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Hobbies & Collectibles

Hobbies and Collectibles has to do with things people do because they enjoy doing them; and includes such activities as collecting art, camping and hiking, crafting with wood or other materials, and collecting everything from coins to comic books and dolls to stamps. Whether you have a postcard that you want to know the value of or want to know where you can purchase a highly-prized collectible, how to plant a garden or something about your favorite craft, you can ask your question here.
It is a High Standard Flite king, made for Sears.
No. There is an existing Federal restriction on importing theweapons, but registered weapons are still legal to own and use.
Condition being #1 then age. No Set price in stone.
Check that there no ammunation in gun.
The use of a lens in the opening of a wall or closed window shutterof a darkened room to project images used as a drawing aid has beentraced back to circa 1550. Since the late 17th century portablecamera obscura devices in tents and boxes were used as a drawingaid.
Pottery is still used in the undeveloped countries.
An Italian handgun made by Galesi Arms founded in 1910
It current silver prices 1.19 USD. However it will be difficult to  determine an exact collectors price without seeing the coin itself.
These bills are retired, try taking them to an exchange bank toconvert it to a modern denomination.
It is a extinct model as far as i know :)
Minimum of $24, one in perfect condition can be worth $8100 or  more.
Man is Notoriously & incurably Religious. Discuss the cause of  this Notoriety & show how it can be addressed from the  Christian point of view.
It can range from $300 to $750 depending on the condition of the  gun.
  i think it is 100,000 dollars.   Goth_Chick_2010
Some can be $450 and some can be $1500 it is probably best to look  on trusted gun websites before buying (Ive heard about this one  called gun broker is pretty trusty but you might want to check on)  your opinions if it trust worthy.
It's worth 2 cents for the copper content.
"Confoederatio Helvetica" is the Latin name for Switzerland. Your coin is not unusual and has an exchange value of about $1.10 as of 09/2012
For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. The 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter is a high mintage common coin. Most coins show heavy wear. In general retail values for low grade coins are $5.00-$13.00, better grade are $15.00-$50.00 and coins showing almost no wear run...
Their website has a process for you to date your firearm, look  under FAQ's.
1917 makes it a Standing Liberty quarter, so the mint mark is just above and to the left of the date (the mint mark on quarters wouldn't return to the obverse again until 1968). No mark indicates Philadelphia, S is San Francisco, and D is Denver.
Asking price is about $20 currently for an autographed card.
Red generally has to do with both Shinto and Buddhist traditions,and brides often wear it. Orange means happiness and love Yellow means bravery and cheerfulness (quite the opposite of ourWestern interpretation of cowardice). It's also to color of thenational crest, the chrysanthemum, and in Buddhism...
As long as they are performed on private property with the owner's consent, no they are not.
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It is called recoil
For a long time the Postmaster General decided what should go on  stamps. However, when Congress began passing legislation requiring  certain subjects be honored, in 1957 the Postmaster General created  a committee to review the ideas of the entire public. The committee  includes stamp...
If your shotgun has about 90% of its original finish remaining,it  will bring 350-400 dollars.
Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question with more information that might help to identify it. A search of various German numismatic resources indicates that production of 5-mark coins ended in 1915 and didn't resume until 1927. If your coin has a denomination of 5 pfennige ,...
If in England, then about 40p.
The Olymipic Torch represents the Eternal  Flame. The Eternal Flame PROBABLY  represents Hestia (Vesta), Greek goddess of the hearth. Or it could  represent Hephaestus (Vulcan), Greek god of fire. 
Well, different types of shotguns can hold varying amounts of  rounds or shells. For example a Side by Side, or an Over &  Under barreled shotguns can hold two rounds. The "typical" or  "average" shotgun can hold 6-8 rounds without a plug. For example  the Remington 870 or the newer model...
With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model  70 bolt action rifle was made in the year 1976.
Condition,condition,condition.It all depends on your rifles overall  original condition remaining.A Remington model 14 rifle with  between 60%-75%of its original condition will bring between 250-375  dollars.It could bring up to 750 dollars if it has 90% or better of  its original finish...
Pots, clay ones,jewelry, rugs,
This a double barrel shotgun. This is my second favorite shotgun in  the world. The reason why it is called 12 Ga double barrel is that  the barrel in 12 inches long, and every two shots, it has to be  reload.
You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your  using.
He is the flume musician
Supply and Demand not Time A collectible does not grow in value because of age. Supply and demand dictates the value. As time goes by, and more collectors join the market looking for an item that is in low availability the value will rise. In 1991, the height of baseball card collecting, sets were...
The Sistine Chapel from Michelangelo; The Mona Lisa from Leonardo  Da Vinci; The Parthenon of Ancient Greece; and The Thinker from  Auguste Rodin.
Please look at the coin again to find the name of the country. All  modern Mexican coins prominently show the country's name (Estadios  Unidos Mexicanos, as you correctly surmised)
1953 red print two dollar bills can be broken up into four  different types by signature combination:   1953 - Ivy Baker Priest (Treasurer of The United States) and G.M.  Humphrey (Secretary of the Treasury)   1953A - Ivy Baker Priest and Robert B Anderson   1953B - Elizabeth Rudel Smith...
The value depends on the type and severity of the the error. If  nothing else, it contains two cents' worth of copper.
It should come apart like any other bolt action rifle pull up and  back
because you can take it any where and it takes loads of infomaition
$16.38 (US Dollars) $18.65 (Canadian Dollars)(These are the prices of what the coin is going for on EBay.
Yes, There is one known photograph taken of Lincoln after the assassination, it was taken ten days after the assassination while Lincoln's body was lying in state in New York City Hall, during his funeral train procession.
Kessler Arms Corporation
The Palk Straight between India and Sri Lanka
"Lancasters pattern centrefire and pinfire .410 shot cartridges first appear in Eley Brothers Ltd. advertising flysheets in 1857. By 1874 Eleys were advertising modern centrefire .410 cartridges. It appears to have become popular around 1900" Wikipedia said this about the .410 cartridge... Could...
 The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in  Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the  Leica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, then  shot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professional  quality required bulky...
"Lancasters pattern centrefire and pinfire .410 shot cartridges first appear in Eley Brothers Ltd. advertising flysheets in 1857. By 1874 Eleys were advertising modern centrefire .410 cartridges. It appears to have become popular around 1900" Wikipedia said this about the .410 cartridge... Could...
It's worth 10 cents in Canada.
They used cameras as well to capture scenes and then paint up afterplus many used the cameras as a portrait capture as well. Paintinghas not gone away
"According to a list I have, your gun was made in 1928. Its very hard to predict what it might be worth. I would go to gunbroker.com and look up Fox Sterlingworths. They usually have any number up for bids and you can look for one similar to yours to get an idea of what they are going for. Don't...
be, kind   no nonsense   respect   let other people talk   DO NOT USE THE EMERGENCY CHANNEL(S) (unless it is an emergency)   if they do not answer straight away, they may be busy, so just  wait, and in 3-5 minutes if there is no reply, you can try again.   if you need help with...
One end of armature winding is connected to terminal T1  and the other to a spring, which is mounted on a soft iron strip. A  rod is attached to the armature and the free end of the rod carries  a small hammer, which strikes a bell. A very light spring is  attached to a screw, which is joined to...
The blue seal indicates your bill is a silver certificate, a form  of paper money issued until the early 1960s. However there were no  1923 A $1 silver certificates printed, only 1923. If that's what  you have, as of 11/2014 approximate prices are:    Circulated: $6 to $35 depending on the...
depends on the condition 200-750
For a nominal fee of @ $40, Browning will provide a letter.
mainly oil on canvas or gouache on pape (he also did many prints  and designed)
Sadly I have no idea the current value, but I'm the craftsman that modeled the sculpture.
Generally online only, unless you find one at a yard sale or flea market.
Most digital cameras use .MOV format which is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. You will need to download and install a video converter (available free online... just Google it). Once you have a video converter installed, locate the camera media you wish to convert and add it to the...
E40's networth is $700,000.
It depends how thick you want it. The thinner you want it, the more  you'll get, and vice versa if you want thicker.
a kind of pale mint green