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Why was senator Joseph McCarthy notorious?

Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed that there were known communists in the State Department. He claimed he had a list of them but he never made the list public. He held investiga (MORE)

How are The Crucible and Joseph McCarthy similar?

In Salem, Massachusetts; innocent people were accused of being witches and warlocks, many were tried and executed. Joseph McCarthy accused innocent people of being communists. (MORE)

What did Joseph McCarthy do to Arthur Miller?

He made suspected communists get interviewed. If they could prove themselves innocent, they were freed. If not, they were sent to jail. Miller was called in and was asked to n (MORE)

Who was Joseph McCarthy?

Answer He led the Red ScareJoseph Raymond McCarthy (November 14, 1908 � May 2, 1957) was an American politician originally aligned with the United States Democratic Party an (MORE)

What was so important about Joseph McCarthy?

  Joseph McCarthy was a senator from Wisconsin who led the Red Scare. This permeated all levels of society. McCarthy greatly exaggerated communism. He was an alcoholic. (MORE)

What made Joseph McCarthy famous?

McCarthy was a US Senator from Wisconsin who made a name for himself in the 1950s as a staunch anti-communist. He made numerous unsubstantiated accusations of being communist (MORE)

Did people like Joseph McCarthy?

yes, McCarthy persecuted alleged "communists" or "communist sympathizers" often ruining the careers of innocent people. while he utilized questionable tactics, the public gene (MORE)

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