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What are sausage made from?

There are many different types of sausage. Many are made from pork or beef. Some are made from chicken or turkey. There are even soy sausages made without meat. Those made fro (MORE)

What nutrients does sausage has?

  well theres protein in sausages, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, theres some iron in there and glucose (which is what your body uses to convert into energy) :) HOPE I H (MORE)

How do you cook a sausage?

All you do is take the sausage out of the packaging then put a drizzle of oil on the pan and put it on meduim heat, don't put the sausage on the pan yet. Then, when the pan st (MORE)

How do you eat sausage?

insert meat into mouth. chew. swallow. don't choke. you're stomach wil lthen squirt freaky burny liquids onto the food. yummy. [i'm talking about tummy acid]
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How do you broil sausage?

    Broiling is the same as grilling, not too hot, turn frequntly until a nice brown colour, not burnt.
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What are in sausages?

Usually meat and ... stuff.    What kind of meat, and what the "stuff" is, varies extremely,  though most sausages are made of some kind of cow meat and/or some  kind (MORE)

Sausages are the boys?

Scottish comedian Tommy Lorne invented the catchphrase: "sausages are the boys" - as he loved sausages! He often ate a sausage sandwich between his acts. It has been suggested (MORE)