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What is a sausage?

Answer . To help answer this question, I consulted my trusty cook-book, "The All-Purpose Cookbook, Joy of Cooking" by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker in 1964. ( Full Answer )
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What is kielbasa sausage?

Kielbasa sausage is simply Polish sausage , word "kielbasa" means sausage in Polish. Polish sausage is usually made of pork with spices and garlic and slowly smoked in the woo ( Full Answer )
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How are sausages made?

Various types of seasoned ground meat are enclosed in a casing (originally made from intestine, now some are synthetic). Traditionally, sausage makers would include scrapes su ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook sausage?

There are many types of sausage and various ways to prepare them: Your average breakfast sausage links can be cooked in a pan on your stovetop. It's really easy, since you ( Full Answer )
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What are in sausages?

Usually meat and ... stuff. What kind of meat, and what the "stuff" is, varies extremely,though most sausages are made of some kind of cow meat and/or somekind of pig meat an ( Full Answer )
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Why is a sausage called a sausage?

Sausage comes from the Latin word salsus , meaning "salted", via the Vulgar Latin form salsicus and Norman French saussiche .
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Why is the sausage called sausage?

The word sausage comes from the latin phrase 's'ecreage' translating literally to long cut of meat. therefore we English translate it to sausage x
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Is there starch in sausage?

It depends on the sausage. There are thousands of different ones on the market and some of them contain starches, such as potatoes, rice and flour as fillers and thickeners. Y ( Full Answer )