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Why does acupuncture work?

It is proposed that acupuncture works because the needles placed in  the skin interrupt the nerve signals that transfer pain signals to  the brain. Acupuncture can be used f (MORE)

Can acupuncture harm you?

The biggest danger of acupuncture is the practitioner. If somebody is not careful they can puncture a lung, the stomach cavity or other organs/nerves. To avoid this, find some (MORE)

What does acupuncture mean?

  Accupuncture is an Asian method of healing. They use thin needles and puncture your skin at certain places. Like, if you have pain in your shoulder or leg that's where t (MORE)

Where was acupuncture developed?

I am chinese. I truly believe that it was developed in China.   I am Chinese too. It was developed in China, to be more specific, it was during the Han Dynasty.
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Can you swim after acupuncture?

I don't see any reason why would not swim after acupuncture treatment. Swimming is good for you health and physical condition, go for it!
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What is acupuncture?

Human history is  rich and mysterious. In The Yellow Emperor's Classic of  Internal Medicine, a Chinese work that dates back to 100  BCE, the emperor and his minister Chhi (MORE)

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

While acupuncture may sound painful with there being a lot of needles being stuck in the body it actually is supposed to be a great method of relaxing the body and making you (MORE)

How is acupuncture used?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine, which has been  practiced in China for well over 1,000 years. The belief is that  the body has energy channels which sometimes do (MORE)