Genetic Engineering

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Questions about the manipulation of an organisms genes in order to alter the morphological or chemical traits of the organism.


the membrane of the tympanum or ear-drum.
When you changeone or several nitrogenous bases it produces a change in thefunction of the protein. The reason why is because the amino acidthat is being added to the protein changes due to the change of oneof the base. So the shape will change and have a differentfunction. Your Welcome,...
The main source of genetic variation is a large population with alarge gene pool.
By helping to make recombinant proteins such as enzymes, vaccinesand therapeutics. Not only for HIV but for other diseases too.
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The introduction of animals into a breeding population that areunrelated will increase genetic variation.
The mass of a cell which has not been dehydrated.
Not too much. Actually the genes are quite similar between humanand other species. For example, there are 99.9% similarity betweenhuman being and ape. For human and pig this number should be around99%.
Normally 50% genetic information is passed on from each parentduring fertilization.
Take samples and save Serum Plasma The supernatant of cell culture Cell lysates Homogenate of urine, saliva and other liquids in biological samples Reagent preparation Adding sample Heat preservation
Cytoplasm surrounds the nucleus in each cell.
During anaphase daughter chromosomes get pulled towards theopposite poles.
It could only be acceptable for understanding the genetics ofcloning in human to gain scientific knowledge for betterment ofhuman life through researches.
The genetic material between male and female parents is combined bythe process of crossing over in meiosis during gamete formation.
The word 'splice' means 'to join' Gene splicing means to join segments of genes together. This is done using an enzyme called ligase, which acts as a molecular glue joining the gene segments together. Splice means 'to join'. Gene splicing is a process where two genes are joined to one another...
Genetics , a discipline of biology, is the science of heredity and variation in living organisms. . Genetics is the study of heredity and the variation in organisms. When studying genetics, you learn about dominant and recessive traits along with much more.
Since the desired result of cloning is an offspring that isgenetically identical to the "parent" meiosis would be counterproductive.
Plant hybridization is the process of creating plant hybrids, oftenas new species of plants. This is done by crossing genetics fromtwo different types or species of plants and joining them to make anew plant.
One of the laws that he assumed was that of independent assortment, in that genes will become transferred independently of one another. Molecular genetics and linkage maps show that if the genes were close together on the same chromosome, they are "linked" and will travel together. Thus, instead of...
The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material (DNA or RNA sequences) is translated into proteins (amino acid sequences) by living cells.
Applied genetics is the process of using gene theories to attempt to actually produce a genetic product. An example of this would be genetically engineered seeds.
As with any scientific procedure, genetic engineering poses a number of significant risks. The most common concerns are potentially adverse reactions to the consumption of genetically modified animals and products, the possibility of drug-resistant gene markers used in vectors being transferred and...
All organisms have a genetic code made of these three nucleotide sequences called codons .
they are sort of like twins right so wouldn't they be brother and sister
what part of the cell contains genetic material or genes that determine traits
An autosomal recessive genetic disorder results from expression of?
They are two different un related phenomena. In DNA cloninig, we cut a vector DNA and ligate our DNA of interest with the vector by DNA ligase, propagate the clones in E.coli or other host cells. DNA denaturation appears when you heat the DNA to higher temperature (above 60 degree Celsius). This can...
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Genetic information is stored in the chromosomes.
In the inter-phase nucleus of the cell is located a threadlikegenetic material called chromatin.
Mendel called the more common traits "dominant" and the less common ones "recessive." -Sami. (:
Genetic research is an integral aspect to microbiology as a whole.Genetics can resolve the questions as to the origin of life and itsblueprint, known as the genome. It also plays a role in thetreatment and prevention of disease.
genetic modification can be bad because animals and stuff are changed to taste better but im not sure if that is genetic engineering
because synthesis of protein is regulated by enzymes,which is also a protein.
The most famous example of genetic cloning is Dolly the sheep. Shewas the first cloned mammal, born in 1996.
for the same reason books are different even though they are written in a universal code the code is arranged differently in different books.
Western blot: A technique in molecular biology, used to separate and identify proteins.
A genetic mutation is any change in the base sequence of DNA. These changes can be an insertion, deletion, translocation (moved) or substitution of base pairs. Because of this change in the DNA sequence, a different or a faulty amino acid will be coded for. This can change chemical pathways. New...
The body has 23 pairs of chromosomes. There are numbers 1-22, then the 23rd pair are the sex chromosomes. Females have two X chromosomes, making them XX, men have one X and one Y, making them XY. The principle of a genetic disorder, let's call it "p", is that if someone has one normal, dominant...
If you're referring to genetic algorithms, it's a subset of what you may call "conventional programming" Genetic algorithms are in a way similar to AI algorithms, in the sense that the solution to a given problem is not laid out programmatically or mathematically. Instead, a genetic algorithm...
of course not. Surprisingly though, it's one expariment the some scientists work on everyday. That's how big of a deal it is. Actually, it is. Unfortunately, the problem with that is that the cells are literally cloned, so the clone would be just as old as the animal or vegetable it was cloned...
After clones are made they go on living individual lives. They will start a family and live on their personality. Most are likely to have shorter lives.
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genetic diseases are passed through by generaions because the parents of a child may have x or Y(lets juse say Y is a genetic deisease) in their genes. Y would be the dominant trait so it would make the child have that disease. Sometimes the parents don't have the disease but they can still pass it...
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The production of clotting factor proteins (the treatment for hemophilia) has many different parts. While much of the clotting factor protein used to treat hemophilia is recombinant (I'll explain this term in the next paragraph) I feel it important to also point out that a lot of the medications are...
Dyslexia is somewhat hereditary and somewhat mulifactorial.
The three most common ways genetic engineering has been used to improve plants are, to make them produce a substance that kills insects within the plant itself, to be more resistant to chemical herbicides, and to be more resistant to drought, There are also others , but these are generally the most...
The general term for organisms that contain foreign DNA that has been artificially inserted is transgenic
group of red blood cells
Many people believe that human cloning is wrong because every human was made as an individual, certain religious groups believe that god planned each of us individually. But others believe that cloning could really help the world, maybe not in humans but as the population of humans grows, we will...
A clone is an exact genetic copy of a living organism. No humans have been cloned to date. Always excluding identical twins, who are 'natural' clones ___ Well, that depends on whether you cloned a human or an animal or something else. The clone will be an exact genetic duplicate of the...
the number of nitrogen bases in a DNA molecule
Scientists often study the genome of important food producing organisms like crops and farm animals in order to make changes in the genome and produce disease resistant cops and high yielding animals. This process is generally referred to as biotechnology driven genetic improvement
Replacement cloning is a theoretical possibility, and would be a combination of therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Replacement cloning would entail the replacement of an extensively damaged, failed, or failing body through cloning followed by whole or partial brain transplant.
mutation,gene pool,natural selection,genetic drift
i dont know all about it but he says that the mother and the father both pass genes to their offspring even though they may not show for example their fathers blue eyes but they show their mothers green eyes. the blue eyes is a recessive gene they will pass to their offspring. so it may skipa...
Genetical material is rearranged in meiosis through crossing over.
You dont grow a clone, you clip them off a plant that is in its vegetative cycle, from there the clone grows like from seed. This doesn't just work for pot either, all plants can be cloned
Some scientists reckon that in endangered species it is essential to clone in order to keep the species alive. However, cloning can cause difficulties, as if two of the same cloned animal mate, they can cause serious defaults in their young; such as missing legs! This however, does not make it...
Because all living things on Earth, from bacteria to humans, use it. The DNA in your cells and the DNA in the cells of an insect or jellyfish both use the same triplet codes to code for the same amino acids. The differences are all in the details as to how those amino acids are assembled. It's like...
Hutchinson and Gilford
Extract DNA from the cells of people who can make the digestion enzyme. Cut the DNA with restriction enzymes to cut out the gene that codes for the enzyme. Use gel electrophoresis to locate the gene. Then, use polymerase chain reaction to make copies of the gene. Choose a plasmid that has an...
The gene pool is the sum of all genetic information carried by themembers of a population. A gene pool is usually based on aparticular species.
The two factors that introduce genetic variation during the processof meiosis are independent assortment and chromosomal crossover.These occur during prophase 1 and anaphase 1 of meiosis.