The Republic of Lebanon is a Western Asian country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. This 4,036-sq-mi country is bordered by Israel to the south and Syria to the north and east.
in they spring idk if it is spring there my grand ma and grad pa lives their but we go there like 3 times a year to say hi!
Lebanon is a country just north of Mount Hermon that the Lord wasgiving to the children of Israel.
Lebanon has many allies of both Arab and western origins. It has,in particular, strong relations with Saudi Arabia as well as Iranalthough the latter is disputed. Furthermore, it enjoys supportfrom the US, UK, and most of all France, which is described as the"Mother of Lebanon". Other allies include...
according to the last civil record done in Lebanon since 1932, 952 city and village were recorded. Ralph
lebanon name was derived from the word "liban" which is a name of a tree which was popular in lebanon a long time ago
Tripoli - Centre. Tripoli. 1300. Tripoli - Mina. Tripoli Mina. 1301.
I want you baby is ba-deh yek (yekeh for a girl) habibi (habibtehfor a girl) in Lebanese.
Hezbollah does not have an army, they have terrorists. It's easy to fight a war when you hide among civilians and wear no uniform
Ninety-six kilometers east of the Port of Beirut is the City ofAdra Labor. Farther north of Adra Labor is the city of Heleh, whichis also on the 96 km mark.
Arjook (arjooki for a girl) Samihni(Samhini for a girl)
Jdeideh is a coastal municipality in Lebanon. Jeita is a town in Lebanon.
Yes, Lebanon is a country, the link below is the Wikipedia page for it. a small country
Cuisine from the Middle East is known worldwide for its richness and goodness. In Lebanon, it is probably the best country to enjoy it, since it is believed that one thing that unites all Lebanese is the love of eating... Lebanese food is typically Mediterranean. The average meal is high on...
There are several zip codes for El Metn, Lebanon. This is becausethere are many different municipalities located in El Metn,Lebanon. The zip codes can be found online.
Banque du Liban is the central bank of Lebanon. It does not have its own currency as it uses the national currency: the Lebanese Pound. 5000 Lebanese Pounds = 3.33 US Dollars 5000 Lebanese Pounds = 3.38 Canadian Dollars 5000 Lebanese Pounds = 3.25 Australian Dollars 5000 Lebanese...
well in the war against the french they took the red part as blood the white as peace and the tree is the cedar tree.
It was a part of the turkish kingdom, Al Saltanah Al Osmaniyyah. Then after the World War 1 , this kingdom lost in the battle against France and England, some of the causes were the Arabs (and lebanese) revolutions. France promised Arabs that they'll give them total freedom if they made revolutions...
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Eminem is from Detroit, MI. in the United States. not Lebanon
The Maronite Christians were deemed to be the religion/ethnicity to hold the most power in Lebanon at the time. Because of massive demographic changes moving up to the present, this condition has not persisted.
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The term "Israeli-Lebanese Border War" is not a traditional name for either Israel's entrée into . All three of Israel's wars with Lebanon (Lebanese Civil War in 1982, the Occupation of South Lebanon from 1982-2000, and the Israeli-Hezbollah War in 2006) stem from different causes. The primary...
There is an airport in Lebanon, NH (airport code LEB). Colgan Air (operated by US Airways) flights run three to four times per day to and from New York's LaGuardia airport. Beginning in mid-October, service to LaGuardia will end and the airport will begin service to and from Boston's Logan Airport,...
not only in Lebanon , say : " talj ".
Traveling by interstate it is approximately 48 miles from Lebanon, TN to Franklin, TN.
Ramadan is celebrated in Lebanon as in any other Muslim country. The first day after end of Ramadan, that is the 1st day of Shawwal month, they celebrate what is Eid-Afetr.refer to related questions for more information.
The trees were the natural resource that were native to Lebanon. The Cedars of Lebanon were the most famous and the most sought after wood in the ancient world. The Cedar is still present on the Lebanese Flag, representing the importance of this wood.
there aren't any direct flights between these 2 countries
The term "Israeli-Lebanese Border War" is not a traditional name for either Israel's entrée into the Lebanese Civil War in 1982, the Occupation of South Lebanon from 1982-2000, or the recent Israeli-Hezbollah War in 2006. All three stem from different causes. The primary ones for each are listed...
Saying answer [as a verb] will differ in Lebanese according to the receiver: jewib [addressing a male] jewbe [addressing a female] jewbo [addressing plural] answer [noun] = jaweeb The Lebanese above written using the LLL system, For pronunciation guide, see related links.
Lebanon is a country that has been marred by war and strife during the twentieth century. Technically Lebanon does not have any specific enemies that they are engaged in armed conflict with. However, there is a great deal of dispute between the Israel and Lebanon. In 2000 Israel officially removed...
Yes. Lebanon is a parliamentary republic with a Prime Minister, whom by convention is always a Sunni Muslim. To prevent religious conflict, different high-ranking positions in the government are always given to specific religious groups.
Lebanon is usually 7 hrs. ahead of New York. Because Europe and North America do not start and end daylight saving time/ summer time at the same times, Lebanon is 6 hrs. ahead of New York from the 2nd Sun. to the last Sun. of March and from the last Sun. of Oct. until the 1st Sun. of Nov.
Bḣibb Or Ana bḣibb The Lebanese above written using the LLL system, For pronunciation guide, check the site Lebanese Language (below).
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The distance between the above places is 7590 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport precise distance.
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The Mediterranean sea to the West, Israel and the Palestinianterritories to the South, and Syria to the Noth and East.
Syria and Israel http://bbsnews.net/bbsn_photos/topics/Maps-and-Chartsisrael_lebanon_map.jpg
Lebanon is known for it's fair climate. Not that cold and not that hot
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The flight distance from Beirut, Lebanon to Montreal Canada is about 5,405 miles (8,698 km).
Well, there is many reasons not to go to Lebanon but I'll tell you the maximum: . The War. The Swine Flu. Killing and Stealing. Really bad Connection. 1 hour Traffic every day. That bad smell near the mountains. And so on...................
Answer 1 Yes, they can as they have many allies throughout the middle east and Israel does not know where the headquarters are. Answer 2 There are two parts to that question: 1) Can Hezbollah breach Israel's borders? and 2) If they can do this, can they sustain this breach? 1) Yes....
Lebanese people themselves are divided into 2 major ethnic groups. 1- Whites or Caucasians , these are mostly Christian Lebanese that did not mix with the Arab invaders of Lebanon. Christian Lebanese are from Phoenician/Aramaic ancestry mostly found in Mount Lebanon, they mixed extensively with...
This is a debatable answer. . Lebanon was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918. In 1918, due to the Ottoman's loss in World War I, Lebanon became a French mandate. This means that the French had control of Lebanon, according to the League of Nations. It was granted it's independence in 1943;...
Of course! Even Syria, the closest country to us, needs visas to visit Lebanon!
The US does not have rupees. The US has dollars (USD). India has rupees. Banque du Liban is the Bank of Lebanon "livre" is the French word for a monetary (money) unit. 500 Lebanese pounds is worth $0.33 USD (33 US cents) 500 Lebanese pounds is worth 15.07 Indian rupees.