Located in western South America, Peru is a country that is bordered by Brazil on the east, by Chile on the south, by Ecuador and Colombia on the north, and by the Pacific Ocean on the west.
Roberto Abugattas, Fernando Abugattas, FernandoAcevedo, Hernán Alzamora, Mario Bazán, Max Berendson, Kimberly García, PatriciaGuerrero, Carmela Bolivár Ríos, María Portillo Cruz,and many others.
Peruvians play many sports, but of course one of their most popular sports is soccer (fútbol). Volleyball is also popular, especially among women. For more Peruvian sports, see the related link below.
Peru exports artichokes, asparagus, avocados, blueberries, coffee,cocoa, cotton, sugarcane, rice, potatoes, corn, plantains, grapes,oranges, pineapples, guavas, bananas, apples, lemons, pears, coca,tomatoes, mangoes, barley, medicinal plants, quinoa, palm oil,marigolds, onions, wheat, dry beans;...
Lima, Tarapoto, chiclayo, Piura, Pucallpa, Cusco
The highest city in Peru is La Rinconada , Peru .
Peru's currency is the Sol. One Sol is worth 37 cents at thismoment.
It would take around 13 hours.
Ecuador is one of the countries
Peru trades many things, some of theses are oil
Much like in the United States, Peru only has one serving presidentat a time. The current president of Peru is Ollanta Humala.
Peru gained independence from Spain on July 28th 1821.
Peru is a new world country so it is not as old as manu countriesin Europe or Asia.
Peru is neither a commonwealth nor a territory but an independent nation.
The country is Peru. Cuzco is the province within which the archeological complex ofMachu Picchu is.
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No. Peru is in south America
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Arequipa is in Peruvian area code 054, which is +51 54 in international format. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00 , but...
An Andean Condor lives in Peru and Chile. An Andean Condor is a large bird.
The Nazca lines were built approximately two thousand years ago, by the ancient Nazca people, who ruled much of Peru until the Mayans came and conquered.
Spain sent Pizarro, but not 100% sure why. it would most likely be for either gold, glory, god(to spread Christianity), or goods(to find and bring back new goods to Spain). it could also be a combination of those and for some other reasons.
There has not been an issue of the current Nuevos Solos Peruvian currency with a denomination of 100,000. The last note of that size was the 1989 Intis which is worth $2-$3 in perfect uncirculated condition.
Peru is a Spanish-speaking South American nation, located on thewestern side of the continent and just below the equator. It has atropical climate and a very diverse ecology.
how many seasons are there in your country how many seasons are in Peru
Some famous women that are from Peru are Nathalie Kelley, who is anactor, and, Eva Ayllon, who is a musician. Gladys Zender andNatalie Vertiz are also from Peru.
Flying from Singapore, Singapore to Lima, Peru would be a solid 24 hours of travel.
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is the current president of Peru. MercedesRosalba Aráoz Fernández is the current prime minister.
Machu Picchu is made from granite and limestone.
Two foods that I know are eaten in Peru are small potatoes and fish. The fish can be made into a ceviche, in which the fish is cooked by the acidity of lime juice and mixed with herbs and veggies.
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No, Peru is not the poorest country. Peru has a moderately high GDP and low debt rate, but a relatively low GDP per capita. However, Peru has a relatively high GDP growth rate.
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People in Peru are called Peruvians.
peru plays soccer
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Peru doesn't have tornadoes
If it has both female and male reproductive structures, then it is a perfect flower. Pistil and Stamen=Perfect Flower. 7th grade Life Science Teacher
A perfect flower is a flower that contains both male and femalereproductive systems and can self-fertilize. A Peruvian lily is anexample of a perfect flower.
Lima is located in Peru.
Peru has the fourth-largest rain forest area in the world. Much ofthe Amazon rainforest, which produces as much as 20-percent of theearth's oxygen, lies in Peru. Years of illegal mining of gold andcoal have stripped large areas of the rainforest, devastating theecosystem and causing problems world...
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People work hard all day then throw their work on their kids making people rest and kids stay working with it.
A "Musica Andina" is traditional music in Peru, but there are manystyles of traditional music in Peru, like "Musica Negra", "MusicaCriolla" in Lima.
Of course, Lima is a mixed pot of all Peru. It is historic because it has its roots in Inca`s Empire and the spaniers rule. Also, it is modern and beautiful with nice beaches.. Lima has being nominated the capital of the gourmet food of Latin America in an international event of Madrid, Spain in...
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Life in Peru is very different. Coming from the exotic foods, to the metropolitan area. In Peru you have many cities which are classified by "class" people with money usually live in either la Molina, San isidro, miraflores, and chaclacayo. These are Also one of the safest places. You can find many...
In 2010, about 1.28 million people live in Peru.
Yes, every nation has landforms, some examples from Peru include Altiplano which is home to the most extensive area of high plateau outside of Tibet. Then you have the Gulf of Guayaquil, the Plain of Bagua, and of course most famous of all the Andes Mountains.
There are 84 cars per 1,000 people in Peru. so pretty much in a math problem, divide the current population of Peru by 1,000 and multiply it by 84, then you'll see how many Peruvians have cars out of their whole number.
Agriculture/Farming and entrepreneurs
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