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History of Science

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Find questions about the origin and important events that led to the development of the different Sciences.
in the past 50 years, chiese are focus on development the economy  by use up the nature resources, that is why the woest eviroment  will appear in bigger city in china
Typewriters & electric or manual calculating machines
JosephAdhémar. PaulÉmile Appell. François Arago. LouisFrançois Antoine Arbogast. Jean-Robert Argand. Léon-François-Antoine Aurifeuille. LéonAutonne.
for the easy classification of this system
No, the people apart of the Manhattan Project did.
Yes, Chemical reactivity is precisely what we mean by chemical  property.
The energy given out by the sun is constant and free of cost making  it renewable. Say for instance you have a litre of petrol, at the  end of its use it does not replace itself, its gone forever unlike  the suns energy.
The main uses of fire are to cook food,keep us warm,etc.
The force exerted by 2 objects in contact is called contact force. The force exerted by 2 objects without any contact is called non contact force
Peptone is an enzymatic digest of animal protein
Well some history i know of angles island was if you where from china or near their then you would go their but if you where at Africa then you would go to Ellis island. This all depended on were you lived at if you wanted to immagrate.
Newton only thought of the concept of gravity*, put a value to  it and divided some laws to do with it. Gravity is still unproven,  there is no evidence to prove its existence.  *I'm not sure if this is true but he supposedly thought of  gravity because he was sat under a tree and an apple fell...
Curium is one of the trans-uranium elements, created in  laboratories. It has several isotopes. It was named after the  French scientists, Pierre and Marie Curie.
During 1819-20, a science teacher H.C. Oestead discovered that the  magnetic field can be produced by an electric current.
  The Capitol building is located in the city of Washington, DC.   Washington is thus the capital city of the US.
The pressurized sphere made of aluminum alloy had five primary  scientific objectives: Test the method of placing an artificial  satellite into Earth orbit; provide information on the density of  the atmosphere by calculating its lifetime in orbit; test radio and  optical methods of orbital...
No, sucrose is polar while hexane is non-polar. Polar solutes dissolve in polar solvents while non-polar solutes dissolve in non-polar solvents.
Boner, Jizzstain and cockknocker.
Nobody really knows all the names except 1 and that is Frank
Potential energy is stored up energy.
It is just a fact that earth is 4.6 billion years old.
By making its rivers flow toward the artic ocean,and please quit looking up the answers to your homework. Haha
Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Sikkim.
Edwin McMillan and Philip H. Abelson at the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory in 1940 Edwin M. McMillan and Philip Abelson in 1940.
Charles Drew discovered a way to store blood plasma and create blood banks.
Microwaves do not have more energy than X rays. They have lessenergy. X rays pass through your food material and so do not heatthe same. Microwave has got less energy and they end up givingenergy to the food. That makes the food getting cooked.
Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth whonamed it after Uranus
  Prey are things that get eaten by bigger things.
I have no idea what your question actually is but Linus paling won  the chemistry Nobel prize for research in chemical bonding in  complex substances and the Nobel peace prize for anti-nuclear  activism. So, he actually got them for different things.
V=f *lambda where v = wave speed, f=frequency and lambda=  wavelength.  Frequency increase as the energy of a wave increases because  E=hf where h is a constant so E/h=f. if E increase f has to  increase.  Wavelength decreases because if the frequency increases the  wavelength would also have...
  granite and marble
Lamarck proposed that traits acquired during one's lifetime could be passed to the next generation.
The sun has many different names in different cultures and languages. The scientific name for it in modern days is Sol which is the Latin name.
If observed from one night to the next, a planet appears to move from West to East against the background stars most of the time. Occasionally, however, the planet's motion will appear to reverse direction, and the planet will, for a short time, move from East to West against the background...
Confederates drove the Union Army out of Gettysburg on the firstday of the battle, but they re-grouped along Cemetery Ridge. Theensuing two days of battle saw the Confederates forced to retreat.The Union forces under General Meade had won the Battle ofGettysburg.
There are many scientists with their last names that start with a  G. A few of the scientists are Charles Goodyear, Jane Goodall, and  William Gilbert.
Not really possible to answer without more specifics on the type of  plant.    Annual/ seasonal plants grow quickly, germination to flowering and  death within 3 month.    Pernnial plants can take years, tens, hundreds or even thousands of  years to grow.
ball of fire
Curium was named after the Curies. Curium is element number 96 andwas discovered in 1944
Electricity is a form of energy and so was not invented. Many  people credit Benjamin Franklin with discovering electricity in  1752 however several ancient cultures had discovered and used some  forms of electricity.
I know Heinrich Otto Wieland, Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus, Otto Hahn, Otto Paul Hermann Diels, Ernst Otto Fische (all of German origin) and Otto Wallach (of Jewish origin).
  Plants make nutrients and collect water from the soil
Yes, the company Saturn has a symbol. The symbol Saturn was from a  Roman God , and is the symbol for a sickle.
No, some stars are bigger than the sun :O
people eat them
He found out that frogs hold a charge of 40 ohms
By a particle accelerator, which speeds atoms up reeeaaaallly fast,  which makes them more massive according to E=mc^2.
Al-Battani (850-922) was a Muslim astronomer who accurately determined the length of the solar year as being 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 24 seconds. Reference:- *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu%E1%B8%A5ammad_ibn_J%C4%81bir_al-%E1%B8%A4arr%C4%81n%C4%AB_al-Batt%C4%81n%C4%AB *http://www...
Guatemala with 14,027,000 people
George Westinghouse died on March 12, 1914 at the age of 67.
what is propertie of rutherfordium
One feature of the earth is that it has an ozone layer.Another feature is that the earth has a core.Finally, the earth is a sphere (round).
  Sally Ride was very courageous. She was very humble and she practiced faith in god   Sally Ride was very courageous. She was very humble and she practiced faith in god
The Jurassic Period was the middle period of the Mesozoic Era. The  Jurassic Period was from approximately 201.3 million years ago to  145 million years ago.
Mount Saint Helens is located south of Seattle, Washington. In  recent history, it has had a major eruption in 1980, and has been  active in varying degrees of intensity since then. Which of these  active periods can be classified as eruptions is up for debate.
He died of a stoke on 16 June 1858
Yes. The French scientist Marie Curie
  The rises and downfalls of Chinese dynasties, according to Confucian scholars, occurred based on whether or not the ruler followed Confucian philosophy. For a dynasty to continue its reign, its rulers must be morally cultivated and stress to his people Confucian virtues (humanity, loyalty,...
Radio signals are continuously beamed from satellites to GPS ground stations, which record the exact distance between the satellites and the ground station. Over time, these distances change slightly. By recording the time it takes for the GPS ground stations to move a given distance, scientist can...
Scientific theories can be rejected by new reliable evidence.
what is another name for a meridian
The purpose of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act is toprovide funds for emergency relief, primarily through employment.
a couple hundred of years before tom cruise saved the world =]
'Science For a Better Life' is the tag line of a very famous German group named "Bayer" .. 'Science For a Better Life' is the tag line of a very famous German group named "Bayer". . - Ravi Raj Dhiria email: - ravi16_99@yahoo.com
The diaphragm's main purpose is to assist with the breathing  process. When a person inhales, the diaphragm contracts and allows  the air to come in.   It inflates and deflates the lungs.   1. Respiration: the diaphragm contracts during inhalation, leading to entrance of air from the...
giving up your time and effort. I love serving others however. To me, it is more than worth the time.
burning with insufficient oxygen........
from listen to teacher
There are several states with potentially active volcanoes in the  United States. These include Washington State, California, Wyoming,  Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Andreas vesalius contributed his book De Fabrica that has precise drawings of the muscular and skeletal systems
== Leonardo De Vinchi ==
There were 126 tornado fatalities in 2008.
The guiana was discovered at 1595