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Seafood is a group of sea animals eaten by humans. Common seafood dishes include a variety of fishes (salmon, tuna, cod, snapper) and shellfishes (shrimp, lobster, crab, oyster). Seafood is considered a healthier protein source than red meat.
A vegetarian that eats sea food could be called a pescatarian.
no it's white meat.
i am pretty sure it is thuna, thunae
they are shellfish, they are also known as the Norway lobster or the dublin prawn.
A fish that is served without bones is referred to as a fillet.
That depends. Cod will only swim in certain places but that doesn't limit them to 1 country. Could come from anywhere. Depends on your shop and who whatever country you live in, imports from
An unaqveterian. un meaning not; aq being short for water; and veterian meaning one who does not eat meat.
\nHeck yes. Dead fish are good fertilizer.
its good for both because it has a very good amount of vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron. also it contains ocean water!!
Yes. Just watch out for tiny bones.
Crab meat is an easily digested protein, and is an excellent choicefor people with digestive issues. There is no literature explainingthe digestive process of crab.
Some of the most expensive seafood that you can find in Mumbai areClams, Lobster meat, squids, and basa fillet. Even prawns areexotic and priced high. However, if you visit Hamviseafoods thenyou will find reasonable priced seafood in comparison to that ofthe markets.
You do not "get rid" of ammonia smell. It is a sign of deterioration and spoilage. Throw it away and DO NOT EAT IT. The best you can do is avoid buying it in the first place. Ask a lot of questions when you buy, such as when the fish came in, how often they receive fresh shipments, where it comes...
No, Ajinomoto is not made from fish and it has been made from achemical compound named monosodium glucomate.
no It's spelt flour, and you can cook it with butter, base it in egg and roll in brad crumbs or fry in cooking old in a pan, but never flour. It dries the fish and just isn't nice.
You don't eat the guts..or the eyes!!! Some people do eat the eyes and even the fins. While I haven't heard of people eating the guts I'm sure they do somewhere.
Tradition: Traditionally, shark fin soup is served during important events, like weddings, once a year gatherings, or celebrations. They are expensive, so people don't drink shark fin soup daily unless they are stuffed with cash. This is akin to cultures serving boar(wild pigs) in events, or in...
Don't risk it. When in doubt, throw it out. In other words, don't eat or buy it!
They are living on a seacoast filled with fish,tuna,ect,but I',m sure they get tired of it. So to say,they fish.
It does not have to be, but often is to preserve the fresh flavors of the fish while it is being transported long distances.
If the mussel is open before you cook it ,it's a sign it's already dead and therefore should not be consumed .
Tuna steaks are red before cooking and pink after.
Yes, they are okay to eat, but very very bony with LOTS of tiny bones to deal with. Not good for children or old people. We caught, cooked and ate them in Alaska, but only small ones, so they maybe be easier to eat when they get larger. At the time, the wild ones were hook and release, but...
No I won't because I'm alergic to it SO WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it takes to go to astons birthday
Trout, sunfish, white and striped bass, catfish, walleyes.
No longer than two hours should seafood stay outside of refrigeration.
The customer determines that answer every time and it is not limited to seafood. Brand recognition has a limited but genuine place in marketing. A French wine in a blind tasting may not be recognized by the layman (and Probably will not) when compared to a quality wine from California, New York or...
1.25 pounds of snow carb is 20 ounces of snow carb.
Wendys serves "fresh" ocean pacific filets.but i wouldn't eat it...
Turtle is meat. because its not classed as a fish.
I use a pot with lid and use enough water to come up half way on the shell.
There are many ways to cook eggs. How long you cook them, and how you cook them depends on which recipe your using. Click on the related links section below ( Eggs & How To Cook Them) for this information. you made me hungry!
No, fish is a seafood. And there are many other types of foods that are not meat. Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Breads, Seafood etc. Other sea foods also include: Shrimp Talopia, Halibut, etc. I hope my answer will answer any further questions.
about half a fish unless there fat then buy the a whole fish
Saltwater Fish. The name is taken from the Middle English words haly, meaning " holy ," and butte, meaning "flatfish," because halibut was traditionally eaten on holy days
Tuna is not a dish or cuisine so it didn't originate from anywhere, its an animal more specifically a fish. The use of it in cuisine originates from anywhere it is able to be fished, it is not something that is specific to any one country.
You can usually freeze them in a big freezer. Then when you take them out let them thaw.
Calamari is fried squid. The whole thing.
Although Mercury can be found in fish and shellfish the two radionuclides which concentrate in seafood are Lead-210 and Polonium-210. (Source: FEMA Radiological Emergency Management Course IS-3)
Worldwide, rice is probably the food most widely eaten with fish.
no because you are still eating a animal that has been dead to sum this up: no its meat ya that is what i was trying to say
it's not red meat, but it is a meat.
Gorton's Breaded Haddock is not fried, it's simply breaded, andthen you have the choice of how you'd like it cooked. You can fryit, or bake it or even cook it in the microwave.
lobster,salmon,marlin,prawns,fish, and crab
You should have two portions of seafood a week, one of which should be oil rich.
shellfish is simply never fresh
You can pickle the fish I have some excellent recipes
I assume you mean fish and chips. Cod is the best.
Yes, all species of tuna are kosher.
Hard to say as there are a lot of differences between brands, but usually it will be a neutral flavored white fish such as Whiting or Pollack.
Rusty Barnacle The seafood restaurant run by Sea Captain McAllister is called 'The Frying Dutchman'. The Japanese restaurant where Homer ate fugu is called ' The Happy Sumo'.
If you're asking what the name of the seafood restaurant in 'the simpsons' is then its 'the red lobster'. hope i helped. I believe the answer you are looking for is Rusty Barnacle
The right answer is to never ever ever buy dry sea food. That's just not smart at all.
There are many different varieties of Knorr Aromat seasoning (all purpose, for meat, grill seasoning, garden seasoning, etc.) and listing possible substitions for them all would not likely to be a question answered quickly. Perhaps if you could rephrase your question and specify which seasoning you...
no there is not a type of seafood called place in America as far as i know
All types of crab small fish and oisters
No, you cannot cook raw fish in the microwave because it does not have the right temperature and steady condition. However, you can heat precooked fish in the microwave.
The best time of the year to eat cockles would be in September and October.
I believe that cod has a milder flavor than pollock.
I follow the Potato Council's advice for traditional chips:- Place chips in a pan of cold, bring to the boil then simmer for 2 minutes (allumettes) or 3-4 minutes for thicker chips. Drain them and leave them to cool. Pre-heat dripping, lard or vegetable oil to 120°C in a deep-fat fryer. Blanch...
Yes, you can defrost fish in the microwave oven. Follow the guidelines in your operation manual, or refer to instructions on the packaging of your frozen fish. If you don't have a manual for your oven, or there aren't instructions on the fish package, you could either look up defrosting foods at...
un plateau de fruits de mer
This depends on the way you cook them (in the UK they are called fish fingers). You can fry them, which is adding fat via the cooking oil. Or you can choose to bake them in the oven, which of course uses no fat other than what is contained in the product itself. So it's really up to you which option...
Well of course, doesn't everyone? .............................................................. A more objective answer would be that we don't know. Lobsters are very different than humans with a much simpler nervous system and "brain." They certainly have some form of awareness because they...
Ambos Seafoods is a whole sale seafood company based in Savannah, Georgia providing shrimp, fish and other shellfish. They offer domestic, imported, wild or farmed products.
Do you like fish sticks?. Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth?. YOUR A GAY FISH!!. -South Park
I'd guesstimate that a 6 to 8 ounce portion would be just fine.
It has a very long coastline for size of the country and fishing has long been a very important industry.
people eat fish because they feel it is healthy.
Yes, you can i lived in Canada for 45 years and that was basically what i ate alot!
Cooking techniques can vary, but i definatley recommend that you leave it is soda water water knead them and leave for few hrs, this allows for the calamari to be soft after cooking and not tough and too rubery.
Scallops are also called Bay Scallops or Sea Scallops, and/or Calico Scallops.
processed fish covered in breadcrumbs (and usually beaten egg)
\nFrom Spanish. The Spanish got it from the Taino language. The Taino live in and around the Bahamas. Guess they were proficient fishermen. I got this answer from\n
Founded in 1950 by George Berkowitz in Cambridge, Mass., Legal Sea Foods got its name from the neighboring Legal Cash Market, a grocery operated by Berkowitz's father. In 1968 the family opened its first seafood restaurant next to the fish market, serving fish either boiled or fried on paper plates....
Protein and some vitamins.
hermit crabs use their claws to grab food