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What is your life like with Spina Bifida?

I have a moderate form of spina bifida, called meningocele, and hydrocephalus but am quite independent. However, I depend on others to drive me places. I also use crutches to (MORE)

Can people with spina bifida walk?

Yes. I have spina bifida and I'm twenty years old and I've been able to walk completely normal my entire life with no crutches or braces of any kind and have never had any com (MORE)

Does marijuana use cause spina bifida?

Marijuana has not been proven to cause spina bifida. Having said that, the main causes of spina bifida are not well understood. It has been noticed that women who are deficien (MORE)

Can spina bifida cause death?

Spina Bifida in and of itself does not cause death, however, in patients with Spina Bifida Cystica, the opening in the back leaves the baby susceptible to meningitis. For that (MORE)

What effects does Spina Bifida have on people?

There are 3 forms of spina bifida. Spina Bifida Occulta, Meningocele, and Myelomeningocele. The worst form Myelomengingocele is the most common and the effects can include lea (MORE)

Signs and symptoms of spina bifida?

There are a few different symptoms that you might experience if you  have spina bifida. These symptoms include loss of sensation in the  legs and feet, unable to control the (MORE)
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Are Scheuermann's Disease and Spina Bifida connected?

No, there is no connection between Spina Bifida (a birth defect affecting the spine) and Scheuermann's Disease. Although a person with Spina Bifida may also have kyphosis (a c (MORE)