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What is Wicca?

Wicca, sometimes called "The Craft" or "The Craft of the Wise" is one of many earth-based religions. The religion which is closest to Wicca in America is probably Native Ameri (MORE)

How do you do wicca?

Well, to start off - no one "does" Wicca. Although not recognized by most, Wicca is a religion. No one asks how do you "do" Christianity, or how do you "do" Buddism. Personall (MORE)

Is Wicca dangerous?

Wicca is no more dangerous than any other religion, and a lot safer than some because it nurtures nature and promotes peace and harmony.
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Is wicca evil?

This will depend on what you refer to as "evil". Answer 1 (evil defined as harming others): Wicca is a belief system, a religion. It's most basic tenent, "Harm none, do what (MORE)

What do Wicca do?

A follower of the religion, Wicca is called a Wiccan. Wicca is a polythiestic religion, believing on a God and a Goddess. God and Goddess are two aspects of the nature. Wicca (MORE)

What is the Symbol of Wicca?

A star with a circle around it (pentacle/pentagram) Please note: this is not the only religious symbol in Wicca but is the most widely known and most common. Some of the ot (MORE)

How can you join wicca?

You can join anytime! Technically as long as you worship the God and the Goddess and practice the craft you are Wiccan. First off though it would be helpful to you if you (MORE)

How was Wicca founded?

no one can really know for sure. the religion is so old and has been quieted for hundreds of years so there are very few documents of it at all. it probably formed from pagani (MORE)

What is Wiccas holyscprit?

The closet thing to a Wiccan's "Holy Script" is the Wiccan Rede; An it harm none, do what thou will. This basically means as long as you do not harm anyone(mentally and physic (MORE)

What and who is Wicca and what do they do?

Wicca are people who follow the spiritual path of Wicca, wherenature is revered. The Sun God and Moon Goddess. There are feminineand masculine (Goddess / God) forces of nature (MORE)