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What is sarcasm?

Sarcasm, a word ultimately derived from a Greek word meaning tostrip off the flesh, is a form of humour marked with mocking, oftenused to indicate meaning the opposite of what (MORE)

What affect does sarcasm have?

People can be wounded and have their feelings hurt by someone speaking sarcastically to them. Sarcasm is saying something cutting or intended to hurt, often using irony to del (MORE)

Sarcasm in a sentence?

Said to a man who paints poorly: Yes, I'm absolutely sure you will be the next Picasso. Said to a CEO of a company doing poorly: You have definitely brought us to the top. (MORE)

What sarcasm is?

Megan Lindsay isn't funny. Answer How do you now when a person is being sarcastic? It is when a person laughs first when they are trying to get someone to laugh at someon (MORE)

How do you handle sarcasm?

Read books on How to raise your self esteem. People who have a hard time with sarcasm are low in self esteem. Or you can just walk away from these comments.

Is sarcasm a sin?

Read the following Scriptures: Colossians 3:7-9 Philippians 4:13 James 4:6-8 James 2:18, 3:1-18, 1:26 Romans 2:21, 3:13 Psalm 32:9, 140:3, Proverbs 26:18-19, 16 (MORE)

Is sarcasm bullying?

In and of itself, sarcasm is not bullying. However, sarcasm and rough humor are often parts of bullying. It all depends on how the sarcasm is directed. If they only direct it (MORE)

What does sarcasm mean?

Sarcasm is using irony to make fun of something. For example, saying "I can't wait for that!" when you really mean the opposite.

Which is an example of sarcasm?

Anna asks Beth to go to the beach, and Beth replies, "Sure, I'dlove to lay in dirt and be roasted like a pig at a barbeque!" When Lisa turns in her one-paragraph research pape (MORE)