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Andrew Johnson

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Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States and served from April 15, 1865 to March 4, 1869.
Andrew Johnson was the 17th president of the United Statesof America. Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the UnitedStates of America.
No, he died 6 years after he left office.
No. He was never a candidate for President and only ran forvice-president the one time he won. He was a US senator when hisstate, TN, seceded.
Abraham Lincoln.
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She died January 15, 1876 in Greenville, Tennessee at age 65.
helping abolish slavery in Tennessee
The House of Representatives impeached Johnson by a vote of 126-47, mostly cast along party lines, with the Radical Republicans demanding impeachment. Johnson was acquitted at his Senate trial, where the vote was taken three times in an effort to resolve the 35-19 deadlock that was one vote short...
Andrew Johnson didn't exactly "decide" to be President. John was President Lincoln's Vice-President, and the office was thrust upon him when Lincoln was assassinated in April 1865, because the Vice-President is first in line of succession. Johnson probably liked wielding power, but had burned his...
One of his accomplishments would be buying Alaska from the Russions
Andrew Johnson aand his wife had three sons and two daughters: (Listed in order of birth) Martha Johnson Patterson ( b.Oct. 25, 1828 , Greeneville, TN ; d. July 10,1901, Greeneville, TN) Charles Johnson (b. Feb 19.1830, Greeneville,TN ;d. Apr 14, 1963 , Nashville, TN) Mary Johnson Stover (b....
Andrew Johnson was elected presidet but never elected twice.
She was 16 years old when she married Andrew Johnson in 1827.
Andrew Johnson belonged to the Democratic Political Party.
The underlying source of conflict between President Johnson and the Radical Republicans in Congress was caused by their belief that Johnson was a Southern sympathizer who would undermine Congress' plans for Reconstruction. Johnson favored allowing the Confederate states back into the Union if a...
He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.
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Yes. Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives (charged with wrongdoing) on February 24, 1868, but the Senate acquitted him at trial (found the President not guilty) by a single vote, so he was not removed from office. For more information, see Related Questions, below.
Andrew Johnson served shy of one term which is 4 years.(1865-1869). He took office as Vice President on March 4, becomingPresident after Lincoln's death on April 15, the morning afterLincoln was shot. The 17th President of the United States was Andrew Johnson from April 15, 1865 to March 4, 1869
no since he was the only southern representative to not secede  during the formation of the confederacy
Andrew Johnson died on July 31,1875.
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Andrew Johnson has many quotes attributed to him. One of the more well known is, "The goal to strive for is a poor government but a rich people".
President Andrew Johnson was never convicted; he was acquitted by a single vote, 35-19, following his Senate removal trial. Conviction requires a two-thirds super majority of the Senate, or 36 votes (at that time). President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House of Representatives, meaning they...
 He purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867.  He defied Congress Tenure of Office act on grounds that it was  unconstitutional (which He was impeached for, but the Supreme Court  agreed with Johnson's reasoning)  He was accommodating to the Southern states, and advocated less  harsh treatment of...
He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war.
Yes- there is an Andrew Johnson elementary school in Kingsport, TN. US 11 from Greeneville, TN to Morristown, TN is named the Andrew Johnson Highway. Of course, the Andrew Johnson National Historical site in Greeneville, TN is named for him.
Technically, no one. Ford was made the Vice President as per the25th amendment to the constitution, and became the President whenNixon resigned.
  Andrew Freedman was a real estate speculator and bondsman who bought the New York Giants back in 1895. He was reputed to be a mean and overbearing man and during his time as owner the Giants had 23 managers. In 1902, he hired John McGraw away from the Baltimore Orioles of the new...
his term was that he was the first president to be impeached although he was not convivted. he also vetoed laws which would have restored military rule over the south. Also the bill that would have gave the blacks citizen ship.
Eliza McCardle Johnson
The Junior Senator from Kansas, Senator Edmund Gibson Ross, voted against conviction in President Johnson's impeachment trial, which resulted in the acquittal of President Johnson.
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Much of Congress tried to remove Johnson from office and replace with the Senate pro tempore. The move failed by a single Senate vote.
The main charge against him was his violation of the Tenure of Office Act when he fired Secretary of War Stanton without the approval of Congress.
Congress passed a bill of impeachment in February , 1868. He was not convicted.
Clinton was impeached by The House Of Representatives, because of  allegedly lying about a sexual encounter he had with a junior  member of the White House staff. What really got him into trouble  was lying about it under oath.   He was acquitted of the charge by the Senate.    For more...
Johnson's policies went against the wishes and plans of Congress.have fun on study island (:
Yes. Andrew Johnson brought the North and South together.
Forced the French out of Mexico Negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia
One of the things he did was work as being a president and doing other stuff that he had to while he was alive living .But right now if he was alive he stand in front of a million people of the United State of America was one of the best presidents in the worlds THE END. by a student that you don't...
The main official reason was his violation of a tenure in officelaw which he was charged with breaking when he fired hisSecretary of War, Edward Stanton. There were a lot of people inCongress that wanted him out of office and were looking for somereason to get him out. He was unpopular because,...
Johnson wasn't convicted because the Senate fell one vote short of the needed 2/3 majority.
No one replaced Andrew Johnson; he kept his position as he was not convicted.
Well, for starters, He was The first President to be impeached, and  while he was in ofice the 13th and 14th amendment were passed,  giving slaves freedome and more rights. He also was one of the few  people who disagreed with reconstrucion.
You can still visit his tailor shop in Greeneville, TN. He may have had an earlier one somewhere else.
Johnson is buried at his hometown of Greeneville, Tennessee.
Because he wanted the same things that they wanted. and the were VERY happy that this happened. they knew it would benefit them.
Andrew Johnson was not a founding father.
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He violated the tenure of office act
From the age of 10 to 15, he was apprenticed to tailor James Selby, who had also educated his older brother William.
Andrew Johnson married Eliza McCardle Johnson in 1827.
  johnsons plan was that a majority of white males must swear an oath for the state to join the union also to ratify the 13th amendment (to make slavery legal again) also to let former confederate officials vote and hold office
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Lyndon B. Johnson was the Vice President of the United Statesduring the time John F. Kennedy was president. After the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, Johnson wasinaugurated as president.
President Andrew Johnson did not go to college or university or even high school.
to guarantee black political rights
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the petition was written on behalf of the freedman of edisto island south carolina when OO Howard was sent to relay a message from Prs. Jonhson. Satating that the land they have now acquired was to be reinstated to its previous owners.
Because he did something bad. Something he wasn't supposed to do.
He was born on 29 December 1808, so he was 56 when he became the President upon the assassination of Lincoln.
That day was April 15, 1865, the day that Lincoln died.
Congress forced a change to the state population allowing black males the right to vote along with white males. Johnson vetoed Nebraska's statehood under the claim that Congress had no right to change a state's constitution. Congress disagreed, and a supermajority overruled his decision.
Several moderate Republicans voted for a verdict of not guilty because they did not believe a president should be removed from office for political differences thus, as a result Johnson stayed in office until the end of his term in March 1869. The Senate voted to acquit President Johnson of the...
I don't quite understand what you're trying to know but Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the tenure of office act of 1867. Impeachment is not whether or not you get convicted just whether or not you go to trial. He was impeached January 24, 1868. ___________The use of "what" in this...