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Is seafood healthy?

Some of it is. For the most part, basic fish is healthy because it has proteins and vitamins but intestines may not be the healthiest thingz ever

What are seafood scallops?

Seafood scallops are very delicous imo you can find them in a clam shell the tiny squishy thing AROUND the shell is the scallop... however the big thing in the CENTER of the s (MORE)
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Is seafood a meat?

Yes. Seafood is meat.However, it is of different nature than mammal's meat. . True vegetarians will not eat seafood, as animals have had to die. ______________________ (MORE)

Is seafood good for you?

When thinking about what to have for dinner, fish is a good choice. Fish is promoted as a heart-healthy choice for several reasons. First, fish is low in saturated fat and can (MORE)

Is crayfish seafood?

Yes it is because crayfish live in the sea. although There are fresh water crayfish. But here Im assuming you are talking about big red ones......
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What is seafood stock?

Seafood stock (more commonly known as fish stock) is used in cooking soups, stews and sauces with a fish or seafood base or flavour. It is made by simmering water, onion, gar (MORE)

Is a penguin seafood?

I am a penguin lover, and all I have to say to that is I don't like people that eat penguins! I suppose that since they are birds, they would be considered to be poultry.
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Does seafood have cholesterol?

Seafood does have cholesterol, but it is different in composition to that of pork. It is generally healthier, because oils like Omega 3 are good for the body.