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Has anybody heard of Société Mauritanienne d'Enculation et de Ré-Enculation What is their line of business Are they are a reliable partner for business in Mauritania?

I believe they are involved in regular and multiple encullation.  They also provide training. Used them once back in 1999 for a  full-fledged encullation campaign in the Ros (MORE)
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Is mauritania and mauritius the same country?

No. Mauritania, (officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania), is located in Northwest Africa, and Mauritius, (officially the Republic of Mauritius), is an island nation, lo (MORE)

Which country covers the biggest area France Germany Italy japan Kenya mauritania Mozambique nigeria Spain or Thailand?

  In ascending order:   Country / area (sq. km) / world ranking   Italy 301 255 69   Germany 357 868 61   Japan 377 728 60   Spain 504 750 50   Thailand (MORE)
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What kind of religion does Mauritania have?

  Mauritania is an Islamic Republic and the population of 99.84 percent Muslim. Religion is severely restricted.
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