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Why do the Boston Red Sox spell it sox instead of socks?

It is sox instead of socks because they want to be noticed a bit more so they can be remembered to be unique. The White Sox is spelled like this, too. The main reason is to be (MORE)

What is the value of a baseball autographed by the 1967 Boston Red Sox?

A 1967 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures:  Yastrzemski, Lonborg, Howard, and Lyle is worth about $600-$900.  Value is based on average prices of re (MORE)

How did the Boston Red Stockings become the Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans at the time of the American League becoming a part of Major League Baseball in 1901. The Chicago White Stockings were ALS (MORE)

How did Boston Red Sox get there name?

  For years many sources have listed the early Boston AL team as the "Pilgrims", but researcher Bill Nowlin has demonstrated that the name was barely used, if at all, at t (MORE)

How did the Boston Red Sox get their name?

The Boston Red Sox got their name from the Red Stockings team that  once played in Cincinnati. A few Cincinnati players moved the team  to Boston taking the Red Stockings na (MORE)

What is the value of a Boston Red Sox program?

19?? Boston Red Sox program/Scorecard   The value of a Boston Red Sox program/Scorecard will be determined by what year the program is from. The price could range from $3 (MORE)

Who is number 26 on the Boston Red Sox?

  Wade Boggs wore #26, and since his Hall of Fame election no other Red Sox has been issued the number. It's likely the Sox will retire Boggs' #26 in the near future.
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What year did babe Ruth get drafted to the Boston Red Sox?

There was no MLB draft while Ruth was playing. The owner of the Baltimore Orioles, then a minor league team that Babe was playing with, sold him to the Red Sox in July, 1914.
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