or from rock shops, or from mineral shows, or from mineral collectors. Minerals are also sometimes sold at auction, or at museums and universities with active earth science departments.A quick internet search will turn up any of the above in your...
The time it takes to cool from the molten state. Rocks cooled quickly normally have small crystals while those which cooled slowly have larger crystals.