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While not the largest continent, Europe has been critical in the development of the world as it exits today. The development and spread of knowledge, techniques, and culture have effected most of the Americas and Africa, and influenced the rest of the world as well. Join us in exploring the rich history of Europe by asking and answering questions here.
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He was entrusted with many responsibilities by the formerArchbishop of Canterbury, Theobald of Bec. Becket also had a goodrelationship with King Henry II prior to being consecrated asarchbishop.
Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman doctor. She is not wearingglasses in the photographs online.
They followed the Knights Code of Chivalry.
Aristocratic women wore farthingales and boustiers. Men wore kneelength, stockings, and cod pieces. Both wore large starchedcollars. Peasent women wore peasant skirts and blouses.
New voting laws limit the power of the Duma. . Beginnings of a constitution (The Duma takes control) . A Provisional Government is set up (Temporary) . The War with Germany is continued. Hope this helps.
Opinions vary as they always do depending on how the accomplishmentaffected them for the better or for the worst. But his most notablework was to reform France with enlightened ideas, such as tolerancetowards non-Catholics, abolish serfdom, and remove the Taille.However his ideas were met with...
Building began in about 1277, and by 1300 it was complete.
Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Romehere are some other answers Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England andEurope were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church andwanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, hadpublished an...
Because everyone lived in such close quarters and they didn'tunderstand the nature of bacteria and viruses so their lifestylewasn't very sanitary as well as the lack of vaccines and propermedicine.
vert infectious and lead to death
usually in the castle courtyards or in any specified place in theland
William of Normandy apparently planned to land in England and drawHarold into a battle, then devastate the countryside, like Shermanon his March to the Sea, in the area around London until theybegged for mercy. He benefited from the fact that Harold Hardradastruck first, drawing the Saxon forces...
doesnt matter. Religion has to concentrate on today. The historygives lessons for good and bad decisions, but we need to use ourenergie with conscience to develop our future forward.
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Empress Josephine sister was the first wife of napoleon and thusthe first empress of french.
At one time, it was indeed very difficult to find information fromand about the Middle Ages, but it is becoming easier and more wellknown over time. There are many reasons why it has been difficult to getinformation, but one of the important ones is that very few peoplecould read or write....
It was very acurate, so accurate that it counted each and every animal to ponds and lands.
To achieve total and tyrannical power. He was a complete fanatic.He wanted to annihilate all those he believed inferior. Despite thefact that really only disabled people were inferior (but really notby much), he tried to eliminate tens of millions of innocent peoplebecause of his beliefs.
Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
The Vietnam War was a battleground in the Cold War. In the late 40sit was Central and Southern Europe. In the early 50s it wasNortheast Asia. In the 60s it was Southeast Asia. Vietnam was wherethe rubber met the road in our attempts to contain Communism in the1960s
They have two towers. the tower of London actually has 21 towers . The White Tower The Bloody Tower Beauchamp Tower Bell Tower Bowyer Tower Brick Tower Broad Arrow Tower . Byward Tower Constable Tower Cradle Tower Develin Tower Deveraux Tower Flint Tower Lanthorn Tower...
King Edmund the second ironside
The Byzantine empire bordered Islamic nations by then, when Mohammad preached Islam in medina he expanded stint bit, years after his death Islam spread wide to its military- conquest, Islamic warriors took Cairo and the rest of Egypt (a former state of the Byzantine empire) Islamic hoards could not...
There have been a large number of formally ordained "Crusades" withat least ten having been conducted between the 11th and 16thcentury. At the time of the first Crusade in 1096, the mainEuropean mover was the Pope (Urban II) with the rulers of thenations involved being France and England (led by...
to gain trade monopolies resulting in getting rich
A Distant Mirror - The 14th Century Europe in 1300 was well on the way to rapid expansion. It was rapidly increasing in intellectual and mathematical sophistication. Technically, thanks to water power and the mechanical discoveries that flowed from it, Europe was in the midst of what many...
Wool tunics in the Roman style.
I only know one Why did Henry VIII have so many wives? He liked to CHOP and change har har har
The year after Nero's death is known as the year of the four emperors. Technically, Galba was the one who succeeded Nero, but he didn't last long and was overthrown by Otho, who in turn was overthrown by Vitellius., who in turn was overthrown by Vespasian.
News of the defeat of British troops at Saratoga, New York,prompted King George III to attempt to make peace with thecolonists. In addition, an impending war with France made itnecessary to focus his army and funds on that side of the Atlantic.
windsor castle was built around 1070 by William the Conqueror.
Waterloo, . Not Really. In 1851 he had been dead for 30 years. It must have been some form of "Heavenly Review Board" called for a study of his case. (Saint Peter may not have had jurisdiction.) Knowing only the bare facts on his life history the presiding officer and venue could very well...
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Germany and Russia which is why Willie, Kaiser of Germany declared war on his cousin, Nicky, Tsar of Russia.
Muslim armies had conquered much of northern Africa, Egypt,Palestine, Syria, and Spain, which had been some of the mostheavily Christian areas in the world. Thousands, and possibly millions, of Christians died during thisdrive to eventually bring the entire world under Islam. The First Crusade was...
The proud- and noble- Irish surname of "Dowdy" derives from theancient Gaelic language word "dubh", meaning dark-complexioned orblack. First found recorded in County Mayo, they were thetraditional Princes of Hy-Fiachra in Connaught.
Seven: Thomas Pelham-Holles, Henry Pelham, James Waldegrave (though only for five days), Charles Watson-Wentworth, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, William Cavendish-Bentinck and John Russell.
He was a fanatic, and the only good thing was show how we, as theUnited States, should not stand idly by while millions of innocentpeople in foreign countries are murdered. He massacred so many innocent lives and shocked the world with hiscrimes. Unfortunately, he was never able to pay for his...
Suppose a game uses a spinner with five equal sections numbered 1-5to determine the value of tokens given to the player spinning it.What is the expected value of the number of tokens?
Romance Language, as opposed to a Germanic language like English,is the way that Italian is classed linguistically.
Romania, Finland, Italy, Albania, Solvakia, Bulgaria, Vichy France,Spain, Yugoslavia, Japan, and other nations fought under Germanyand the Axis powers. There are several nations not listed here.
Answer . According to common tradition, the Irish name for Ireland, Éire, comes from Eriu. The country is usually personified in feminine terms.. The name Érinn is derived from this.
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If you mean the microbiologist Louis Pasteur then no, since he was born a year after Napoleon died.
Dia duit. Pronounced geea ditch.
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Bards were musicians who sang about the deeds of people.
Saint George really existed, he fought in one of the crusades, I think the first one. Francais De Panes (probably butchered the spelling) brought Britain information about Islamic extremists attacking and invading Europe causing the first crusade, he was French. Richard the lionheart is an obvious...
No. Most of them did not.
The Industrial Age brought advances in medicine, machinery,agriculture, and transportation. Populations experienced anabundance of food, less death, more birth, more jobs, and cars!
Her husband William became sole ruler upon her death in 1694
Before the war, Nazism was not generally seen in Holland as an'evil' movement and a Dutch fascist party gained quite a largefollowing and several seats in the Dutch Parliament. After the invasion of Holland by Nazi Germany feelings towardsHitler understandably changed for the worse. Nevertheless,...
Hiter was one of the most evil men that has ever lived, he is responsible for the deaths of over 5 million innocent people. He is amazing in the worst possible way. 11 million, there were 6 million Jews killed alone. Others, such as Christians and gypsies ,were also murdered.
first brought there as slaves, then worked onplantations, soon gained more freedom and brought African cultureaspects that mixed with native and European beliefs. creole culturecan be looked up. a mix of African religious and cultural beliefswith the other native and euro. they were the base of the...
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Most countries simply stood by. They didn't interfere until they were drawn into to war, and even then it wasn't for the sake of the Jews but to keep themselves safe.
History supports that George III believed in George III under coverof belief in God.
The Vikings invaded of the 9th century and established trading towns (such as Dublin).. The Anglo-Normans invaded and colonized in 1169 and re-organized governmental and religious systems, but their influence had for the most part been confined to a narrow strip on the east coast known as the Pale....
They made many people work as slaves and even humiliated them.
You were either rich as ever or poor as ever, no middle class. A family of 7 will have to share a house with a family of 8. Water pumps were public and England had a major problem separating waste (poo) Water and clean water, most people died because of cholera, the government didn't care. John...
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urbanization and trade unions are the two major changes madebecause of industrial revolution in 1800s.
"There remains some controversy about what killed Bram Stoker on 20April 1912. Stoker's nephew Daniel Farson published a biography in1975 in which he suggested that the death certificate stating oneof the causes of death as 'Locomotor Ataxy 6 months', a euphemisticway of avoiding public notice of...
He bcame the First Counsel in the coup of 1799.
Mary Queen of Scots was Henry VII of England's great-granddaughter. Elizabeth I was the second legitimate child of Henry VIII of England (the son of Henry VII) to survive infancy. Elizabeth was therefore the granddaughter of Henry VII. In other words Mary was the daughter of Elizabeth's cousin.
Australia India America Canada maybe... i think some African countries but im not so sure. possibly another European country. and i think that's it..well they covered like half the globe so theres probably more.
This is somewhat of a long and drawn explanation. Louis XIV builtVersailles for more than one reason. The two prominent reasonsbeing that he wanted to show the world his power and riches througharchitecture, and to maintain control over the French nobles.LouisXIV had an interesting way of keeping...
World war 1 was the only war between these empires .
During sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, European countries hadundergone critical situation and on those days the leaders ofEuropean countries such as Prussia, Russia, Austria and England hadunderwent this absolutism and whereas The philosopher Thomas Hobbesbelieved that absolutism was necessary...