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Introduction of biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the science in which chemistry is applied to the living organisms, the atoms and molecules which comprise living organisms. Or in other words Biochemistry is t (MORE)

Significance of biochemistry?

Biochemistry can be described as the science related with the  chemical basis of life. Biochemistry explains life in terms of bio  chemical reactions. The study of biochemis (MORE)
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What does biochemistry deal with?

  Biochemistry basically deals with the study of the chemistry and chemical processes associated with life processes (such as metabolism, growth, reproduction, heredity, a (MORE)

What is pH in biochemistry?

  The log to the base 10 of the concentration of Hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution times -1. pH = -log10[H+] This measures the acidity of a solution. A low pH indicates (MORE)
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Is biochemistry relevance of biochemistry to the society?

yes, Biochemistry absolutely deals with the chemistry of living organisms both plant and animal. Protoplasm is the basis of all forms of life. Although the protoplasm of each (MORE)

What is the scope of biochemistry?

The scope of biochemistry is to understand the functionality of  living tissues, cells, and the entire living system.    This science deals with the chemistry of life (MORE)

What are the goals of biochemistry?

The basic goal of biochemistry as a science is to understand the specific chemical reactions and processes that are involved in living organisms.
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Mother of biochemistry?

Maud laden is considered as mother of bichemistry. she is Canadian medical scientist who made significant contribution to enzyme kinetics and histochemistry. Her name is assoc (MORE)