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What is the roster for University of Kansas football in 1984?

The head coach of the Kansas football team in 1984 was Mike  Gottfried. Mike Norseth was quarterback, Willie Pless was  linebacker, Dodge Schwartzberg was kicker, Bennie Sim (MORE)

How many students attend Kansas University?

Spring 2009 Lawrence Campus Undergrad Domestic: 20,012 International: 874 Grad Domestic: 5,247 International: 889 These numbers were taken off the student succ (MORE)

How far is Kansas University from Missouri University?

  Well it depends on which universities of Kansas you are talking about as well as which universities of Missouri you are talking about. I imagine you mean Mizzou and KU b (MORE)

When was the first black football player for the University of Kansas?

gale sayers Gale Sayers is not correct. Ed Harvey was the first. He graduated from the University of Kansas in 1894, about 60 years before an African-American football pla (MORE)

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