Reproductive System

Questions about the organs, cells and hormones associated with sexual reproduction.
No. Even if she has her ovaries left there's no place for the egg to get attached to and the sperm can't get to them since the uterus is gone.
Less then 20 % 0f the men of the world are circumcised and most of them for religious and cultural reasons. some because dad wants the boy to look like himself and some for supposed health reasons although no medical organisations recommend or can see any reason for the procedure unless under very...
Maybe there is no available eggs , cause women born with limit eggs
yes most mamilians have foreskins other domains of the animal kingdom would have them if they had penises
The most common reproductive system cancer in women is the Uterus.It is the fourth most common cancer overall after breast, lung andbowel cancer.
It is simply the work of the person who circumcised you. Not everyone has it, some are very smooth. The major difference is between circumcised and not. The details of the process are going to vary. It is not something that is going to make much difference. The person who did it was probably just a...
Male reproductive cells are produced in the testes.
For a good balanced sexual life both men and women are in need ofprogesterone hormone in good amount of number. If there isdeficiency in progesterone hormone means then sexual life betweenmen and women will become an unbalanced one. To reduce progesteronedeficiency, progesterone cream for men and...
She prefers cut. She said that uncut is gross.
Average is 111 million. Most never reach the egg.
allows the release of menstrual blood and receives sperm duringintercourse
acrosome is a covering on sperm while lysosome is an organelle which is also knwn as suicidal bag
Circumcision is very unusual in Australia. Except for Jews and Muslims who do it for religious and cultural reasons. some circumcisions are still done by the indigenous people of Australia. Circumcision is generally discouraged by the medics of Australia and is seen as harmful to the health of a man...
after intercourse,millions of the sperms get deposited in the vagina...with the peristaltic movement of the sperms and the cilia present they move through the cervix..only thousands of sperms will be alive and reaches the uterus and only one sperm penetrates the ovum
Yes it is, it's called an ectopic pregnancy, and if you suspectthis has happened you should seek medical advice as soon aspossible, it will be very painful if this has happened and can bedangerous.
there are a number of techniques however all of them involve the removal of all or part of the prepuce that protect the glans of the penis from harm.
One should ask instead why would one remove the foreskin from the penis. and as there is no reason to do so it stands to reason that it is not a widely practiced pastime. Less then 20% of the worlds men are circumcised and most of them are done for religious and cultural reasons. a very small...
they don't, at least they don't for any practical , sexual performance or health related reason, On the contrary Circumcision is in fact harmful and counter productive No medical authority's would recommend this procedure except under very in very rare circumstanced where this is done to treat a...
There is no hard and fast rule, for some it is quite short showing the end of the glans even when the penis is flaccid, yet for others it may totally cover the glans and go well beyond.
You get it fixed, if possible, or you have no offspring.
The foreskin of the penis (the Prepuce) is a tube of skin with special properties that extends out from the skin that covers the penis shaft and covers the glans penis to protect it from injury and the possibility of infection. the foreskin is made from an especially pliable and malleable tissue...
The reproductive system works closely with the endocrine, nervous, and integumentary systems. The circulatory system is also important. The male reproductive system is closely tied with the urinary system as well.
The two main functions of the male reproductive system are; 1 to attract and pleasure both partners to facilitate pair bonding and an opportunity to- 2 mate and fertilize an egg
You can amputate any piece of the anatomy at any age however it is never advisablr to be circumcised .
If he treats you like a friend, he is interested If you're his best friend, he probably has a crush on you. If you're his best friend and he says he loves you, he means it.
Circumcision has to be performed in a clean, sterile environment, with clean, sterile instruments. Without it, you run the risk of serious infection and even death.
Not at all. call it oneball or uni ball and be proud about it.
There are many parts of the male and female reproductive systemsthat can be affected by cancer. In females, cancer can attack theuterus, ovaries, breast and cervix, among other organs.Males can develop prostate, testicular and penile cancer. . Both genders can develop sexually transmitted diseases...
There are many ways to keep the reproductive system healthy. Youcould take vitamins and eat a healthy diet for example.
Circumcision likely started as early as 5000 BC and was likelypracticed first by the Hebrews or the Egyptians.
It's an infection. See your doctor.
Many scientific articles have shown negative medical effects to circumcision.
It helps restrain and reposition the foreskin
Posibly a litle iritant or most likely a slight infection. The forekin can be a bit senitive at times. However it usualy gets over any litle problems very quickly. if there is redness and or iritatation then the first course of action is to make sure that it is kept clean and dry. perhaps a litle...
In simple terms, it's the middle number in a group of numbers. There are three types of average - mean, median and mode. When mostpeople talk about 'average' they mean the mean. To get the mean, you add the numbers up, and then divide by thenumber of numbers. e.g. the mean of 1, 3, 4, 4, 8 Add and...
Surgical instruments and/or clamps.
A cell with 2 or more nuclei. Some slime molds do this in order to recover if part of their cell is destroyed or eaten.
If a boy is not circumcised by the time he is 13 then it is unlikely that he will ever be. This type of mutilation is generally done while they are baby's and cant complain. __________ Jewish men who lived in Russia, where circumcision was banned, ended up getting circumcised in their teens and...
Fairly simple, pull your skin back behind the rim and leave it there. Keep an eye on it to see if it starts to swell, if it does make sure that the glans end of your penis is nice and pink and getting a good blood supply. If your end starts to turn color or get darker in color, indicating that the...
It depends on weather. It gets larger on hot days and shrink in cold weather.
Hi, I'm five weeks and 2 days pregnant, my hcg levels was 44 at four weeks and 4 days, hcg 96 at five weeks exactly and they are hcg 433 at five weeks and 2 days so don't worry they will go up, rapidly.
the egg exits the ovary and travels to the fallopian tube. then it goes into the uterus, through the cervix and exits through the vagina.
Many of them now don't cover routine circumcision, but most will cover it to correct a problem. There enough debate about its benefits to let insurance companies classify circ'ing as not necessary. For adult men, if it's just to look better, it's cosmetic and very rarely covered. For infants, most...
on a penis that has been circumcised there is not enough skin to cover the whole of the glans penis. There is also usually a scar surrounding the penis just behind the head where the skin was removed.
Depends the kid lvies
The male cows reproductive system functions to move semen throughits system. The prostate glands, seminiferous tubules, andepididymis make up the reproductive system.
Luteinizing hormone (LH)
The Vas deferens also knows as ductus deferens transport the sperm from the epididymis to the urethra.
In most of the world, it is not, the only places where it is stillwidely practiced are in Muslim country's by Muslims at large , andBy Many Jews who initiated the practice from the Egyptians. thereare also some other cultures that do this for religious andcultural reasons. During the Victorian era,...
if you have unprotected sex at anytime there is always the risk of pregnancy
Be careful with it. make sure it is stretched sufficiently to move easily around the glans and use a lubricant if the situation gets a little dry.
While still in the Fallopian tube, the zygote begins to endergo mitosis. It divides repeatedly through a process called cleavage.
Yes, there is a limit. The woman would eventually run out of eggs. Individuals with exact DNA matches are either twins(triplets...) or clones.
penis testes vas deference epididymis urethra scrotum
No and after 64 years it stil works just fine.
Ask the doctor about that.
I belive normal range is from 100,000-500,000, that is on the lower end of the spectrum but probably nothing to worry about. Although you should talk to your Dr. about it. There are many things that cause low platelets.
A circumcision is a form of male genital mutilation where the prepuce or foreskin which protects the glans of the penis is simply cut away exposing them to friction on clothing and hardening and drying out. It is a totally unnecessary procedure.
No it is not. The foreskin plays an important part in the maintenance performance and the pleasurable aspects of the penis. there is no good reason for its removal except under dire medical emergency circumstances. Routine infant circumcision is an immoral trade that should stand next to female...
If the foreskin is too tight or not, if it can be pulled back so you can clean under it.
The gamete producing organs of the male reproductive system are the testes.
Circumcision is NOT cheap and it's NOT covered by insurance.
phimosis: narrowing of the opening of the foreskin (prepuce) over the glans penis This can be overcome with simple foreskin stretching exercises. Phimosis phimosis If the foreskin becomes narrowed to the point where it cannot be comfortably retracted, it is a condition called phimosis. There are...
the similarities of male and female reproductive system is they have both pituitary gland.
It is good to leave the genitalia intact. 80% of the men of the world are intact and would no more think of having their genital mutilated then having any other part of their body cut of. the the iner mucous membrane of the foreskin protects the glans penis from becoming desensitised by constant...
Nothing is wrong with being uncircumcised. The vast majority of men in the world are uncircumcised. \n. \nBeing uncircumcised as several advantages. Uncircumcised men still have their foreskin, which works in a number of ways to maximize the sensitivity of the penis and to maximize pleasure during...
"A review of the scientific literature, however, reveals that the actual effect of circumcision is the destruction of the clinically-demonstated hygienic and immunological properties of the prepuce and intact penis....The higher rate of STDs in circumcised males might well be the result of the loss...
It stores the sperm and secretes it to the duct in ejaculation. In addition, it cools blood on the way to the testicles and also warms it back up again on return. Look at the drawing of an epididymis in Gray's anatomy and you'll see a diagram for a heat exchanger similar to that used in nuclear...
Ovum is the largest cell in the human body and must carry nutrients to survive upto 72 hours if unfertilised. If fertilizer, it must go and reach the uterus and survive. It has a lot of work to do if fertilized. Hence robust and bigger.
Circumcision is done for several reasons, although the only realadvantage (long and short term) would be hygiene. When circumcised,it's easier to keep the penis clean, since there is no foreskin tohave to clean under. Some do it for aesthetic reasons, feeling the penis looks betterwithout the...
It's an infection that requires a doctor's attention.
Colpalgia is the medical term meaning pain in the vagina. Vulvodynia is pain in the vulva, the external female genitalia. (Although it's not unusual for people to call the vulva "vagina" in common terms, in medical terms, these are separate body parts with separate names.)
No, it is up to you. Your decision a choice you make. It also keeps dirt and muck out! It does. The foreskin is an important part of the penis, its maintainance and its ability to give you and your pardner pleasure and comfort. A minority of the worlds men are subject to male genital mutilation...
to produce hormones that maintain the uterine lining during the first months of pregnancy
The foreskin (prepuce) is cut away from the front of the penis leaving the glans exposed and unprotected this can be done with scalpel, knife scissors, and a variety of especially produced devices.
You have to contact a urologist. They are usually at the hospitals.
No, circumcision is not covered in Canada. In Canada approximately 50% of men are circumcised, and that number is declining. Canada's current circumcision rate is approximately 31.9%, this does range by province with a low rate of 6.8% in Nova Scotia and a high rate of 44.3% in Alberta.
Turn to a urologist. They are the ones doing the circumcising.
It is a Biblical command from God (Genesis ch.17). They are told by their religion that they must. The Bible is full of a lot of instructions to the Jewish people that make good sense. They also find it very important to separate themselves from other people and that is most likely the reasoning...