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How is Voltaire important today?

Voltaire is still important today because he is one of the first thinkers to fight for individual freedom. He stated that one person needs to make their own decisions and not (MORE)

Are Rousseau and Voltaire similar or different?

Not all Enlightenment thinkers were like Voltaire in this. His chief adversary was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who distrusted the aristocrats not out of a thirst for change but b (MORE)

Who is voltaire?

Voltaire in his 84 years of life was a historian and essayist, playwright and storyteller, poet and philosopher, wit and pamphleteer, wealthy businessman and practical economi (MORE)

What is Voltaire famous for?

a French writer who wrote about freedom of religion and free trade. He wrote books, essays and plays. Well known because of the censorship he fought against while he was writi (MORE)

How is Voltaire related to existentialism?

Voltaire believed in the necessity of evil in the world to show the good. The character Zadig is a perfect example of existentialism. He goes through so many ups and downs in (MORE)

What were the beliefs of voltaire?

Voltaire didn't have beliefs, as such. He preferred the certainty of knowledge. Isaac Newton's description of the laws of physics were to Voltaire, facts. He put a lot of the (MORE)

Was Voltaire Catholic or Protestant?

Neither, Voltaire was a Skeptic of all religions and often  violently opposed them in his writings, however he did advocate a  more encompassing form of religious toleration (MORE)