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What is institutional sexism?

Institutional sexism is the discrimination against one gender (usually women) by means of actual rules, such as a rule stating that a particular job can only be filled by a ma (MORE)

What are Christianity's views on sexism?

Many people who support the view that men rule over women like to quote the biblical passages calling for wives to submit to their husbands. They tend to omit the much more di (MORE)
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Why does racism and sexism exist?

Racism and sexism exist because of fear. Many people believe that  power brings security, therefore they are afraid when one group  threatens that power and security. It is (MORE)
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What is sexism?

  Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. an (MORE)

How is sexism still alive in the modern USA?

First answerOn average, women still earn less money than men do for the same job.Think about sports. Lots of people watch the NBA, but hardly anyone even follows the WNBA. Not (MORE)

Is sexism illegal?

There is no general prohibition against sexism, but there are specific types of sexual discrimination that are prohibited, particularly in labor law.
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How do you overcome the barrier created by racism and sexism and various traditional beliefs?

One thing that you can do to overcome the barrier created by  racism, sexism, and various traditional beliefs is to break away  from them. Stay away from those who say you c (MORE)
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Why is sexism and racism still going on?

It's simple, human beings are judgemental. No matter what we do, what campaigns we hold, the fact is that humans will always try to place themselves over others. It's a terrib (MORE)