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What is sexism?

  Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. an (MORE)

Why does sexism exist?

Sexism exists because of many things. In my opinion both science and religion have a lot to do with this. Science would tell you that men are physically more capable than wome (MORE)
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Impacts on sexism?

Sexism is an attitude that can affect woman/ man in most every aspect of their lives and can prevent them from achieving their goals.
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What are the consequences of sexism?

Sexism is a form of discrimination and hate against the opposite  sex. It affects both males and females but females are more  vulnerable to it. Some examples are gender rol (MORE)
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Is there sexism in Ireland?

There is an element of sexism in every country in the world, so there is some sexism in Ireland.
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Why does sexism occur?

sexism occurs because your drunk  you've been raped  you like someone a bunch  you want a child  your a freaky person  you want to learn tongues  you like being na (MORE)
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Is sexism wrong?

Yes it is. That means that a woman would not get a job based on the fact that she is a female even if she has better grades then the men wanting the job. They would get it bec (MORE)