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The largest animals on earth, whales include a number of diverse species of aquatic mammals. Living their entire lives in the water, they have been a source of wonder to mankind.
A group of whales can be called a huddle.
Whales dive to get food. They come back to the surface to breathe.
Whalers shoot the whale with harpoon and then gut it.
People are fish then and sharks are eating then and they don't havemuch food!!
Sperm and bottlenose whales can stay underwater for as long as90-120 minutes when being chased. They typically surface every30-40 minutes on average.
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the effects of whaling were mostly good but there was a swiftlost of whales.
Answer #1 . Humans eat narwhals. Polar bears, sharks, killer whales and walruses eat them too!. Answer #2 by Shabootaqay . Orca whales are the narwhals' greatest natural predators. Narwhals avoid the orcas by staying in the cracks between glaciers in the winter. Orca whales are unable to stay there...
He spent 3 days and nights in the great fish so if he where in a boat about 5,65 miles.
A narwhal can live up to 90 years but it's much shorter then thatin captivity.
occasionaly sharks but not usually usually they just die and scavengers come and eat them
Yes, all dolphins are toothed whales (Odontocetes).
First of all, its a Narwhal, multiple narwhals are narwhals. They can be found in icy regions in the high arctic. They travel in packs and go where the fish are.
No, whales don't have "nine lives" (and neither do cats, for thatmatter; cats are just extremely agile and lucky).
Whales use a blow-hole to take a breath when they come from under water because their mouth is not connected to their lungs like other mammals. They are not mouth breathers. They don't choke on food either.
to make it easyer for them to breathe
Yes. All whales are divided into two groups. Baleen whales and toothed whales. An example of a toothed whale would be the Sperm whale.
Mostly Fish,So They Can Hitch A Ride.
Drag and buoyancy are two primary external forces acting on divingmarine mammals. The strength of these forces modulates theenergetic cost of movement and may influence swimming style (gait).Here we use a high-resolution digital tag to record depth, 3-Dorientation, and sounds heard and produced by...
They live and travel in big groups called pods.
Yes..A small whale, with a bulbous forehead and whitish coloration.
Whaling has been going on for a long time Probably it was the vikings who 1st did it on a large scale
There are many reasons against whaling. The primary reasons includeethical and humanitarian grounds that highly advanced marinemammals such as whales and porpoises are intelligent and sentientlife forms. They are also highly endangered by human activity (suchas whaling and fishing itself). Whaling...
Right whales are extinct but most populations (North Pacific, forinstance) are endangered.
There are eight types of whales that live within the area ofAlaska. The whales include the Beluga, Humpback, Grey, Orca,Bowhead, Blue, Right, and Minke whales.
Killing is a bad thing to do. If that's not obvious to you, you should seek help. Next answer: 1) There are people who believe that whales (along with dolphins and a handful of other marine mammals) are sentient species (not animals), and that killing them is akin to killing human beings. 2...
Baleen whales, like the Humpback or the Minke, that drift throughthe water gulping up krill by the swimming-pool-ful, have lovelysymmetric skulls. They also cannot use echolocation. hey don't needto hunt. They just need to find big clouds of krill to hork down.Sperm whales, on the other hand, plunge...
small fish eaten by whale
Whales are being hunted because people wanna get with them at night. They are really cool and a lot of humans hump them.
Fish breathe with gills. By the way, whales do not. They breatheair, because they are mammals.
They travel in groups not on there own.
according to scientists its 10-18 months
A rostrum is a raised or elevated platform or pulpit usually for addressing an audiance As related to biology is a beaklike process or extension of some part. For example, the great white shark, it is pointed above the nose, that is the rostrum.
The pygmy right whale is among the least studied cetaceans (as of2008 fewer than 25 "at sea" sightings of the species have beenmade). The species lives in the Southern Hemisphere and is believedto be circumpolar, living in a band from about 30 degrees south to55 degrees south in areas with surface...
bcs whales help us with the fish population! du. if we didnt we would all have to eat fish bcs fish have babies a lot. and bcs chanies are killing way to many for there meat. if you dont believe me go to animalplanet.com and search wale wars.
They never do
of course whales get cancer! any animal with cells has the potential to get cancer.
Whale sharks are filter feeders, and wouldn't be able to eat a graywhale unless it's been ground up first.
The life span of a hump-back whale is actually about, 40 years.
The Narwhals tooth , teeth are it's horn, it / they grow continuously through it's life. Depending where the horn was broken , some growth may still occur.
Australia's environment minister has ordered an investigation intothe collision
$500-$10,000 depending on quality
The Whales, Chicago's team in the two year existence of the Federal League (1914-1915), went 87-67 in 1914 and 86-66 in 1915 for an all time record of 173-133.
I think don't whales like rain ?
no they do not because they live in the water.
Mysticeti . Currently taxonomists divide the mysticetes into the following four families although recently the fact that the Gray Whale stands alone in the family Eschrichtiidae has been challenged.. Balaenopteridae - Rorquals . Eschrichtiidae - Gray Whale . Balaenidae - Right Whales ....
Yes. They communicate by "whale songs". A kind of groaning that can travel as far as 20 miles.
Please see the related link below to listen to the sound of a gray whale.
All whales have backbones. In the related links box below, I posted some information.
Well, a baby newborn sperm whale weighs 1 ton = 2,000 pounds.Unlike, an adult sperm whale weighs 20-50 tons. 20 tons is 40,000pounds and 50 tons is equal to 100,000 pounds.
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Sperm whales can live to be over 60 years old. Males can grow up to60 feet in length and weigh over 70 tons.
because when the whalers died people dont want to find the whales anymore
It is theorized that they are more attuned to the Earth's magneticfields than we are, and are able to sense where north and southare, like they have an internal compass. Knowing the cardinaldirections is essential in long-distance navigation, especially atsea.
According to Modern Biology , they live in the Oceanic Zone. This zone includes organisms that inhabit the open ocean.
good point: we have meat. Bad point: where kiling nature in thebiosphere
If there's a will, there must be a way.
so far that i know of is that he invented 3 things the first was Avogadro's law which is v divided by n=k which states volume of the gas divided by the amount of substance of the gas which equals proportionality constant. the second is Avogadro's number which is which is used to compute the...
The males, sure. Whales are mammals and have pretty much the samegenitalia as all other mammals.
BeCouse it keeps changing in terms of characteristics, They can cure it if stays still without changing. Also because it stays hidden for long period of time, it first takes over the victims body then appears, but that's too late :(
Examples are body weight, height, or shape, reproductive rate, and various behaviour traits.
Whales are the largest animals in the sea. They have a thick layerof fat that is normally called blubber. The blubber helps keep themwarm while in water.
Beluga whales do not breach.
Early December, particularly the 5th
I think January, so in Winter.
Beluga whales eat eat fish and dolphins. They do not eat people.However they have been known to kill humans on rare occasions.
yes the blue whale is dead because of food
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forcing them to bacon at midnight
I think they are endangered because people are illegally huntingwhales and that most of them have been killed because of that. . Answer . The biggest threat to humpback whales wasn't/isn't illegalhunting, but rather legal hunting. . And before whale hunting got banned they were killed by...
Many people believe it to be wrong because of the low numbers in certain species.
There are two types of whales: baleen and toothed. Blue whales haveunique markings on their backs and dorsal fins. Killer whales haveunique dorsal fins. It is usually easier for scientists to tellwhales apart that it is for regular people.
1 reason is to keep them warmWhale Blubber is a fat layer in between a whale's skeleton and skin that keeps a whale warm in some of the cold temperatures in the Arctic. Whale blubber insulates the whale and stores food energy for this mammal. Blubber is basically fat.
whaling has never really stoped its just been stumped
whales may be extict in the next 100 years if we dont stop whaling like we are now but i dont think that will happen because now we are listening to the whales now more.