Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting are business processes essential to a company’s operations. Budgeting involves planning for revenues and expenses. Forecasting is a method of predicting trends based on historical and current events.
A budget committee decides on how money is allotted and a budgetmanual is the plan to implement.
Budget committee comprise top managers who draft budget manual and budger calendar, and also review and approve budget for operational departments.
Categorize all assets by type (cash, receivables, equipment).Categorize all liabities by type (accruals, accounts payable, loanspayable). Determine initial investment in business. Difference is "retainedearnings", which is cumulative profit from the start of thebusiness. The above assumes proper...
A common size balance sheet represents financial statements in a vertical ratio comparison form. Meaning, all financial statements can be compared easier and will compare different firms with different levels of income and different levels of assets. The common size BS is in the form of...
When you budget for capital expenditures, you plan to buy assets.Assets include equipment and property that you expect to last morethan one year. The budget for these purchases must come from cashon hand to qualify as capital budget expenditures. You must have acapital budget so you can continue to...
There are many formulas you can use in a budget. The most useful formula to use in a budget is the SUM function. If you have your expenses listed in column C, rows 5 through 34, you would use the formula =SUM(C5:C34) to find the total of that expense column. An interesting use of a budget is...
*total your income *figure out how much money you are spending. *categorize your expenses to show where your money goes. *determine if your expenses are above or below your income. *reduce expenses in flexible categories to save or increase savings
If you are looking for a college level book to follow: Crash Coursein Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis, 2nd Edition Matan Feldman Arkady Libman ISBN: 978-0-470-04701-9 Accounting Principles, 7th Edition, with PepsiCo Annual Report Jerry J. Weygandt, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison Donald E....
Answer . no, desks would not be considered a leasehold improvement. You are able to remove these items (take them with you when you go) . *****They desk is considered furniture and fixtures and should be depreciated over 7 years, unless you elect to take advantage of section 179.
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Trade unions are organizations made up of workers and their representatives that negotiate with employers for pay, benefits, work conditions, and schedules.
In what situations will a static budget be most effective in evaluating a manager's effectiveness? . A. The company has substantial variable costs.. B. The planned activity levels match actual activity levels.. C. The company has substantial fixed costs.. D. The company has no fixed costs..
Calculate Income Categorize and List your expenses - Include a plan for "savings" inthis Total Up Spending Determine If Spending / expenses are Below Income Reduce expenses in flexible categories if necessary
Fixed expenses include rent or mortgage payments, . depreciation on fixed assets (such as cars and officeequipment), . salaries and associated payroll costs, liability and otherinsurance, utilities, membership dues and subscriptions(which cansometimes be affected by sales volume), . and legal and...
operating budget pays for day-to-day expenses, like salaries of a state employee and capital budget pays for major capital, or investment, spending, like building a bridge the money comes from there.
Rigid Budget: It does not change with actual volume of activity achieved. Thus it is known as a Rigid or inflexible budget..
Difference between actual overhead and applied overhead is asfollows: . Difference = 33451 - 32000 = 1450 . Difference of variance will be charged to income statement.
That really depends. In Pakistan it could cost like a dollar for a small business, while in Manhattan it could get to a few dollars per square foot. Next time try being more specific.
Beyond budgeting (BB) is a specific idea which regards the abolition of the traditional budget process as the trigger for improving management control within organizations by a fundamental re-examination of how they might be managed better.
Please send me a jacket costing sheet with full price from fabric to accessories
Each business transaction will have only two entries.
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1.Budget helps to know the future results, 2.budgetary control technique helps to compare the estimated results with actual results. 3.budgeting focuses on standards or objectives. 4.budget helps subordinates to to compare their performance with budgetary standards and can do self appraisal. ...
A non-discretionary cost is one that is not completely controllable by you. Typically you may be able to exert a little influence on such costs by understanding and manipulating consumption patterns but you are not able to unilaterally completely eliminate the cost from your cost-base.
Cash dividend paid is shown as a cash outflow from financingactivity in cash flow statement.
Increasing investments decreases cash flow because money must be spent on said investments.
a. A Store Manager's salary when the cost object is a unit of product b. An Auditor's Salary when the cost object is the Audit Department c. The Director's fees when the cost object is the Production Department d. A Production supervisor's Salary when the cost object is the Stores dept
Vernon Street Capital is a company that provides individuals the ability to get into the lending industry. They provide a complete training program in addition to a lending platform to submit loans. They also have a variety of additional financial products to offer their customers who may be having...
1.Selling price is constant.. 2.Costs are linear and can be accurately divided into variable (constant per unit) and fixed (constant in total) elements.. 3.In multiproduct companies, the sales mix is constant.. 4.In manufacturing companies, inventories do not change (units produced = units...
Many businesses grant credit to clients in order to attract their business For example a client that has a 30 day account can under the right circumstances have as long as 60 days to pay a bill on time. also by extending credit clients tend to phone you first when they have an account. The...
Difference between Budget and Forecast Once the financial objectives have been set, it is possible toprepare and agree a budget. A budget should relate the overall planin figures. It is different from a forecast in the sense that theplan, and therefore the budget, sets minimum requirements, whereasa...
purchase, marketing, selling and distribution expenses, production
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There are two ways to calculate Creditors Turnover. First is using the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) as the basis. Creditors Turnover = COGS / Creditors (A/c Payables) . Second is the more common method which uses Sales as the basis. Creditors Turnover = Net Sales / Creditors (A/c Payables).
Fixed cost is a cost that does not typically vary on unit production. On the other hand overhead cost is the summation of all variable cost.
Inventory carrying cost is that cost which isincurred by company to stock the inventory while cost for nothaving inventory means that cost which company has to bear due tonon availability of inventory like loss of sales or good salesopportunity loss cost etc.
In order for a business to maintain a profit, it is wise to place restrictions on how much an employee or division of the company can spend to achieve its goal. So they are provided with a budget, and are expected to stay within it.
A cash budget begins with the starting cash balance to which cashinflows are added to get cash available.
First - A skills analysis must be undertaken of the worker group concerned. Then, identify key skills that appear to be missing, or at a low level within the workforce group. Working in priority sequence identify exactly what training is require to upskill the workforce group . i.e is it a workshop,...
Clinton did not have a surplus of $230B in the year 2000 because he had to borrow $246.5 From numerous other off budget funds. Clinton NEVER ran a surplus during his 8 years in office, he just borrowed yearly from different budgets, (primarily the SS budget) to offset the general fund losses. In...
1) for cost control 2) comparison of cost with other firms 3) for cost reduction
an operating budget and a capital budget
A fixed overhead will remain the same regardless of production levels while a variable overhead will change in relation to production levels. Controlling Overheads will reduce per unit costs thereby increasing contribution margin.
Breakeven is when Sales minus Variable Cost minus Fixed Cost = 0 Here we have: (20,000 x 4.00) - (20,000 x 2.50) - FC = 0 80,000 - 50,000 - FC = 0 30,000 - FC = 0 So Fixed Cost = 30,000
VAT is Value Added Tax (Sales Tax in the USA). The term is used in the UK more than anywhere and is a sales tax on items and services. The current VAT in the UK is 20% across most items/services. There are anomalies where certain foods are VAT free.
Indirect method of cash flow statement is the method under whichnet income from profit and loss account is adjusted for non cashitems to arrive at cash flow from operating activities.
Retailers are firms that sell directly to the consumer, wholesalers are the firms that supply the retailers goods to sale to the consumers.
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Indirect costs are costs that are not directly accountable to a cost object (such as a particular function or product). Indirect costs may be either fixed or variable. Indirect costs include taxes, administration, personnel and security costs, and are also known as overhead. Costs usually charged...
Efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.
It is cash inflow and it will be shown under cash flow fromoperative activities as an increase in cash flow.
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Budget variances are differences in expenditures from your originalbudgeted plan. This may happen if there is an expense during themonth that one may not have planned for such as an automotiverepair or doctor's bill.
inventory (i.e. stock) is an asset, not a cost. It is considered a current asset, however may be illiquid depending on the product
A corporation's creditors usually do not be past the assets of the corporation to satisfy their claims. The most a stockholder can lose financially is the amount he or she invested.
what does the budget entails
Apply it and monitor its purpose on a regular basis
There are two types of users( internal and external):- . List of internal users:- . employees . management . shareholders/owners. . List of external users :- Those who have economic transactions like . suppliers . creditors . bankers . financial institutions . Others like:- . competitors ....
Negative working capital is good if the following conditions are satisfied : 1.Payment of all short term liabilities on time 2.Good sales and profit margin If the above two conditions are fulfilled, the working capital is funded by cash profits generated from normal operating cycle and there is no...
I crunched some percentages. These are just taken from the budget, though, and I don't know how or where the debt payments are calculated or allocated, nor do I know where the pension costs are allocated. Approximately 30% of the Illinois budget goes to the Dep't of Health & Family Services (and...
Fashion forecasters look at what other designers are doing, and what people on the streets are wearing.
NCR means Net Commodity Rate. . It involves all the rates from manufacturing / making charges, packing, transportation, etc.. up to reaching the customer. . Therefore NCR = (making + pack + Logistic + etc) - Reductions . Sikander.
From a stakeholders point of view a budget is a statement in dollars of an individual's or organization's objectives and priorities.. From a financial point of view a budget is planning tool of the cash flow of individual or organization, by stating for a given period of time, and in some level of...
Four steps in preparing a budget are: 1.) Find your income 2.) Write out your fixed expenses (rent, car payments, etc.) 3.) Write out (and set aside money) for your variable expenses(groceries, gas, etc.) 4.) Find your cash surplus (Cash surplus or deficit is revenue(including grants) minus expense,...
Straight line depreciation method allocate equal amount for allyears while in sum of years digit method depreciation is allocatedwith high amount in initial years while low amount in later years.
The primary function of an accounting department is to track all revenue and expenditures.
Non cash items like depreciation and amortization should not be included in cash flow statement.
Difference between cash and cash equivalent is that cash equivalentis not cash like other cash but it is so liquid that it can beconverted to cash immediately when required like marketablesecurities while cash provided from operating activities means cashgenerated by selling goods to customers.
No, it is not a cash flow, and it also is not a significant fiancing or investing activity.
A budget is really just a plan for how to spend money. Here are some steps to follow to put together a simple budget: Keep track of everything you spend for a month or more.
A limitation of a budget is that they may not account for the factthat monthly expenses are not always the same. They may also failto address unexpected expenses.
proformacash flow statement is estimated statement while cash flow statement is actualstatement after all transaction occurred.
Purpose of budgets; Behavioral aspects of budgeting ; Advantages arising out of staff participation; Factors affecting behaviour ... for more info open the third & fourth link of this website: sos-business.co.cc hope you get answer; good luck !
how much it will cost to produce and send out the product. It isusually more expensive to do this by unit than as a whole.