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Personal Hygiene

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The human body is an amazing mechanism. Keeping it clean helps to keep it healthy and operating at its best. For answers to your questions about personal hygiene, ask your questions here.


They never use toilet paper. they use water.
I definitely would, because the razor you use to shave your head  could get plugged from the amount of hair and you still want to get  a close shave on your face.
i you have knob cheese please wash your foreskin in the bath with soap. Also make sure you dry your bell end with a towel
Because businesses are inconsiderate douchebags thatwant the poor  societies money.
Think of what you do everyday. When going to the bathroom, you're  touching your genitals (male or female). People have sex from time  to time. Foreplay is usually involving the hands at some point.  Scratching your face, with oils and makeup. Fixing your hair, you  could have lice/dandruff.  ...
Preferably daily. You should not make a habit out of twice a day for the sake of his/her natural oils.
Yes. It helps greatly to reduce irritation.
You must be allergic to it try to find a deodorant with a different active constituent.
Washing it with a good laundry detergent and also with fabric  softener should get rid of any smell.
These chemicals cause the pores to close, thereby preventing  perspiration.
Mostly used by guys, you can take it in the shower and it wont fog  up.
GERMS ARE EVERWHERE!! If it comes in contact with your saliva/mouth  , you could get a desease, sickness, any illness. Bacterial of  course.
That is just the way you are built. Everyone is different. Penis, not penus.
Home hygiene is like cleaning you body and good healthy lifestyle  so we will look more nice and healthy.. :)
You should always consult your doctor regarding such questions  (they should have sent you home with a post-operative care  checklist or something similar). Since shaving is optional, and  primarily a cosmetic concern, why not wait until the area is fully  healed? That way you will avoid...
I don't think so. I went on their website and searched up " tempotoilet paper" and there was nothing.
Health, civilized behavior
The meaning of the name Nirmal is pure.
Old eggs give off a smell like sulphur. Some clothing insecticides/deterrents like mothballs have this odour. Individual odortypes are genetically determined. Studies reveal that some women's body odor contains high levels of a sulfurous compound while men's often have high levels of fatty acid....
Keeping reasonably clean reduces the risk of picking up and developing diseases and parasites on the body.
No. The marks are colloquially known as "skid marks" and are created from material not properly wiped away after defecation.
It is related to hormonal fluctuations- progesterone and estrogen  changes. It could be many different causes however. It could  possibly be early stages of menopause, but it could also be related  to pregnancy, new birth control, medications, increase in  stress/sleep disturbance, and more. It...
40% people use razors in present time
These use "double-edged" razors, or "DE" razors for short. You can  find these at an excellent price online (Amazon, etc.), and they  are sharper, higher quality blades than the cartridge razors sold  by some companies. They are also much less expensive. Feather and  Merkur are brands with...
A person may smell funny due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps they haven't bathed in an extended period of time. Or maybe they cooked something and the scent has lingered. They also may just have been exercising and forgot to use deodorant. However, it might just be that they are wearing a perfume...
social life- no friendsdepression because of lifehow you feel about yourself and otherslead to illnesses
the most effective ways to get rid of B.O is to shower daily, with  natural / organic body wash, and to wash your clothes regularly.
 Researchers have solved the mystery of why women have a better  sense of smell than men - and say it is all down to their brain.  Sex differences in olfactory detection may play a role in  differentiated social behaviors and may be connected to one's  perception of smell, which is naturally...
Well Some Ways To Get Read Of Body Oder Is: Make sure you get  showers with some well working body wash. Also be sure to keep on  deodorant, the kind that works best for you. Be sure to brush your  teeth at least twice a day Morning And Night to keep your breath  from smelling. Wearing Clean...
People in the early eighteen hundreds rarely showered, they washed there hair once a week usually in a creek or hand pumped sink. Instead of using shampoo they used herbal mixtures and home remedies. When it came to bathing they used a sponge and just scrubbed there bodies only ONCE A YEAR. When the...
So people don't get Salmonella (Food Poisoning)
In the word "domestic" involving your home, family and inside a  particular country.   It is a cleanliness or hygiene that deals with the preservation of  health on your household.    Industrial hygiene   Industrial is a segment of the economy involving the manufacturing  and...
Use a deodorant/antipersperiant. It can reduce underarm wetness and/or mask the smell of stinky armpits with a scent of your choice.
The best way to wipe out is to do it until nothing remains.
Yes. You should use razors more than once - you will know  they are ready to be replaced when you feel as if they are tugging  at the hairs rather than cutting them. Alcohol is a fine  disinfectant, although it is likely not necessary to disinfect the  blades after use (just give it a good rinse...
If your foreskin is retractable which should be the case in most men and boys there is the possibility that bacteria or perhaps other sources of infection may find there way there. it is a simple natter of hygiene, you wipe or clean your anus for the same reason and have a bath for the same reason....
Yes and no. Upper lip hair for girls is normal. But, if it tends to look a little bit too much, you can shave it, just VERY carefully. Other girls tend to wax this part off. Personally, I don't recommend it, but I've done it in the past.
the label is in Spanish but on the back "no se contamina facil aplicacion tapa corta moco" means 'no, snott gorila gel isn't made out of real gorilla snot, it just looks like it' :) i found that out on google translate!
There aren't much ''Ingredients'' In the Deodorant.The GilletteDepartment mostly Uses Gases and Chemical Compounds By Compressingthem into the bottle and add the fragrance.But as much as I knowGillette Doesn't like sharing Their Ingredients.
Almost all hygiene products are allowed on flights, just as long  they add up to under 100mL and aren't aerosols. Check your airline  guidelines just to be sure.
Because there are millions and millions of germs on your toilet multiplying at a very rapid rate. Germs make us sick. Therefor we wash our hands to get rid of the germs.
Answer Ideally, you should wash your hands at least two times for around two minutes. Then, dry with a clean paper towel and dispose of in into a bin. sing the national anthem 8 times Anytime you come in contact with any object orenvironment that may have germs, you should wash your hands....
Yes, electric razors were used in WW2 . The Remington company made the first ones in 1937.
Fear. exertion. Sweat is used to cool the body by evaporation.
Germs get spread onto everything you touch and then everyone who touches what you touch will probably get SICK!
Contaminated water can spread many diseases, such as cholera.
Just wash. I recommend a long shower. Also note, it is dangerous to inhale fragments of fiber glass, so it is really not a good idea to sleep in a room full of fiber glass. Sleep somewhere else.
If he is reasonably normal as far as intelligence, has no physical issue, then yes, he should be able to do it himself.
No. Its really common to hear "it'll grow back darker/courser!" but that isn't true. If it seems thicker, it is only because hairs are wedge-shaped. Getting hair on your upper lip is generally genetic and runs in families. I've been regularly embarrassed by my 'mustache' and 'beard' since I hit my...
cooking, chilling, cross contamination and clenliness
The most common reasons for someone to smell unpleasantly probablyare: 1. Exposure to a foul-smelling contaminant. That could includefalling into a compost heap, getting covered with manure, standingby a burning garbage fire, getting covered with sewage or othernon-potable water, etc. On a CSI...
Find them in supermarkets, dollar stores and online
anti-perspirent deodorant
Firstly, the parent or guardian, should himself or herself watch  few videos of the detailed steps of hand-washing. Having done this,  the guardian may make an attempt of forming a tiny sweet song or  poem, singing which, the different steps of complete hand-washing  can be brought about.
Tight enough to do the job, but shouldn't be uncomfortable
It sterilizes the cut by killing a lot of the bacteria that could  infect the wound.
To clean off dirt better and to smell better.   When you lather up soap on your body it picks up dirt and dead skin, breaks down oils and cleanses sweat from the body. Water alone can't do this.
Do not drive an electric RAZOR scooter in the rain.The copper in the electric motor will be ruined
Anusha Jain, designer, Bonjour, a multinational socks brand, hasshared some tips for socks can help during summers: - Socks can prevent feet from tanning on sunny days. - They also protect feet from dust and pollution. - Breathable cotton socks during summers help absorb some of themoisture from...
Personal comfort, interaction with other people, disease, mental out look, being dirty can cause depression. general health.
a medicine cabinet or cupboard because when you flush after you've taken a dump some of it flys out into the air (microscopic bits) and can land on your brush
The people really care for their nails, seek help when nailproblems strike. There are some ways to get your nails back inshape fast with better nutrition, selected supplements, andfungus-fighters. 1. Recognize your nail problem Apart from ingrown toenails, nail fungus is probably the...
A clean, close shave.
No, not at all. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to  other guys.
you will receive it when you vault the beard collection in Cuba.
If you look good in it then keep it up, but if not then don't do it.
You never know when u r going to get your period,but you'll find a brownish or reddish spot in your underwear when you get it.
Personal hygiene can be explained as the principle of maintainingcleanliness and grooming of the external body. People have beenaware of the importance of hygiene for thousands of years. Theancient Greeks spent many hours Bathing, using fragrances andmakeup in an effort to beautify themselves and be...
No. Keep your feet dry, wear cotton socks so they will breathe, and get some foot powder.There are a few things you can try that have helped others. You can spray your feet with an underarm deodorant or a combination deodorant/antiperspirant, which does help some people. Another thing you can try is...
Exactly 0.4 seconds, any less and it isn't furtive, anymore and it isn't a glance.
The tumble drying will do it. But if you can afford to tumble dry the garment you should try to put it in a hotter wash as this will also help.
Wudu and Ghusal are the best ways to become clean and to be hygienic.
Scrub them with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and a few drop of liquid dish washing soap.
Actually yes, the Mythbusters tested this awhile back.... in fact, they found that some light syrup had less resistance than actual chorinated water. But don't hold your breath until they fill the Olympic pools with syrup, itd be a sticky mess!
I usually change mine in pairs and save the old good one as an emergency spare. I put it in an extra case with Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Saline so that no bacteria will grow while it sits. When needed, dump the peroxide out and let it sit in saline for a couple days to get all of the peroxide out...
of course! otherwise you end up looking like an old man
face   neck   chest   arms   (waist up only!)
People will judge you by how you dress or how you smell like if you go to work with a bad smell everyone will make fun of you
yes you can, even if you are a very healthy person, you need to see a dentist to see if all is well with your gums and teeth, if not they will tell you how to correct it.
you should take a shower atleast 15 min or more>>>>it not necesary for boys who dont have hair to use shampoo but they could doe (girs do to take of flies) ________________________________________________________________ A power shower for 15 minute could use 272 litres of water. Enough...
No that is unlikely to happen. Herpes dies in a few seconds when it's exposed to air, it doesn't live on objects for more then a few seconds. You would have to use a razor with in seconds of some one with herpes using it.
No, it is not true that Italian women do not shave.