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Which religion is older - wicca or Christianity?

Answer Wicca was formed by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's so technically it would be a newer religion than Christianity. However, Wicca is based on very ancient Roman and Norse (MORE)

What does Wicca have to do with St Patrick's Day?

Irish Wiccan's actually tend to oppose St. Patrick's Day. Due to the fact that he oppressed the pagan ways and "drove the snakes out of ireland".   The story of St. Patric (MORE)

What is a Widow's Peak in Wicca Beliefs?

A Widow's Peak is a style of hair, where the hairline recedes at the temples, as depicted by Bela Lugosi's Dracula. It has no bearing on, or relation to, Wiccan beliefs.
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What is the Symbol of Wicca?

A star with a circle around it (pentacle/pentagram) Please note: this is not the only religious symbol in Wicca but is the most widely known and most common. Some of the ot (MORE)

How did Wicca spread?

Wicca has spread by word of mouth & the internet, as well as media & press, and through many distinct authors & musicians. It all starts with an interest and research into the (MORE)

How is wicca phobia caused?

those who do not respect or know the wiccan culture judged and  assumed and spread falsity about them that which is misunderstood  is often feared and vilified christian's t (MORE)