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What is the plural for lettuce?

The plural of lettuce can be lettuce or lettuces e.g. The farmer grew lettuce for a living I bought two heads of lettuce from the shop This effect was not observed in gl (MORE)

Is lettuce a condiment?

Lettuce is not a condiment. A condiment is a sauce, seasoning, or  paste added to food to give it flavour. Mustard is an example of a  condiment.
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What is the pH of lettuce?

  According to US FDA/CFSAN, the pH of lettuce is as follows:     Lettuce 5.80 - 6.15   Lettuce, Boston 5.89 - 6.05   Lettuce, Iceberg 5.70 - 6.13     (MORE)

What about lettuce when on coumadin?

Lettuce has Vitamin K. Those on coumadin should be careful with foods that contain high doses of vitamin k. This doesn't mean you can't eat lettuce. You can, but if you sudden (MORE)

Are there carbs in lettuce?

Yes, there are carbs in lettuce. For the carbohydrate content of lettuce, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.
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Is spinach lettuce?

No. Lettuce is of the daisy family (asterids). Spinach is of the goosefoot family (amaranths). The plants are both Eudicots, a large subdivision of angiosperms, but otherwis (MORE)

How do you shred lettuce?

  It depends on how fine you want the final product. If you want medium pieces it can be torn by hand. If you want it a little smaller cut the head in half. Then chop (MORE)
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How can lettuce be used?

Lettuce can be used to make sandwiches, but is mainly used insalads as the main ingredient.
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Why does lettuce wilt?

In the Garden Lettuce in the garden can wilt because of insufficient watering or due to root damage. In the Refrigerator or in the Salad Lettuce cells hold water, which makes (MORE)

Do lettuces have seeds?

Yes they do However the lettuce you see in the shop have not been allowed to grow to a stage where they were able to do so.
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